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It's never solely your actions that create your next level business, nor is it a business plan over your belief 
But I bet you've spent a ton of time and energy taking more action, brainstorming your next step, or downloading the latest 'cheat sheet'...

But what about downloading your unique Divine business plan?

What about sitting in the energy of certainty that only deep belief creates, and then honouring and owning the ripple effects this creates in the air around you?

On that note... what about charging the air around you with something so compelling that only your best-fit clients feel called to your business, to say yes, and to say yes in a way that proves your demand is catching up with your gifts?

Hey, hey... I'm Cassie Mendoza-Jones, and helping you do all of this is my jam.

I'm a business coach and kinesiologist and when we work together, actual magic happens.

You'll show up in more flow, deeply connect with the energy of your beautiful business, and expand up and out, celebrating a business that feels like home, to you and your clients. 

I'll help you prepare your body and your business for your next level so you can step into the growth you're ready for
I do this by guiding you to the simplest, cleanest, clearest truth of all... that you are so ready for what you want, and your next step is to believe it.  

I do this by helping you clear years of low-belief baggage.

I do this by holding you in the energy of your highest potential, even (or especially) on the days you waver in waters of uncertainty and scarcity.

I do this by guiding you from 'I don't know how to do this' to... 'I've done it.'

Working with me is a catalyst for real, deep and radical change in your business; in how you show up; in how deeply you believe in yourself; how highly you regard yourself; and in the ways your energy and emotions speak to your body, being and business (and vice versa), guiding you from where you are... to where you truly want to be.
(And then you do it all over again... after you've processed, witnessed and healed the parts of yourself who felt all kinds of uncomfortable when experiencing more visibility, more impact, more growth, more power and more income... not to mention the discomfort that arises when you stop following the preconceived notion of what success 'should' look like, and craft and create your own.)  

There are so many ways to shift from here to there, and while we can never control the timing of our goals, our work, and our intentions falling into place... we can command the presence required to receive our next steps and take action from a space of deep belief.

Without belief in yourself, you have no base on which to land again, and spring back up.

Without belief in your business, you have a lowered capacity in which to create more of what you truly want.

Without belief in your value and your offers, you have no container in which to call in and receive your best-fit clients.

Without belief in your ability to be seen, to lead with love, and to receive more than you think you have capacity for... you won't allow yourself to be seen, to lead (yourself or others) with love, or to receive more than what you have capacity for.

Helping you shift low belief baggage and step into your next level identity as a leader, coach and healer is all possible for you.

This is the work I do.

My work is a deep, potent blend of energy work, belief change work, and intuitive instructions to guide you from here to more (while honouring, loving and owning where you are right now... because there's enoughness right here when you look for it, you're not here to fix yourself, and nothing is broken).

And this mastermind is where it comes through; it's a portal to your biggest business vision, your deepest impact, and your most expansive self.

You'll first start to download this all during our very first coaching call and you'll go deeper and wider (i.e. you'll expand your base, foundation and capacity) to allow yourself to receive more of what you truly want in your business, through every coaching call and coaching/community interaction we have over the next six months.

This mastermind is like an extended supercharged business retreat to break open your biz in the best way possible and create the most supportive foundation and base on which to both find sufficiency joy in the here and now, while also building sustainability into your most embodied business and self.

Your energy, thoughts and beliefs will pave the way for your greatest results
Stepping into your gifts, genius and greatness while deeply believing this is who you are (instead of just trying to push yourself through icky, sticky feelings about your success) will have you create a business that feels like home to you and your clients.

It’s not about hustling, going into nervous system overwhelm, or putting more pressure on yourself by simply creating bigger goals and grasping at them to ‘prove’ your worth.

You'll step into the vision and version of yourself you most desire when you:

  • Change your beliefs about what’s possible for yourself. New beliefs = new results 
  • Set goals that remind you of your power, without having to prove your worth
  • Soothe and calm your nervous system, so you feel safe being seeing, taking up space, and receiving more (clients, money, opportunities)
  • Clear and balance your energy, so your body can guide your way
  • Feel safe showing up as yourself, knowing you’re exactly who your clients want 
  • Sit in the success you’ve already created (I can assure you, it’s there) while you create more
  • Lead yourself with love, before you lead your clients... because we always go first
That’s what you’ll be doing if you join me for the Aligned & Unstoppable Mastermind
Join me for the Sept 2023 cohort.

