An energy clearing and business growth container for coaches, healers and wellness practitioners, who want to stop overthinking their next steps, activate more confident decisions, and expand their soul-powered businesses without having to work every single day.

There are a million ways to expand your business; unlimited options for your next steps; a thousand ways you do the thing you want to do. (In fact, your mind probably reminds you of this fact every day.)
When you tune out the noise, find the energetic priority to work on in your business, and clear away what’s in the way, only one next step feels really right in your body… and that’s the step that’ll make the difference you’re desiring. 

When you back yourself, and become more precise at landing on and then confidently, calming and cleanly acting on your aligned decisions, your business grows with energetic accuracy–the felt sense that you’re doing what you’re meant to be doing, in a way that’s serving your current capacity, and your biggest vision. 

When you have a simple process for not just finding and clearing your energetic, emotional or entrepreneurial blocks in order to receive grounded, calm, and aligned next steps, you become a new kind of unstoppable; the kind of unstoppable that doesn't force you into self-sacrificing your desires, rest and calm, in order to be successful.

You get to release old narratives around past failures, shame, perfectionism and comparison; because when you clear your energy with power, you activate more of it.
That’s what we do here: we activate your own energetic accuracy in your biz and your growth process, find blocks and then: 
We clear them using my signature energy-balancing and biz-aligning processes, alongside pinpointed coaching, so you can stop overthinking your next step or wondering if you’re doing enough, and start taking action on what’s dropped in, whilst expanding your self-concept (your perception of yourself) along the way. 
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Your energetic accuracy is the space you create within, where all other options drop away; where self-doubt quietens, comparison fades away, and power rises up, bigger, stronger and more impactful than before.

It’s the knowing that the path you’re on, is the most aligned, precise and accurate for you, in this moment in time. 

It’s the dropping away of scarcity and overwhelm, the courage to move with fear instead of in spite of it, and presence of deep clarity once you know your one next step. 

This means you get to expand your soul-powered business, your way. 
Which means you get to:

  • Sign more amazing clients who love you and your work, even if you don’t want to run sales calls. 

  • Refine your offers, packages and programs without needing to reinvent the wheel you’ve already created. 

  • Make decisions from a grounded, calm and embodied place, which activates grounded, calm and embodied action.

  • Receive a steady stream of income, and trust you’re using your money wisely and well in your business, so you can support your life, family, and skincare obsession. 

  • Build and grow your body of work, even if you can’t go and write in a cabin overlooking the ocean for two weeks. (But if you do go, have the best time!)

  • Show up and market your work without worrying about curating a perfect Insta feed. 

  • Trust that your work is so needed, and that you offer so much value, even on a ‘bad’ day.

  • Generate more momentum without working more hours than you already are.

  • Hone your voice, deepen your gifts, and share this all with the world, in the ways that light up your heart. 

  • And... anything else you deeply desire in your business.

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When you make calmer, clearer and more confident decisions, you free up so much more space, time, energy and resources for activating what’s next.
You get to enjoy the time you’re not working, because you’re not constantly trying to hold your business up with your thoughts, or problem-solving 17 different biz dilemmas on your days off. You actually trust that you can rest, because you trust how you make decisions when you’re working. 

In this space, we meet to coach and clear, and come to a simple, powerful, soul-led solution, sans the swirling thoughts. That’s how you activate clearer, calmer and more embodied beliefs, actions, and then, results.

We meet each fortnight for coaching and clearing calls, with a community space for coaching between calls, where you can bring whatever is bottlenecking your growth, expansion, and joy, and through the work, you'll come back to clarity, potential, and possibility.

Inside the portal, you’ll find two of my signature clearing processes, as well as a few other curated resources, and every call replay since we began.

Make this coaching your own
Bring your biz blocks to our calls and inside our private coaching space, and let's clear them away, so you can then tune into your desired expansive state for aligned, sustainable growth, and take grounded next steps for a whole lot more ease, abundance and success.
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Here's a snapshot of what you’ll be supported with on any one of our calls, and inside our private community:
Do the belief and mindset work from my aligned business energetics perspective, to find your next step on your biz growth pathway that suits and serves you deeply.

