I’ll help you create more of whatever you want in your business

We’ll blend deep belief work with clear, creative and congruent body-based strategy, always working with and for your energy, and never against it. 

We’ll clear blocks, clarify and distil your offers, anchor into your pricing, and connect with your best-fit client’s energy… culminating in the most beautiful, aligned, levelled-up right-for-right-now business that also has room, space, depth and roots to  e x p a n d  from here. 

Let me tell you more…

When we work together, you’ll stop wondering how you’re going to grow your biz (and why it hasn’t happened the way you want it to… yet), and feel beyond certain that every single thing you’re doing, believing, and feeling, is exactly what you need in order to call in – and play in – your next level.

What do you want most in your business?

  • Want more clients reaching out, out of the blue, saying things like ‘I’m so happy I found you’ and ‘When can we start?’
  • Want more trust in your ability to call in clients at a price that feels amazing to your nervous system, without second-guessing yourself or negotiating against yourself?
  • Want to stop thinking ‘This isn’t working’ and instead see and believe that it really is? (When you make this shift, I can’t even tell you how the floodgates will open for you.)
  • Want to release yourself from years of low self-belief baggage, and whoosh forwards on your timeline to where you are right now, having processed, cleared and forgiven the parts of yourself who thought you hadn’t done enough?
  • Want your business to feel lighter on your system? With more space to breathe? With more room for fun? And without feeling like if you step back for a breather the sky will fall?
  • And on that note, want to judge yourself way less, trust yourself way more, and know that you can sign clients on your best days and also… your worst? (Becoming more comfortable with your whole, beautiful, perfect, messy human self—and knowing that your clients love you for you—will change your entire business.)

Okay, let’s go do that. 

I work with founders, healers, coaches, wellness practitioners and service-based biz owners, who want to channel their gifts into a business that holds them and their clients, build a body of work that creates lasting change, and find their own path that feels sustainable, satisfying and more than enough.

Working with me is a catalyst for real, deep and radical change in your business; in how you show up; in how deeply you believe in yourself; how highly you regard yourself; and in the ways your energy and emotions speak to your body, being and business (and vice versa), guiding you from where you are… to where you truly want to be.

I believe you are fully equipped to grow and LOVE the business you envision for yourself, and part of my work lies in helping you see this, believe this, take action from deep belief to get there (as well as in the absence of deep belief) while also helping you find sufficiency and joy in what’s here now.

You’ll sit down at your desk and trust that everything is working; you’ll see that everything you’ve done to date has been purposeful and has served you. (Even if it’s also felt a bit shitty, scary or sticky at times.)

(I know that may sound like the opposite of what you’re thinking, but when you can see how what you’ve created so far has served you, and how you’ve created it purposefully, you become more skilful at creating more of what you want.)

You’ll charge the air around you with something so compelling (your aligned, value-full, magnetic energy) that your best-fit clients find you ‘out of the blue’, and say yes without even caring about the details of your offer. All they want is you.

You’ll see the demand for your work, your gifts and the medicine you offer your clients catching up to your capacity… and then you’ll expand what you’re capable of (because you’re capable of so much, and then some).

Your business will become a joyful place to be, for you and your clients; a place where you show up as your whole self, to invite your clients into their full selves.

It’ll become a place where you make a beautiful amount of money because you’re offering your work at a price that doesn’t create stress or resentment in your body, but instead, feels like the most aligned exchange of energy; easy to sell at, easy to receive at.

You’ll become known not just for what you do… but for who you are.

When it comes to feeling aligned with the business you truly want, and claiming your power so you can create results you’ve never created before, wouldn’t it be oh-so-helpful to have someone on your team who can find the gaps in your beliefs… and then help you bridge them? 

I’m Cass Mendoza-Jones, a kinesiologist and business coach (with a background in naturopathy).

I help reveal what’s really going on for you on all levels of your mind, body, being and business.