Pop your name on the waitlist above and I'll email you as soon as doors are open.

Here's what's included:
Core Concepts
Our core concept library is where it all begins. These pre-recorded coaching videos and accompanying worksheets make up the core concept of the mastermind.

help you see yourself, your business, and your relationship with your clients, money, pricing, success and taking up space, radically change.

Oh and loving and tending to your nervous system plays a big role here too because when we feel safe and solid, we make sustainable change.
Weekly Coaching
We meet for weekly coaching calls and move through all the things that feel sticky or stuck, to find and generate the flow that lies beneath.

Sometimes these are structured calls (think: uplevel workshops on specific themes, core concepts or a process from inside the mastermind) and sometimes we just flow with whatever comes up and needs coaching and witnessing.
Blending business coaching with kinesiology is my jam. You'll find kinesiology practices and techniques woven into our coaching calls and resource library.

I use my own kinesiology balancing process throughout our work together too, helping you pinpoint the energy and emotion that's underneath what you're experiencing, and supporting you to embody it or release it to support your next step. 

Writing Room
We'll meet for pop-up co-working/writing sessions that'll connect you with your voice, move your projects forward, and help you even more deeply love what you create.

You can pick my brain on all things writing and creativity, to help you expand your body of work. You’ll also just sit down, and do the work. (Kinda my favourite thing ever.)

Resource-Rich Library
The word 'Bonuses' doesn't really do this component of the mastermind any justice. It's an ever-growing, deeply nourishing and extensive (yet, simple!) library of energy balancing tools, mindset-calming-and-clarifying worksheets, nervous system resetting embodiment practices, kinesiology technique videos, business-expanding processes and state-shifting visualisations.

It just gets better and better. Oh and there's a guide to help you choose which tool or resource would be most helpful for you depending on how you're feeling.

A Loving Community
In our private Facebook group, we meet, reflect, share, celebrate and ask for coaching.

This energy extends into every group call and interaction, where we sit with each other through all the big, the good, the hard and the goose-bumpy moments.

We've been known to end calls laughing about how delicious it is to eat a hard taco inside a soft taco. (This is on my must-eat list now!)  

Portal & Private Podcast
Oh and everything is housed in a beautiful membership portal, with all call recordings, bonus audio lessons, embodiment practices and visualisations going up on our private podcast, so you can tune in and catch up on replays at your own convenience.
This mastermind will support you in claiming and owning your gifts, your highest vision, and your deepest growth, all while reminding you that you don’t need to be perfect to be aligned and unstoppable.

(In fact, your expansion needs all of you, because staying with yourself through your perceived flaws and failures, and witnessing yourself with love, compassion and power, is how you make big things happen.)

There's no version of the success you want to create that requires you to be perfect; to always feel glossy and 'ready'; or to be anyone else other than exactly who you are.

You're in good company
I really honour myself and the work I've done, but I'm really not sure if I could have made it here without Cass' love, support and guidance.

Working with her has been an absolute dream.

Throughout the process of working together, I've been through major life changes including a major burn-out, settling into being a mum of two, selling a house and of course, growing my businesses.

Despite the craziness within my own life, I have never felt more supported than I have when working with Cass.

Our weekly calls are filled with support, love, authenticity, vulnerability and pure magic.

Cass' modality, techniques and support have allowed me to reconnect to myself, become a more present mother and grow two businesses (a counselling business and an e-commerce business).

Cass does not use a one size fits all approach, each session have allowed us to receive the support we personally need and outside of the weekly sessions, there is plenty of bonuses in podcast episodes, worksheets, masterclasses and one-on-one support in a private Facebook group.

The growth I’ve felt over the last 12 months is phenomenal. I knew I’d come so far already, but the last 12 months, I feel like I’ve catapulted so far, so quickly. I can’t believe the things I’ve created. The things I’ve healed. The people I’ve helped. The impact I’ve made. The mother, business owner, partner and human being I’ve grown into. Everything feels amazing right now. This is the person I dreamt of becoming. The person sitting here right here, right now, this is the Shorina I dreamt of.