Create clarity and space, and reconnect with the beautiful possibilities that exist within your biz, and for you, without working harder.

Let go of that old story about that past launch that didn't go to plan, the pitch that led nowhere, or the client who ghosted you. You get a fresh slate my love; your dreams deserve it.


Create and receive streamlined strategy that's guided by your body, without the stuff you don't want to do.

Step back into your own lane and release comparison, so you work from a space of deeply valuing and acknowledging your skills, gifts and abilities.

Get clear on who you're speaking to, who you want to call in, how you'll make space for them in your biz and nervous system, and then trust they're here, excited to work with you.  

Land on aligned pricing for your offers that feels safe and easy for you to sell, receive, and offer value for, that supports your sustainable biz and life.

Build your resilience on your entrepreneurial path, to support your mindset and mood, boost your self-confidence, and deepen your self-trust.

Map out and pitch an amazing offer of your services to corporates, organisations and other businesses, so you can expand your services.


Plan, implement and troubleshoot an incredible launch that connects with your clients, anchors you into your work, and is light on your system. 

Get coached on how to express yourself more clearly and magnetically, build your body of work, and share your gifts even more.

Let's work on expanding your group coaching work to scale your biz, with online programs, digital offerings, workshops, memberships and masterminds.

Create a beautiful pathway for clients to find you, trust you, and fall in love with your work, so they say yes to your offers. 

I love a good tech stack. Let's find the easiest, simplest and cleanest way to expand your online presence and deliver your work to your clients.

Increase your capacity to show up and trust your value no matter what, so you can sell more joyfully and serve your clients more easily.

Expand your visibility in a way that feels safe for you (even if there's discomfort present too), to grow your biz, (with or without social media).
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It (truly) can be easier to find + clear your biz blocks 
No minimum sign-up. Price rises on 4 July 2024.
Here's the vibe:
Energy and biz balancing using my signature processes that have you finding blocks you didn’t even know you could find, and using kinesiology (don’t worry, I’ll teach you how to self-test) to find the priority area of your biz to work on, in relation to a goal you’ve set for yourself, plus some other processes and modalities I'll share with you.

Business and belief alignment group coaching with me, a coach and healer who's been doing this work well over a decade, on how to expand your beliefs, energy, capacity and biz.

Energetic and strategic business upgrades to help you move into higher levels of clarity, possibility, and expansion.
Here's how we flow:
Meet me fortnightly (on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of every month) for group business alignment coaching, clearing, and energetic upgrades.

I meet you where you're at, and we'll flow with whatever needs attention and intention based on what's happening in your inner/outer biz world, blending my signature coaching style of:

- Belief and mindset work that never makes you the problem
- Energy clearing, and balancing to create clarity and space, and
- Aligned body-guided strategy, without the stuff you don't want to do 

On these calls, the focus is on you, and where you want to take your biz.

Bring me any question you have, and with a gentle precision (I'll help you find that block, don't you worry), firecracker business coaching, and a little (compassionate) nudge in the direction of your expansion, you'll receive guided action steps and energetic activations to move you in the direction you desire, no matter where you're, at or where you're going.

So come as you are, set your intention for what you desire to get coached on and clear about, and receive what you need (or something even better).

Here's what's included:
2 x group coaching biz alignment calls a month, that run for ~90mins. These calls will take place on the second and fourth Wednesdays of the month, at 12pm Sydney time.
My signature energy balancing processes to help you activate your own energetic accuracy, plus I’ll use my energy clearing Belief Balance cards on every call. 
Access to our beautiful members' portal, filled with every replay. This is an incredible opportunity to learn from powerful, creative and driven women from around the world, whether you're in the room at the same time, or not.
A private podcast filled with our call replays, so you can tune in and expand up and out, away from your desk.
Immediate access to a selection of powerful resources and worksheets, to support you on your biz growth path.
A private Facebook group for coaching, chats, connection and community.