Working with me helps you get clear on how your thoughts are impacting the results you’re creating, how your body can guide you to clarity so you can receive more (and how to expand your nervous system’s capacity to allow this), and how to deepen your belief in yourself so you can build a business that magnetises clients, money and opportunities towards you.

I’ll help you create demand for your work; you’ll feel it in your body, and see it reflected in your business.

You won’t need to hustle, create a business plan, or stress about doing things ‘differently’. 

All you need is your full self… which is already (and always) available to you.






payment plans available



payment plans available

Want to chat with me first?

My time with Cass allowed me to deeply connect to my purpose, my gifts and the service I can offer the world.

I felt called to work with Cass because I felt the call to expand my beliefs on what was possible for my life. I loved her gentle and authentic presence on social media, podcasts and also loved receiving and reading her newsletters and just wanted a bit more Cassie in my life!!

The work with Cass allowed me to dismantle old limiting beliefs about who I was and what I could achieve. I was very restricted in my thoughts and beliefs about my work and worth in relation to the biz. My time with Cass allowed me to deeply connect to my purpose, my gifts and the service I can offer the world. My thoughts and beliefs have changed to allow me to feel a greater sense of value for what I can offer the world.

I feel a greater sense of trust in the power of my work – and letting my work lead the way! I feel much more connected to my truth, my inner guidance and purpose. I also feel worthy to receive and to shine my light!

Cassie helped me refine and kickstart two businesses, The Learning River, and SPOKE. She helped me to create and simplify messaging around my offerings, expand my belief in my worth around pricing and gave me tools to promote and market the business to new clients.

In our time together, I called in new clients and booked sessions worth more than I had imagined. 

Working with Cass provided a safe, nourishing and loving space for reflection and growth. It was a like a gentle ‘pause’ in the week to face the blocks, overcome them and move towards a more expansive and authentic version of  myself. I loved the blend of coaching, kinesiology and NLP.

I now feel a greater sense of trust in the process of allowing the work I do to lead to further and wider possibilities. I am much more comfortable at receiving!

The time with Cass really did help me process and analyse the beautiful possibilities that existed for me in my work.

Whenever I spin into mind drama and negative thought patterns, I very quickly circumnavigate this as a result of the foundation that Cassie’s work has provided me and I employ the tools she has given me to move into a much more rewarding and expansive state of trust and belief.

If you are thinking of working with Cass, then you just need to follow that call! You have been lead to Cass for a reason, and I promise you that you won’t regret it.

– DR KATE WINCHESTER, Education Lead, Speaker & Facilitator

Working with Cassie has helped me expand my business in ways I didn’t think was possible. I’ve designed a schedule that suits me and my life, welcomed in soul clients, and been able to generate a beautiful income that supports my goals.

As a mother and a writer, I used to think growing my business was going to be challenging, if not impossible, due to my other commitments.

Cassie helped me move past binary thinking and see that not only was it growing my business possible; but that I could do it in a way that felt supportive and nourishing to other parts of my life.  

I chose Cassie for her brilliance, her energy, her creativity, and her business acumen. I also chose her with the knowledge that she has a young family, so she knows exactly what it’s like to balance motherhood with business building.

Our work has transformed how I show up in my business. I have deeper trust in how I spend my time, allow myself rest when I need it, and have beautiful evidence that when I care for myself first, my business blossoms. I’m overjoyed that I’ve been able to do all this while also caring for my family and pursuing my creative goals.

 I feel more calm and confident about my identity as a business owner. I have more trust in the pace of my business growth.

If you’re feeling the call to work with Cassie, TRUST THE PULL. Go for it!

– LARA DAY, Author & Coach

One session a week isn’t enough!

After reading Cass’ books and completing her $10 belief workshop and loving it, we knew we had to look at how to do business in a more aligned way to who we truly are.

After working together weekly for 6 months, we are no longer held hostage to social media, we have a relationship with our business that is an extension of who we are, and by following the pull we have a deeper connection with our business energy, each other and ourselves.

