Discomfort is not a misdirection

Discomfort is not a misdirection, it is the direction 

Sometimes we tell ourselves that the discomfort we feel before we create something new or big (or bigger!) in our businesses, the discomfort we experience while in the midst of creating something new, big or bigger or the discomfort we feel after we’ve done so, must mean we’re doing it wrong.  

Or that we’re missing something.  

Or that if we were more [insert personality trait] or more highly skilled at [insert task] then we obviously wouldn’t be experiencing this… which takes us back to the thought that we’re doing it wrong.  

But… what if the discomfort was actually showing you that you were doing it right? 

What if the discomfort was leading you towards more of what you wanted, and not less?  

What if all of you includes the you who needs to be with this discomfort to actually move to where you want to go? And what if bypassing it would be disastrous? 

I’ve recently experienced a wave of discomfort that I understood on a whole new level. It’s like the discomfort spoke to me, and instead of me feeling resentful, exhausted or overwhelmed by it (as has happened in the past), or instead of making it mean I was doing something wrong, I decided to make it mean I was doing it right.  

I decided to listen to what the discomfort was saying; to not move away, look away or lean away. 

And you know what?  

More space was created from this exchange. More joy for the process too, and not simply the perception of a destination.  

New concepts, information and energy dropped in for my client containers (private and mastermind). New income was created very quickly, ‘out of the blue’. 

New momentum flooded in and carried me forward when just days before, I’d been mapping out my next steps; and now, here they were, laid out for me.  

All of this is to say… the discomfort you’re feeling isn’t a sign you need to turn back… (okay unless it really is—you’ll know the difference!). 

The discomfort is beckoning you closer, into its core, where time slows and lands all around you, grounding you into the present, your presence, your power, your process.  

The discomfort is showing you the way.  

It’s not a misdirection.   

It’s the map.  

Follow it.  

It might just be guiding you home (to more of yourself, your gifts and your magic).  





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