Since working together, I’ve had clients so easily renew their coaching programs (and at my higher price), been approached by multiple companies to be hired as a speaker, connected to myself on a deeper level to feel everything that comes up for me, heal it and continue that cycle, increased my e-commerce prices and had massive months while also delegating about 70% of the admin tasks to my VA, started to put myself out there on social media more and allow people to see the person I really am, stopped working on weekends and nights and started to make it a priority to care for my nervous system and give my body what it needs, and so much more. I’ve created the strongest foundation for my business and my body, and it’s helping me to have a calmer and healthier life too.

Cass has also supported me through my burn-out and reconnecting to my beautiful family as a priority.

I am so excited to continue working with Cass in the future. She is truly a wealth of knowledge!

- SHORINA PAGE, Founder of Mindful Soul Collective & Bras by S

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I'm not even sure where to begin to talk about how amazing and healing this program has been for me...  I feel like I never want to leave this space and just work and play in it forever. Can you never not run the Mastermind?! 

I've been sitting with trying to find the words for what's at the core of it for me and I think I know what it have given me this tremendous gift of validating my experience/my journey in my business.

There have been so many things I have judged myself really harshly for, things I've done, things I haven't done or haven't achieved, things I have been afraid of - all of which has held me back.

Through your kindness, compassion and also your authenticity in sharing your own journey - suddenly these don't feel so huge and are now healing (or have healed).  I can’t even describe how important that has been for me and how this will change things for me from here. I know without a shadow of a doubt you have changed the trajectory of my business. What an amazing experience this has been.

I knew the minute I signed up it would be amazing. But the experience, your support and the way you have shown up for each of us has exceeded my expectations.

I've never been a part of a group experience that didn't feel like a 'group'. You have taken so much time to understand each of us, what we need and how to support us individually. It feels like 1:1 coaching. There have been so many opportunities to get support. It's like any question I've had has been answered.

The belief I have in myself has deepened, I feel like I can recognise and move through blocks in ways I couldn't before (so many great new tools!).

There's this lovely balance beginning to take shape where I believe in the success I'm working towards, but trusting my pace and that where I am is enough. I know this is going to be the key to even deeper joy and satisfaction from my business from here.

- ANNABELLE MATSON, Coach, Podcast Host & Breathwork Practitioner

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Cassie's focus on how we think and feel about ourselves and our businesses has been revolutionary to me, it's felt like the missing piece I'd been looking for.

I've followed Cassie for years and I've watched from afar as she's experienced amazing success in her business, so when her mastermind landed in my orbit, I knew that she was the exact support I needed to take me to the next level in my business.

Cassie creates a warm, inviting and beautifully safe space for all the amazing coaches and practitioners in the mastermind - the group sessions are incredibly powerful and having her guidance week after week (and in our community) has helped me to move through countless blocks, moments of mind drama and has helped me to increase my belief in myself tenfold.

Her focus on how we think and feel about ourselves and our businesses has been revolutionary to me, it's felt like the missing piece I'd been looking for. Through the past 6 months I've felt safe to give myself the permission I needed to make changes in my business, to simplify, to get so much clarity around the type of work I'm here to do and how I want to do it.

The pressure I felt to achieve results quickly, to move onto the next thing and to basically burn myself out has lifted and instead I feel more connected to my business, to my clients and truly believe that great things are coming.

This program is jam-packed with incredible resources that are so relevant to anyone trying to build their practise in a way that feels empowering and true to themselves.

Cassie leads with so much love, she is so intuitive in her coaching, she facilitates beautiful healing and is so generous with the amount of support she provides individually to everyone in this program.

If you're thinking about joining this Mastermind, I think you should! It will be such a beautiful, affirming experience for you and I know you'll gain so much value that will serve you for years to come. Thank you Cassie for all of your love and support so far this year, and I'm so excited to keep working with you!

- ERIN LAISHLEY, EFT Practitioner & Life Coach

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In the Aligned & Unstoppable Mastermind trusting the unseen and believing (on purpose, and oftentimes before you have evidence of it) that what you’re doing is working, is built into how we do things.

Trusting that your steps are the exact and only steps that you need to take will help you play at the level of the kind of coach, healer or creative you know you're ready for.

You’ll be guided through processes, concepts and practices that’ll change, evolve and expand your business at its very core, by changing you at yours. 

You will call yourself into congruence with the part of yourself who is already so deeply connected to the value of what you do… and who feels so safe to share this, deeply and fully. 

If your belief yo-yos, you will know how to manage this (hint: with gentleness and love!), and you’ll know that your value never wavers, even if your thoughts about it does. You will know you can still sell and sign clients and lead and level-up if you’re having a ‘bad’ day.