We believe we are enough and that we are right where we are meant to be, and this includes timing, capacity, experience and that there is an ‘AND’ so we can be all of ourselves in our business.

We have more acceptance of who we are and the process of growing our business. We are no longer control freaks and get to show up as ourselves.

We learnt how to unblock and move through beliefs that were keeping us tied to old stories. We are unique personal trainers and for a while we had so much to prove (to look/be a certain way) but thanks this coaching, we are now more at peace with who we are and what we offer.

Our love for a holistic approach meant that we had a deeper spiritual experience for our business as well as ourselves. It’s now so much easier for us to include rest and balance in our biz, and to release attachment and control. We no longer suffer with the feeling of “If we are not ‘working’ things will not happen. “

One session a week isn’t enough (LOL)! We both can’t wait to see what we do with you next.

– CASS WILSON & NAOMI SPURR, Founder & Head Trainers at Hiit That

And here’s how we do this…

We’ll meet fortnightly for 3 or 6 months, with WhatsApp support between sessions, and through mind-body-business embodiment methods, fire-cracker business coaching, energy alignment practices, thought work and a dusting of magic that can’t be put into words on this page, you’ll be guided to:

  • Stop filtering every action through the lens of perfectionism. No more thinking you need to be ‘perfect’ to be congruent with your message, and with how you share, coach and help your clients heal and rise.
  • Deepen your self-belief in a loving and curious way (without trying to ‘fix’ yourself), knowing that what you really believe about yourself on an unconscious level is what’s being radiated out to your clients and prospective clients.
  • Drop the busy-ness and the business plans because honestly, you don’t need a business plan. The energy of your beautiful business has a plan for you, and when you pair this with self-trust and your own innate wisdom and guidance, you have everything you need for a solid next step (and your next step is all that’s needed).
  • Release mind drama that keeps you swirling; when you’re too busy powerfully serving your clients, you don’t have time for mind drama.
  • Process all the discomfort that arises as you become more skilled at creating incredible results in your business; discomfort is a natural by-product of success. Getting used to processing discomfort = getting used to sitting in your success.
  • Really receive what you’ve already created. You are already successful. (It’s there when you claim it now.) To create more success, you have to first own what success looks like this in season of your life/biz, and then evaluate how you created this. When you honour it, you create more of it. When you know it’s not a fluke, you know how to do it again.
  • And holy moly, so much more… (because we always leave space for magic).

Client Love

My belief work with Cassie has helped me turn both my businesses around and bring in $170k contracts and my ideal clients.

You could say I stumbled across Cassie, I say I manifested her.

I was at a crossroads in my life. I was so confused.

I am a law of attraction coach and felt I was failing miserably. I had to step away from my successful coaching business to help bring our family business back into profit and I was beating myself up big time for the mess we were in.

I knew I needed help with feeling compassion for myself and to allow our staff and family to grow and blossom without force and with complete acceptance.

I bought an online training of Cassie’s and then decided to sign up for her mastermind. The mastermind clashed with my other commitments and ultimately I became a 1:1 client of hers. (Winning!)

The last 6 months have been such a healing experience for me and helped me build such a strong foundation for my life and my businesses. My belief work with Cassie has helped me turn both businesses around and bring in $170k contracts and my ideal clients.

I have such confidence in Cassie and in recommending her to anyone in my circle.

Cassie I can’t thank you enough for helping me through it all and back to manifesting “At the speed of Polly.”

So much love and gratitude to you.

– POLLY HOHN, Wealth & Empowerment Coach

I know without a shadow of a doubt you have changed the trajectory of my business.

I’ve been sitting with trying to find the words for what’s at the core of it for me and I think I know what it is… you have given me this tremendous gift of validating my experience/my journey in my business.

There have been so many things I have judged myself really harshly for, things I’ve done, things I haven’t done or haven’t achieved, things I have been afraid of – all of which has held me back.

