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My time with Cass allowed me to deeply connect to my purpose, my gifts and the service I can offer the world.

I felt called to work with Cass because I felt the call to expand my beliefs on what was possible for my life. I loved her gentle and authentic presence on social media, podcasts and also loved receiving and reading her newsletters and just wanted a bit more Cassie in my life!!

The work with Cass allowed me to dismantle old limiting beliefs about who I was and what I could achieve. I was very restricted in my thoughts and beliefs about my work and worth in relation to the biz. My time with Cass allowed me to deeply connect to my purpose, my gifts and the service I can offer the world. My thoughts and beliefs have changed to allow me to feel a greater sense of value for what I can offer the world.

I feel a greater sense of trust in the power of my work – and letting my work lead the way! I feel much more connected to my truth, my inner guidance and purpose. I also feel worthy to receive and to shine my light!

Cassie helped me refine and kickstart two businesses, The Learning River, and SPOKE. She helped me to create and simplify messaging around my offerings, expand my belief in my worth around pricing and gave me tools to promote and market the business to new clients.

In our time together, I called in new clients and booked sessions worth more than I had imagined. 

Working with Cass provided a safe, nourishing and loving space for reflection and growth. It was a like a gentle ‘pause’ in the week to face the blocks, overcome them and move towards a more expansive and authentic version of  myself. I loved the blend of coaching, kinesiology and NLP.

I now feel a greater sense of trust in the process of allowing the work I do to lead to further and wider possibilities. I am much more comfortable at receiving!

The time with Cass really did help me process and analyse the beautiful possibilities that existed for me in my work.

Whenever I spin into mind drama and negative thought patterns, I very quickly circumnavigate this as a result of the foundation that Cassie’s work has provided me and I employ the tools she has given me to move into a much more rewarding and expansive state of trust and belief.

If you are thinking of working with Cass, then you just need to follow that call! You have been lead to Cass for a reason, and I promise you that you won’t regret it.

– DR KATE WINCHESTER, Education Lead, Speaker & Facilitator

Working with Cassie has helped me expand my business in ways I didn’t think was possible. I’ve designed a schedule that suits me and my life, welcomed in soul clients, and been able to generate a beautiful income that supports my goals.

As a mother and a writer, I used to think growing my business was going to be challenging, if not impossible, due to my other commitments.

Cassie helped me move past binary thinking and see that not only was it growing my business possible; but that I could do it in a way that felt supportive and nourishing to other parts of my life.  

I chose Cassie for her brilliance, her energy, her creativity, and her business acumen. I also chose her with the knowledge that she has a young family, so she knows exactly what it’s like to balance motherhood with business building.

Our work has transformed how I show up in my business. I have deeper trust in how I spend my time, allow myself rest when I need it, and have beautiful evidence that when I care for myself first, my business blossoms. I’m overjoyed that I’ve been able to do all this while also caring for my family and pursuing my creative goals.

 I feel more calm and confident about my identity as a business owner. I have more trust in the pace of my business growth.

If you’re feeling the call to work with Cassie, TRUST THE PULL. Go for it!

– LARA DAY, Author & Coach

Cass is a business witch, addressing the relationship between myself and my biz at all levels—body, mind, soul.

She’s phenomenal at assisting with the ins and outs and strategies of my biz while simultaneously pinpointing and activating the necessary belief work, and meeting the energetic body in the equation too.

She’s not of this world; she has one footed planted in this world and one somewhere else, on a different level.

It’s so hard to express in words what I feel like she does. She meets you and your biz at so many different levels and that all happens in one session. She has an ability to pinpoint exactly what it is you need for your business and mindset growth.

Sessions with Cass leave me with grounded clarity, a fire in my belly and a remembrance of who I truly am and the beauty of my unique offerings in the world. Cass is so skilled—I am beyond grateful to have you as a cheerleader to walk this path with me.

– GREER ROSE, Soul Healing Coach & Empowered Birth Doula

This won’t be ‘business as usual’ coaching.

Because your business is a creative force that works with you and through you, and we absolutely need to make space for its wisdom and guidance to come through.

Your business is a vessel to receive, move with, and expand your highest-level ideas, your deepest creativity, and your biggest desires, and so that’s what we bring out to play with. 

I know without a shadow of a doubt you have changed the trajectory of my business.

I’ve been sitting with trying to find the words for what’s at the core of it for me and I think I know what it is… you have given me this tremendous gift of validating my experience/my journey in my business.

There have been so many things I have judged myself really harshly for, things I’ve done, things I haven’t done or haven’t achieved, things I have been afraid of – all of which has held me back.

Through your kindness, compassion and also your authenticity in sharing your own journey  – suddenly these don’t feel so huge and are now healing (or have healed). I can’t even describe how important that has been for me and how this will change things for me from here. I know without a shadow of a doubt you have changed the trajectory of my business. 

The belief I have in myself has deepened, I feel like I can recognise and move through blocks in ways I couldn’t before.

There’s this lovely balance beginning to take shape where I believe in the success I’m working towards, but trusting my pace and that where I am is enough. I know this is going to be the key to even deeper joy and satisfaction from my business from here.

– ANNABELLE MATSON, Coach, Podcast Host & Breathwork Practitioner

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Cass has a special talent for shining a spotlight on the path of simplicity and ease.

When life and business feel like a whirlwind, time spent with her is always a welcome opportunity to take a deep breath, centre your focus, and gently return your energy to your priorities and intentions.

It’s a rare to find a coach who can help you feel safe and held at the same time that you stretch, expand and travel new territory.

If that’s what will help you most right now, I highly recommend you consider working with her!

– JAYNE TANCRED, Marketing Coach, Consultant and Copywriter

If you’re desiring to grow and expand your self-concept, creativity, capacity, and body of work in a way that meets and matches your desires, without feeling like you have to hold everything up yourself, I’m here to help. 🫶🏻

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