You will approach mindset work differently.

You will see ‘strategy’ in a whole new light. You’ll never, ever again not know what to do when you feel stuck in a thought loop of mind drama that swirls within you, colours and clouds your vision, and drains you of your certainty.

When it feels like your body, brain and business aren’t communicating… there’s a mastermind practice for that.

When it feels like there are just a thousand slippery thoughts that are making it hard to plug into your desired reality, energy and frequency, there’s a mastermind process for that.

When it feels like you’re so disconnected from wtf you even want to offer, and all the details you’ve told yourself you’re not sure about yet, there’s a mastermind concept training for that.

You won’t just be seen and held during our initial concept training calls, or on our weekly coaching calls, or in our private community…

… you’ll become fully expressed, fully equipped and fully resourced to solve almost any problem in your business, by working with your own energy, your own beliefs (and okay, some you’ll borrow from me!) and your own body, being and business. 

You will know how to tap into the infinite resource that is your inner resilience, and you’ll connect with the intelligence that exists in the relationship you have with your beautiful business.

Your next steps will find you because you’ll not only be ready for them, but you’ll have built-in practices, processes and possibility-thinking that proves to yourself, time and time again, that what you’re doing is working, that you are exactly who your clients need, that what you desire is possible for you, and that reaching new results without following 'the rules' is  not some nebulous process only made available to others... 

... but something always within you.

Because it is you.

And it’s been you all along. 

This program is rooted in:

The coaching you'll receive throughout the program will change how you think about yourself, see yourself, and show up for yourself and your clients.

It’ll help you to navigate your next steps, build out a biz that lights you up, connect with your guidance and intuition, and deepen your trust and faith in your own path and innate abilities.


Through a variety of healing tools, NLP and kinesiology practices, you'll do deep clearing and healing to support your belief change work, love the part of yourself who's felt disconnected from possibility, connect with your body to find your next step, and become more congruent with what you're calling in.

(Even when it's uncomfortable, challenges you or makes you feel stretchy.)


If you're here, you're here for the long-haul, and you don't have to do it alone. Our beautiful community will hold you up, hold you close, and hold your hand, as we all rise up... together.

You’ll feel the collaborative power of a community of like-hearted entrepreneurs, and you’ll always have somewhere to turn to when you need to brainstorm something or just feel witnessed in your growth.

This mastermind won't just guide you to your biggest business vision...

... it'll ground you in deep belief of who you are, instil in you the most expansive thoughts about yourself, your business, your offers and your clients, heal your timeline looking back, and open doorways into potential and possibility that you didn't even know existed.
The results and shifts you'll call in will ripple through your business, body and life.
Here are just some of the incredible results my mastermind clients have been celebrating recently:
  • Finding it's feeling so much easier and safer to follow their intuition when making biz decisions
  • Found safety and sufficiency in the current number of clients in their biz, and loving the feeling this creates
  • Feeling more congruent in ‘practising what they preach’, trusting their own value more and then calling in clients from this energy
  • Finding it so much easier to embrace new beliefs supporting their desired direction 
  • Cleared so many blocks around writing and creation
  • Finding it so much easier to be on consult/clarity calls with potential new clients, trusting themselves no matter the outcome and trusting the clients' timing too
  • Downloaded an entire new process for their work... in one weekend 
  • Finding so much more joy in their everyday business, with so much less pressure that they're doing it all 'wrong' and more focus on all the success they have and are currently creating
  • Healed from burn out over a few months, and created a new way of doing business that supports family life and energy
  • Stopped calling themselves a 'baby' coach and started to take full authority and deep ownership of their gifts
  • Started taking priority in caring for nervous system and listening to their body... for the first time in forever
  • Signed 2 x new clients as soon as their new offer was created plus one renewal client
  • Had their biggest month ever, and their first 5-figure month
  • Signed multiple new clients 'out of the blue'. (We love to joke about this in the mastermind, because we know it's never really out of the blue, but rather because you are you, and a reflection of your potent work)...
  • Prepared their business beautifully for maternity leave, padded with so much trust in the spaces in between 
  • Been approached by 4 different companies for speaking engagements, all within a couple of weeks 
  • Filling up a group coaching program at a higher price
  • Been hired by a company for recurring paid workshops as one of their guest experts
  • Signed 10 workshop clients as soon as the workshop was announced
  • Sold out day-long workshops with ease, at a price that's 2-5x higher than before
  • Had new clients join their membership program and client results have upleveled in line with my client's own belief work 
  • Simplified offerings for more impact without any mind drama around this
  • Being able to say no to speaking engagements that aren't a energetic great fit, even when it sounds good on paper
  • Increased their pricing (and signed a new client straightaway!) 
  • Doubled their business revenue in the six months
  • Expanded their membership offering with more programs, resources and support and sold more spots at a higher price
  • Run 3 paid guest workshops in other coach programs (and was approached for them all)
  • One client expanded their consulting team to support their biz and another expanded their admin team for the same purpose
  • Stopped working nights/weekends unless deep desire to
  • Have become so much more confident to be seen on social media, posting daily with multiple offers to work together
  • Picking up kids earlier from daycare without guilt about work to do
When you make space in your body, build solidity and sustainability into your biz, and trust your value... you fill up with more of what you desire, more of what you're a match for, and more of what you believe is possible for you.