Through your kindness, compassion and also your authenticity in sharing your own journey  – suddenly these don’t feel so huge and are now healing (or have healed). I can’t even describe how important that has been for me and how this will change things for me from here. I know without a shadow of a doubt you have changed the trajectory of my business. 

The belief I have in myself has deepened, I feel like I can recognise and move through blocks in ways I couldn’t before.

There’s this lovely balance beginning to take shape where I believe in the success I’m working towards, but trusting my pace and that where I am is enough. I know this is going to be the key to even deeper joy and satisfaction from my business from here.

– ANNABELLE MATSON, Coach, Podcast Host & Breathwork Practitioner

Listen to my podcast episode with Annabelle about finding more success and joy.

Cassie’s focus on how we think and feel about ourselves and our businesses has been revolutionary to me, it’s felt like the missing piece I’d been looking for.

I’ve felt safe to give myself the permission I needed to make changes in my business, to simplify, to get so much clarity around the type of work I’m here to do and how I want to do it.

The pressure I felt to achieve results quickly, to move onto the next thing and to basically burn myself out has lifted and instead I feel more connected to my business, to my clients and truly believe that great things are coming.

Cassie leads with so much love, she is so intuitive in her coaching, she facilitates beautiful healing and is so generous with the amount of support she provides.

Thank you Cassie for all of your love and support so far this year, and I’m so excited to keep working with you!

– ERIN LAISHLEY, EFT Practitioner & Life Coach 

Listen to my podcast episode with Erin about simplifying your biz.

Cass’ modality, techniques and support have allowed me to reconnect to myself, become a more present mother and grow two businesses.

I have never felt more supported than I have when working with Cass.

Our weekly calls are filled with support, love, authenticity, vulnerability and pure magic.  I’ve created the strongest foundation for my business and my body, and it’s helping me to have a calmer and healthier life too.

I am so excited to continue working with Cass in the future. She is truly a wealth of knowledge!

– SHORINA PAGE, Founder of Mindful Soul Collective & Bras by S

Listen to my podcast episode with Shorina about building a stronger base.






payment plans available



payment plans available

Want to chat with me first?

Coaching together means:

You’ll believe in yourself as a healer, coach and creative, and have the tools to continually deepen your beliefs, at each new level you step into. 

You’ll believe in your coaching, offers and programs, having simplified them down to their highest value. Selling? Easy, fun and light on your system. Receiving money for your gifts? Yes please, all the time.

You’ll feel so connected and in tune with your amazing clients and community, knowing it’s safe for you to show up and share your voice, your gifts and your greatness with them.

You’ll have so much trust in your capacity to hold space for more (more clients, more money, more love). And when there’s a new level to step into, you’ll have the tools you need to expand your capacity for more, with love and without judgement.

And when you spiral through self-doubt, I catch you; you collect yourself, love yourself, and move to your next level.

That’s why we coach together with room for deep work and flow, so nothing is rushed, so there’s space for it all, so that your momentum builds while your self-belief deepens and your skills sky-rocket… and your business never looks the same.


Working through this program has deepened my trust in myself.

I jumped at the opportunity to coach with Cassie because I’ve felt isolated building my business on my own and, from following Cassie’s work for years, I knew that her wisdom, presence, and energy would support me in taking confident, aligned action towards my dream.

Cassie created a safe, rich, and nourishing space to bring to the surface the thoughts, rules, and beliefs that have been holding me back from fully flourishing in my business; and offered beautifully diverse tools to begin creating powerful shifts in how I feel doing the work I love.

Working through this program has deepened my trust in myself, my connection with the work that lights me up, and helped me launch a business that I absolutely love, that brings me joy and allows me to serve my clients to the best of my ability. If you have a deep yearning to walk your own path in business and build something that feels 100% true to you, definitely check out this program!

NATALIE KLADNITSKI, Psychologist, Coach & Mentor


Alignment sessions with Cass are totally my business’ secret weapon!

I love my business alignment sessions with Cassie. Whenever I am feeling I need a little (or not so little!) tune-up in my business or my life, she’s my go-to gal.

