Ep 35. When you’re diving in and out of belief

Yes I believe having deep belief in yourself and your gifts will change your business… but no, I don’t think you need to be in deep belief 100% of the time.

Um, what?!
What if not being in full belief every single day, all the time, was not a problem?
What if stepping away from this rollercoaster of emotion wasn’t a complex, difficult, hard-to-reach task but something that’s available to you by simply accepting that sometimes human brains have doubts and that having doubt never takes away all of the exquisite value you offer your clients, whether you’re vibing ‘high’ or not?
If your belief yo-yos… up and down, in and out, and it constantly feels like things aren’t working in your business because you’re not always in ‘perfect’ belief, this episode is for you.


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