It has been every bit the healing journey I was hoping it would be.

Being no stranger to doing belief work as a practitioner, it was so lovely to be able to sit back and let myself be guided through this deeply transformative work.

Cassie created a safe, rich, and nourishing space to bring to the surface the thoughts, rules, and beliefs that have been holding me back from fully flourishing in my business; and offered beautifully diverse tools to begin creating powerful shifts in how I feel doing the work I love.

I joined the Mastermind knowing that Cassie’s energy would feel soothing and supportive during a time that I needed to feel more grounded and aligned in my business, and it has been every bit the healing journey I was hoping it would be!

– NATALIE KLADNITSKI, Psychologist & Business Coach

After every call I feel grounded, connected & clarity within my business.

What I’ve loved about the mastermind is well, everything! Cassie has created such a beautiful program.

Working with Cass, learning a lot about kinesiology, clearing techniques, connecting with other business owners experiencing similar issues and just being able to gain insight from a high-level business coach like Cass. After every call I feel grounded, connected & clarity within my business.

I entered this Mastermind with a lack of confidence and feeling like a complete imposter in my business. I really lacked the belief in myself.

This mastermind has helped me work on creating a deep sense of belief that isn’t reliant on my income or the number of clients I sign.

I seriously recommend this course for any person in business - whether you’re just starting off or have been running your business for years. There’s always room to grow.

- GEORGIA ZENTRICH, Soul Purpose & Business Coach, Yoga Teacher, Wedding DJ & Youth Worker

Listen to my podcast episode with Georgia about signing clients out of the blue.

I would highly recommend this Mastermind to anyone who is ready to release that self-doubt once and for all and up-level in life and biz. It will change your life!  

I have had the privilege of being mentored and coached by the incredible Cassie within her Mastermind for the last few months.

She has been an absolute breath of fresh air for my personal and business life. Her intuitive and aligned insights combined with her calm, thoughtful and practical approach has supported me in implementing changes within my business that I have been putting off for months.

My inner confidence, belief and vision has grown so much working with her. I'm so grateful.

When working with Cassie, you feel her passion and her true commitment to this work and to YOU.

She TRULY believes in you as you are believing in yourself even more. She talks the talk and walks the walk. She is beside you, not above, every step of the way.

I would highly recommend her Mastermind to anyone who is ready to release that self-doubt once and for all and up-level in life and biz. It will change your life!

Thank you Cassie xo 

- AMY LITTLE, Holistic Wellness & Empowerment Coach for Women

Belief work makes the dream work.
Join me for the Sept 2023 cohort.

Pop your name on the waitlist above and I'll email you as soon as doors are open.
The Aligned & Unstoppable Mastermind became such an important part of my life this year.

An incredibly supportive program, I made lifelong friends with the wonderful women in the group.

Cassie's coaching and leadership was integral to the alignment and growth of my business and highly impactful personally and professionally.

I highly recommend Cassie for anyone looking to create more flow and growth in their business in a supportive and nourishing environment.

- BEC SANDS, Career Pivot Coach

So much changed in myself and my business during the A&U Mastermind.

I have worked with Cassie on and off for a few years, but never on a regular basis for a long period of time. I loved how Cassie wove business coaching and kinesiology into one.

It gave me space to share what I was feeling and what was happening for me, but then I got to process and heal that at the same time.