I love how Cass brings a sweet mix of practical and grounded business tools, but she also helps me re-connect with my own inner voice and power when I’m feeling scattery or doubting myself when reaching for the next level or goal in my business. I instantly feel a weight lift off my shoulders after our sessions and can then get straight back in my creative flow!

TRACEY SPENCER, Life Coach & Author


Working with Cassie really changed everything for me in my business.

Our sessions were always full of insight from both my own revelations but also with what Cassie came up with through her kinesiology methods.

I finished our coaching program with so much clarity and was able to decipher the difference between what it was that I actually wanted to do in my business, and what I thought I should be doing. After finishing this program with Cassie, my business now serves me and I don’t feel lost like I did when I first started working with her. Cassie is a true shining light.

KYLIE ANDERSON, Personal Trainer & Reiki Healer at Be Your Radiant Self

Get my mind, eyes and heart on your biz… and together we’ll bring clarity and confidence to the beliefs that’ll change everything for you, anchor these into your body and biz, and shift your whole being into certainty.

Along with deepening your relationship with your leadership, your value and your gifts, making more money, signing more clients, and calling in more incredible opportunities, I’ll help you:

  • Become more deeply congruent with the level of business you know you can play in, and sit in that space with more confidence.
  • Love on the ‘failures’ you’re placing meaning on, allowing space for more growth to flow through.
  • Process, play with and move through the emotions and discomfort that growth, visibility, success and abundance can bring up. 
  • Release mind drama that keeps you swirling; when you’re too busy powerfully serving your clients, you don’t have time for mind drama.
  • See how everything you’re doing is working, and how thinking it’s not working sets you up to create more of the same.
  • Lovingly speak to and learn to both release and work alongside fears, worries, comparison and perfectionism so you can truly value yourself and your work.
  • Create an incredible suite of offers and programs, that serve your clients deeply and feel like a joy for you to show up for and deliver.
  • Make your business feel like a fun, safe and joyful place to be, for you and your clients.
  • Make the most aligned decisions for you for right now, knowing that a) everything is iterative and b) there’s no way you can do this wrong.
  • Become fully booked and fully creative in a way that truly serves your energy and sits safely between your intention, capacity and desire. 
  • Deepen your self-belief without shaming yourself for your current state, knowing that what you really believe about yourself on an unconscious level is what’s being radiated out to your clients and prospective clients.
  • Cultivate a deeper awareness of how to nourish your nervous system to support deeper growth, impact and visibility, by helping your body feel safe at every level you reach.
  • Feel more confident in showing up, selling and serving even on a ‘bad’ day because you, your thoughts, your energy and your skills are valuable, no matter what’s going on inside.
  • Find joy, safety and sufficiency in your own cyclic path of success (because it’s not a linear process, and believing this creates space for rest, which creates space for magic).

Completing this program has been one of the defining moments of my life.

Coaching with Cassie was a game changer for myself, both personally and for my business. I was overlooking the most basic of aspects of my business, and Cassie’s knowledge, experience and mentoring helped me get back on track. This opened up amazing new opportunities on so many levels.

I can’t recommend working with Cassie enough; you will not regret signing up for this program.

ALANA TUKUNIU, Therapist and owner of Maulu Spa

I wanted to express my sincere gratitude for this coaching program.

Thank you, thank you; it has helped me in so many ways. Before starting, I was in a really bad mindset, and I knew I had to be active in doing something about it.

I just finished the program, and last week in my business I had the biggest week financially ever, in 3 years, and my goals I set to achieve actually came to life. Not only that, but an opportunity presented itself (one I am still pinching myself about!).

I can’t thank you enough.

HOLLY READETT, Cosmetic Tattooist

I loved working with Cassie.

Before working with Cassie, I felt like I was chasing many different avenues for setting up my business, none of which were getting me very far. I had very little clarity about what steps I needed to prioritise, and what steps I needed to move away from.

I loved working with Cassie, so if you’re thinking about working with Cassie for business mentoring and alignment I’d definitely say, ‘Yes – do it!’. Investing in yourself and your business is essential for forward movement, and Cassie will help you gain so much clarity.

BETH BRIDGES, Naturopath & Coach






payment plans available



payment plans available

Want to chat with me first?

Running your business from a foundation that’s been seeded in sufficiency, safety and sustainability makes your energy a magnet for your people, your body a vessel for your highest-level ideas, and your business a place where you and your clients feel at home. 

The way you show up in your business matters. 

What you think and feel about yourself matters. 

The perspective you hold about your past actions, your current state and what you believe is truly possible for you changes how you show up. 

And the way all of this intersects will impact the thoughts you have about your clients, your offers, your pricing, your skills, your leadership and everything in between.

Imagine if you could intentionally hold the paradox of wanting to grow and loving where you are right now. 

What would shift if you knew how to give yourself permission to be seen with a brighter, wider spotlight, so to speak?

What if the thought of stepping up and out as a leader in your business or your industry didn’t make you break out in a cold sweat? (Or perhaps it still did, but you knew how to move through this to find and embody more peace and power on the other side?)

What if you really could charge a price that felt amazing to you, receive at this price, and stay there for a beat longer than you think is necessary, in order not to rush past success but to really sit in it? (And I’m not talking about ‘charging your worth’ or charging at a price that makes you feel queasy, but at a price that feels both neutral and expansive.)

What if every time your mind threw an ‘I can’t’ at you, you could love it back, have the awareness of what the fear is telling you, speak to your body and biz and find your next step through it all?

What if you really allowed yourself to do the work you know you’re here to do? For yourself, your family, your clients, and everyone in your orbit?

What if you could trust that doing some hard work is okay, but that you never need to ‘work harder’ to create the results you want? Can you believe that rest brings results, that you’re so deeply supported and that your business has your back?

I would highly recommend working with Cassie.

I contacted Cassie after returning to work, a year after having my second baby. I was feeling stuck, overwhelmed and confused about how my business would run now that I’m also a mum of two. Cassie helped me to remove blocks, become clearer in my decision-making, and stop procrastinating. She guided me to follow my gut instinct and ultimately, create the business that I really want.

Cassie has helped me to trust my instinct and follow my heart; basically, to do what feels right for me. I’m now attracting more of the type of patients I like to see. Plus, I have tonnes of excitement and clarity over my business and side projects.

If you’re feeling stuck and needing some guidance, I would highly recommend working with Cassie. It not only helped me realign energetically, but Cassie also has a bucket load of business advice and great recommendations that have all helped me get to where I am today.

– BRITTANY DARLING, Nutritionist & Herbalist at Wholefood Healing

Working with Cassie has been one of the best investments I have made in my business.

I cannot recommend Cassie highly enough. To be honest she has played a very valuable part in helping me create the business that I have today. Before I started having 1:1 business alignment and mentoring sessions with Cassie I was feeling lost and overwhelmed with how to go about achieving the business (and life!) that I wanted.

Her guidance, support, knowledge and inspiring personality have been invaluable to me and I have appreciated having the support and wisdom from someone that has also started at the beginning and successfully worked her way to the top. Without a doubt I can totally recommend working with her!

– MELANIE HARRISON, Founder of Chickweed Apothecary

I loved working with Cassie and I’m so glad I decided to take the leap and have her as my coach.

My experience in this program was amazing, and I felt an instant connection with Cassie. She understood my business and me. The advice, guidance and support I received throughout our sessions were so helpful and inspiring. 

I loved the combination of coaching, NLP, talking though problems and challenges, getting practical coaching, and then using kinesiology to work with my energy.

I feel a big shift in my mindset. Cassie really helped me to identify my skills and believe in myself. I now feel I have a clear direction for my business, and for the first time in a long time, I am excited about my business and the future.