So much changed in myself and my business during the A&U Mastermind. I set boundaries I have always wanted to set, I let go of limiting beliefs, I learnt to make my business work for me and I got to connect with beautiful like minded women.

I was so sad when it was over but am looking forward to working with Cassie again in the future.

- KYLIE ANDERSON, Person Trainer, Health Coach & Reiki Healer 

Cass’s holistic approach to helping you connect with your business is unique and impacts in such a positive way.

I first heard about Cass when I read her book You Are Enough which was a game changer for me.

When she advertised that she was opening up spaces in her mastermind, I jumped at the chance to participate.

The techniques Cass uses throughout the sessions provided me with the opportunity to reflect and balance my thinking so I could reset and refocus to be able to achieve the goals I set for myself.

I can’t thank Cass enough for creating such a safe space and an environment that allows you to dig deep and explore what might be holding you back from pushing forward in yourself business as well as your life.

I highly recommend working with Cass and can’t wait to see what her future programs bring.

- KYLIE JAMES, People Strategist & Organisational Coach

I have gained so much from Cassie’s Aligned & Unstoppable Mastermind.

I’ve been following Cassie and her work for some time now. I love her message and her teachings. In this busy world it is easy to get caught up in the hustle and meeting others’ expectations.

Cassie’s calm voice and grounding message always brings me back to what is important to me and where I want to be.

To be honest she has played a very valuable part in helping me create the business that I have today. 

Her guidance, support, knowledge and inspiring personality have been invaluable to me and there have been many insights and helpful prompts along with valued guided support from Cassie.

The added bonus of being part of a small group of other like-minded members of our coaching circle was wonderful and as a solopreneur I found this hugely helpful and supportive. Without a doubt I can totally recommend working with her!

- MELANIE HARRISON, Founder of Chickweed Apothecary

You belong in this room.
Join me for the Sept 2023 cohort.

Pop your name on the waitlist above and I'll email you as soon as doors are open.

You bring the tea. I've got the answers.
How do I know if the mastermind is for me?
By asking your body and your business; two sources of wisdom that you'll be returning to for answers again and again (and again!) if you join me in this program.

If it's for you, you'll feel a yes in your body (or you may have already tuned into it...). It might feel like an opening, an expansion, a leaning in or leaning forward.

You might feel so guided to be here, with a knowing you can't explain away.

You'll know you're not joining out of 'shoulds' or 'have tos' or FOMO, but because this is where you need to be for the evolution of your soul's (and business!) growth.

I always say that you can feel expansion and fear at the same time, and that in fact, they go together perfectly, like cheese and wine, or fish and chips, or avo, salt and lemon.

That said... the mastermind is geared towards those who are already in business and working with clients, or those coming back into their biz after being away for a bit (babies, life transition etc.).

If you want to bounce anything off me before applying, email me and let's hop on a call together. We will come to the best answer for your next step, together.

What happens after I apply? 
Once applications open and you apply, I'll review your application and be in touch in a couple of days. If we both feel like we’re a great fit, you’ll have 48hrs to reserve your place via payment with payment in full or a deposit.
When do we begin? 
We begin on Thursday 7 Sept, 2023 at 10am Sydney time (AEDT) and flow weekly (Thursdays at 10am) until Thurs 29 Feb 2024.

(We have a two week break at the end of the year, with no live calls happening in the last week of Dec and the first week of Jan.)
What if I feel nervous to share in a group? 
Then, you’d be a human being! And also, as Rumi wrote... the wound is the place where the light enters you.

Your courage to show up will not only change your business, but everyone else's in our mastermind too.

Our circle is the most loving, generous crew you could imagine.

If you cry, we are right there, holding space for you and holding your hand.

When you celebrate, we are right there, happy dancing alongside you.

Throughout the mastermind, I always say ‘Your coaching is everyone’s coaching, and everyone’s coaching is yours’, because I’ve lost count of the number of times a client has remarked that they got exactly what they came for on a call, simply by listening to someone else’s coaching.

You will feel so safe and held in our group from the very first moment we all meet, and then on every call and in every interaction afterwards. Feeling uncomfortable or emotional, crying on calls… all normal, all welcome, all to be expected when showing up in a state of receptivity on the path to expansion.

When you show up to each call trusting that whatever you need to receive will be made available to you, you receive exactly what you need, always… and then some, whether you ask for coaching or receive someone else's. 
What happens if I miss a call? 
You catch up when you can, via our beautiful private membership portal or on our private podcast feed.