Cassie is such an inspiration to women with all she has achieved. I am truly grateful for all the insights, support and clarity I received.

– TANYA FRANCOIS, Founder of Be In Harmony


  • 3 or 6 months of fortnightly 60min business coaching, belief work and kinesiology sessions (6 / 12 sessions).
  • WhatsApp text/voice messaging support between sessions.
  • Personalised notes and energetic clearings to support you between sessions.
  • Start to Scale – a workshop to help you start scaling your time, energy and magic by building or growing a group coaching program.
  • Anchor into Your Power – a course to help you deepen your connection with your most powerful self and fullest expression.
  • Hello Book, It’s Me – a workshop to help you write a beautiful book (if that’s on your radar).
  • A private portal that includes invaluable practical, energetic and mind-body-business balancing exercises, tools and resources for you to explore.
  • Plus you may batch some hours together for deep dives whenever you want (and depending on availability in my calendar).


What is your availability and timezone?

I’m in Sydney on Australian Eastern Standard/Daylight Time. Please get in touch to discuss session times. All sessions are held via Zoom and you can record them on your end if you wish.

What happens when I book in?

You’ll receive a confirmation/welcome email with a link to book your sessions in and an intake form to fill out, plus you’ll be directed to create a password for my membership portal so you can access your digital resources. More on this below!

Can you please tell me more about the bonus resources I receive in the program?

You’ll receive some incredibly supportive and in-depth programs, tools, workshops and resources while you’re in the 1:1 container. (Access is not lifetime.)

  • Start to Scale in a workshop where I take you through my process for creating a client-focused group coaching program or mastermind. It’ll help you simplify your business, condense your marketing efforts, express your creativity more fully and your gifts more deeply, call in dreamy clients who can’t wait to be in your biz energy, and earn the same or more income in the same or less amount of hours each week.
  • Anchor into Your Power is a self-study course based in belief change work, kinesiology and NLP principles to help you release, reprogram and reframe old, limiting stories about yourself (that are often running on auto-pilot, subconsciously blocking your ability to take action, level-up and receive).
  • Hello Book, It’s Me will support you to write your beautiful book’s outline and bring your best book out of you.
  • Plus there’s a private client portal that houses energetic balancing protocols, mind-body-business exercises, mindset and belief work tools and more, to support you between sessions.
How long do I have to complete the program?

Our 1:1 sessions must take place within the timeframe of your program, from the date of your first session. You can reschedule a session if you need to, with 24hrs notice.

Our WhatsApp support starts right after our first session and ends 7 days after our last session.

Access to the digital resources ends a week after our final session too.

What happens when our program ends? Can I renew if I want to?

As we get closer to our final month of coaching, I’ll email you to request 30 days notice as to whether or not you want to renew. You may choose to renew the same package, or a custom package if we decide something else would fit your needs at that time.

If you choose to renew, we just keep rolling and you get one more round of coaching at your current price if the pricing has increased since you started.

If you choose to not renew, we spend our last session reflecting and celebrating in our Closing Ceremony. WhatsApp support and access to the digital resources ends 7 days after our last session.

Can I chat with you before I book in?

Of course. Please feel free to book a 15min call here.

Do you offer refunds?

Due to the nature of this offering, I don’t provide refunds for change of mind. (Nothing in this policy though, affects the rights you may have as a consumer under the Australian Consumer Law.) For full sales terms and conditions, please click here.

If you’d like to ask me a question before you purchase, please get in touch.






payment plans available



payment plans available

Want to chat with me first?

Ultimately, my work is about helping you change your beliefs about yourself, believe this in your body, step into your genius, gifts and greatness, and do what’s previously seemed impossible…  

… then you’ll do it again and again, at every level you reach.

Cass’ holistic approach that takes the whole person into perspective allowed me to balance myself and my business in ways I never thought possible.

I first discovered the work of Cassie Mendoza-Jones during a challenging time in my life and career. Reading her first two books was such a tremendous healing experience for me. I have followed her work closely ever since that point. Two years after starting my own psychotherapy business, I knew I needed additional support in the form of a coach.