There is magic in realtime and replay.
What is your refund policy?
My intention is always to call in the people who are a big, full body yes. If you're not feeling that, there's a really good reason why... even if you don't know what that reason is. (I'm not talking about mind-doubt... I'm talking body-doubt.)

In essence, please enrol mindfully (and heart-fully) as I don't offer refunds for change of mind.

Nothing in this policy though, affects the rights you may have as a consumer under the Australian Consumer Law.

You can check out my sales terms and conditions here.
I have more questions... can I talk to you a bit more before applying or signing up?
Of course! Please email me and we can either chat via email or schedule in a 15min Zoom call.
After 6 amazing months in the Mastermind I am experiencing how much working with Cassie on deepening my belief has shifted the energy of my business, my practice and how I show up.

I signed up to this mastermind because I could see the energy shifts in Cassie, and each time I read one of her posts, I could feel the pull and curiosity call me in more deeply.

I already had deep belief in myself before the mastermind and one (of the many) things this mastermind has reminded me of, is that there is no such thing as overdosing on belief or believing too much… I can always deepen my already deep belief.

This mastermind has really deepened my belief that being human and being a great practitioner can and does happen at the same time… and that’s all okay. (And not dependent on one another.)

After 6 amazing months in the mastermind I am experiencing how much working with Cassie on deepening my belief has shifted the energy of my business, my practice and how I show up. One of the biggest shifts I've experienced is that I really feel like I've found my own voice... the same voice I use to speak to my closest, most loving friends.

This mastermind is not a cut and paste style group.

Cassie coaches in such a way that you work out what works the best for you and your business, in your own authenticity.

Like Cass always says ‘It’s your business, so it’s your choice.'

This Mastermind is a beautiful shared community of women, what you are experiencingyou are not aloneand at the same time, it delivers on 1:1 focus and attention for you and your business.

- ALANA TUKUNIU, Therapist and Founder of Maulu Spa

Listen to my podcast episode with Alana about clearing energetic hiccups and knowing what you're doing.

Almost everything Cassie taught is sticky-note-pin-it-to-your-desk worthy!

I joined this mastermind so I could be in community with other powerful women and to receive support with my beliefs that I knew were not supporting me.

And let me just say it delivered!

Almost everything Cassie taught is sticky-note-pin-it-to-your-desk worthy!

I’m stepping away from my time in this group feeling grounded in my self-belief and holding a deep trust in myself and my business.

Cassie created a safe and approachable space for all of us to bring exactly what we needed into the space for conversation and support.

I loved my time in this mastermind and highly recommend it no matter where you are in your business! 

- RACHEL GERMANN, Advanced EFT Practitioner

Cassie’s weekly meetings bring so much safety to your nervous system; there is no judgment and you feel safe to be vulnerable and express the truth of what you are going through personally and in business. So much healing has been done.

I joined the mastermind because I felt like there was something holding me back in my business from being seen and heard. I knew I needed help with this and when I connected to Cassie's podcasts, I really felt that energy of belief work drop in. 

Having connected with Cass at one of her workshops before, joining the mastermind felt like an easy decision and one I am so happy I made. 

As my nervous system has felt safe in the container, this has allowed me to think clearly and do deep healing work into my beliefs and concerns facing them and letting them go, whilst being kind to myself in the process.

As the mastermind was a safe space I felt able to speak my truth of what was happening with me personally, and in business, which brought a new level of being seen and heard in my vulnerability and not judged for what I was experiencing positive or negative. 

From this experience of not feeling judged I am now open to being seen and heard on social media and speaking my truth about the gifts I offer which help so many women. 

One of my favourite parts of our weekly group calls has been listening to the other women in the mastermind, their journey and challenges, and connecting to where they are showing up in my business too. I found on the calls I had a lot of insight into my own business and ideas coming up from what was said.

Two of my biggest takeaways that have truly opened up so much in my business are that 1) things don’t have to be perfect, believe in yourself and take action and 2) the importance of rest and how when I nourish and nurture myself.

I learnt so much about myself, my business and I can hear some of Cassie’s quotes in the back of my mind when I am stuck in my head about things and this brings me back to feeling grounded. 