Since Cass’s work, life and teachings always inspired me, I decided to sign up for her Coaching Program and I am so glad I did. Not only did I get the support, guidance, and accountability that only Cass can provide, I regained a sense of excitement for what I do and a new perspective of how to move forward. Her holistic approach that takes the whole person into perspective allowed me to balance myself and my business in ways I never thought possible.

Her guidance allowed me to truly focus on allowing myself to be exactly where I was in MY process and to embrace the journey along the way.

I was so excited and inspired by our work together, that I signed up for a few more coaching sessions before she went out on her maternity leave. I am grateful for the experience I had with her and look forward to working with her again in the future.

If you are considering working with Cass in any of the multiple ways she offers, do not hesitate to make the investment in you.

– KATIE SUCHNIAK, Licensed Therapist & Coach, MSW, LCSW

I see Cassie as the soul mentor I needed!

Though I had no idea what to expect, I am soooo glad I went ahead and invested in her program and 1:1 calls.

She has such a gentle yet powerful touch where she picks up on the areas of resistance and is able to come up with incredible ideas and solutions to move forward in your business in a way that feels good to you.

What I particularly love about Cassie’s approach is that it is super practical whilst still being rooted in ease and not doing things that feel icky, complex or overwhelming.

The biggest shifts I’ve experienced include feeling super confident about how to serve clients and add value right from where I am, whilst still having a concrete vision on how to build and strengthen my business foundations without exhausting myself. Cassie also helped me own my strengths and positioning in my business and feel excited again to create content from a place of love and service.

She is an incredible guide to have by your side and I’ve come away with renewed excitement for how to run my business and create massive impact whilst still honouring my energy, personal needs and self care.

Thank you for being you Cassie, you’ve been a Godsend.

– CECLIA MAKINDE, Mindset & Embodiment Coach

Cass has a special talent for shining a spotlight on the path of simplicity and ease.

When life and business feel like a whirlwind, time spent with her is always a welcome opportunity to take a deep breath, centre your focus, and gently return your energy to your priorities and intentions.

It’s a rare to find a coach who can help you feel safe and held at the same time that you stretch, expand and travel new territory.

If that’s what will help you most right now, I highly recommend you consider working with her!

– JAYNE TANCRED, Marketing Coach, Consultant and Copywriter

Let’s work together

Working together, you’ll be guided towards greater self-awareness, lovingly process and release mindset and energy blocks, and ultimately… take action from a place of deep self-belief so that you can build, grow and scale a powerful, joyful and solid business.

We fill your belief gaps before you take action. (Which requires a gentle rewiring of patterns, which may have seen you usually taking action to fill gaps… leading to a lot of over-working.)

We’ll strategise and map out your next steps while always believing that you are the chief decision maker in your business; that every decision you make is the one you’ll make right; and that the level of belief you hold today is all you need for what’s to come.

I’ll help you trust yourself so much, that you won’t be able to stop telling people what you do, how you can help them, and how they can work with you.

You’ll fall in love with selling, marketing and sharing your voice.

You’ll soothe your nervous system and show yourself it’s safe to be seen, to receive more and to rise.

You’ll believe in yourself and your work so much, because you know it’s changing the world, and why would you want to keep that magic a secret?

You’ll be too busy powerfully serving your clients and making an amazing amount of money to stay stuck in mind drama.

And if (okay, when) mind drama pops up… because you’re human, and a big visionary with a big heart and even bigger dreams, and a lot you want to create and share and do in this world… you’ll have the skills, tools and awareness to process the discomfort, love yourself through the ‘ugh’ and trust yourself and your value, no matter your mood.

You’ll know you’re worthy of taking up space, and moving towards everything you desire (or something better), with confidence, ease, flow and a true belief in yourself and what you’re calling in.

You’re ready for this.

And I’m here with you all the way.






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payment plans available

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