Cassie’s weekly meetings bring so much safety to your nervous system, there is no judgment and you feel safe to be vulnerable and express the truth of what you are going through personally and in business. So much healing has been done.

Super grateful for the opportunity to have worked with Cass in this capacity and really blessed to have taken away so much.

- EDWINA TAYLOR, Holistic Practitioner & Counsellor

Magic and momentum awaits.
Join me for the Sept 2023 cohort.

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Why work with me?

Working together, you’ll be guided towards greater self-awareness, lovingly process and release mind drama and energy blocks, deeply heal old wounds stemming from self-doubt, and ultimately… take action from a place of deep self-belief so that you can build, grow and scale a powerful, joyful and solid business.

I’ll help you trust yourself so much, that you won’t be able to stop telling people what you do, how you can help them, and how they can work with you.

You’ll fall in love with selling, marketing and sharing your voice.

You’ll soothe your nervous system and show yourself it’s safe to be seen, to receive more and to rise.

You’ll believe in yourself and your work so much, because you know it’s changing the world, and why would you want to keep that magic a secret?

You’ll be too busy powerfully serving your clients and making an amazing amount of money to stay stuck in mind drama.

You’ll know you’re worthy of standing in your power, and pursuing everything you desire (or something better), with confidence, ease, flow and a true belief in yourself and what you’re calling in.

And when none of this feels accessible to you, you'll have new skills, tools and awareness to rest in the discomfort, process it for as long as it takes, not make it mean anything about you, and let your next step land.

After this mastermind, you and your biz will never be the same again (in the best way possible).
How could you, after months of intentional belief-change and energy work, think the way you used to?

After months of coaching, clearing and big beautiful action, after months of deep work on your self-belief, you’ll see yourself (and your beautiful business) in a whole new light.

It’ll feel different, look different, be different.

Not simply because of the actions you take, but because of the energy behind everything you do.

You’ve levelled up, you’ve asked for more, you’ve decided to create results you’ve never created before.

You’ve believed you could, and truly, that changes everything.

Your future self will tell you if you need to take this step, to join me in this mastermind. 

You’ll feel it in your heart, and in your body. An expansion? A lightness? A leaning forwards?

I bet—if you connect with your future self—you’ll feel a sense of contentment, pride and joy.

Because—what you’re working towards—it’s already done.

And if you’re wanting support, guidance and breakthroughs to help you get there from a place of power… if you’re ready to create more impact, growth and joy in your business, I’d love to help.

(It’s kinda my thing.)
Join me for the Sept 2023 cohort.

Pop your name on the waitlist above and I'll email you as soon as doors are open.

What if you could take action in your business from a space of deep belief, anticipating that what you were doing was working?

What would change for you?

What would open for you?

What would you be allowing, stepping into and activating?

When you show up believing that 'this is working', you activate something in the space around you. The air becomes more charged with possibility and potential. Future you feels closer, because you're already walking the path to the success you so deeply desire to create. It's already a part of you. You are already successful, and the people around you feel this. You don't need to say it. You simply need to be it.

Helping you embody this when you feel like you have no evidence for it, is what I do. 

If you're ready to heal your past perspective of what you've done (and what you think hasn't worked) in your business, and open into a new paradigm of potent, powerful work... then join me for this mastermind.

Joining me will speed up your process (without rushing or hustling to get 'there'), support the depth of what's coming through you, help you process, sit in and move through all the ick that success, visibility and business growth brings upbecause business is a spiritual practice, and stuff will come upand help you love what you're creating in your business.

You will create a business that feels like safety and home and joy, to you and your clients.

You'll be deeply supported as you step into your next level success. You'll become the business owner, leader, coach, healer and therapist you've always wanted to be, from your natural state.

If joining me feels like a yesand your body will drop this answer in for youfollow that, and let's do this beautiful work together.

Magic and momentum awaits.
Join me for the Sept 2023 cohort.

Pop your name on the waitlist above and I'll email you as soon as doors are open.

This is a FOMO-free invitation page!

If your body is communicating fear or anxiety at the thought of signing up, please honour this no. You are not missing out on something: you are creating space for something else. You deserve to make choices and purchases that feel like joy and expansion. I trust your timing and your decisions, wholeheartedly and with deep love and respect.

If joining me feels like joy and expansion (even if it's fluttery joy, that's okay, and different to anxiety) then please honour this yes and I can't wait to do this work together. 

(C) Cassie Mendoza-Jones