Powerful business clarity and energetic activations await, like...

  • Imagine you launch a new offering into the world... and you already have clients signed up, before you publicly announce it.

  • You've stopped looking around at everyone else who's 'doing the same thing' (because that's never truly true) and you feel so unstoppable with your beautiful biz. And even on the days where your confidence feels like it's wavering... you know you've got a space to drop into, to receive coaching, so you can come back to your own power.


  • That card deck/podcast/book you've always wanted to create? It doesn't need to stay on your vision board anymore. Come and pick my brain and ask me anything, from the idea stage, through to brainstorming, mapping and planning, moving through to the creative process, and then getting it all out into the world.

  • Making a shift or pivot and want to feel into your new direction when you feel like you don’t actually know where you're heading? Let's coach and clear through that, together.

  • You're growing your client base and you can feel yourself feeling stretched a liiiiitle too thin. Maybe it's time to create some clearer boundaries about what your schedule or pricing looks like, maybe you need some help with clearing your energy before/after calls so that you don't carry your clients' energy around with you, unknowingly, all day. Or maybe you're ready to start incorporating more group coaching work and you want to hash it out with me on a call, or in our Facebook group.

  • Maybe you need some coaching on how to stay in trust and 'deep belief, light attachment' action on calling in more of your amazing, best-fit clients, without relying only on strategy. You don't need the perfect Insta account to sign your next client (true story!), so let's clear your mind and energy, and bring you back into congruence so your clients are searching and seeking you out.

  • Maybe you want to hash out your pricing, program details, or get clearer on you who're speaking to when you show up in your beautiful biz.

  • Perhaps you can feel yourself on shaky ground after a tough time (a launch that didn't go to plan, a promotion that feels like it flopped) and you need some nervous system calming and energy clearing to 'shake it off' and come into the your purpose and power.

  • Maybe you want to brainstorm some ways to systemise and streamline your biz (I'm a self-confessed tech lover!), clarify your tech stack, and automate the tasks you really don't need to be doing.

  • Maybe you're finding your voice even more in your business, and you want some coaching and clearing on stepping more fully into being seen and heard, in a way that allows you to feel safe in your own growth.

  • Maybe you simply want to be held in a coaching and clearing container with me, to have the freedom to bring me any question in our Facebook group plus on our calls, to help you shift out of whatever is feeling stuck in your biz, in create more space, clarity and flow. 
Energy clearing for biz growth, at your actual fingertips.
(Because I'll teach you how to muscle test using kinesiology principles, to find your biz blocks)
No minimum sign-up. Price rises on 4 July 2024.
This is such a safe space. I know I can bring anything professional or personal to the group and feel supported.

I love sessions where Cassie unearths completely unexpected beliefs, and I walk away with a new perspective on something I never knew I needed.
I absolutely love being in this space with Cass + the other incredible women. It's such a supportive environment to be a part of. I always have somewhere to turn whenever I feel blocked, but also when I have something to celebrate too.

I love that Cass offers a variety of modalities in her work.

Grateful to have her in my corner. 

Business & Life Coach
I know without a shadow of a doubt, working with Cass has changed the trajectory of my business.

I feel completely supported here. I enjoy the pace of fortnightly sessions, and the focus of this program being exactly how it's described - about showing up to a call and getting the coaching you need. I don't have capacity to get through extra program content in this season of life, so this approach is so perfect for me.

I love knowing that if I have questions in between sessions, Cass is always there in our Fb group to offer encouragement and advice, which is just as valuable as the calls themselves.

Coach & Breathwork Facilitator
Coaching With Cass is for coaches, healers, wellness practitioners, naturopaths, nutritionists, massage therapists, reiki healers, counsellors, therapists, consultants, and online service-based biz owners, who want a dedicated place to receive high-level, tailored coaching and clearing work.

This is the momentum-building support you need to clarify and problem-solve your next expansive step, shift your mindset, release your blocks, and give you the activations and inner congruence you need to move ahead with certainty and confidence.

I'm going to say: quite literally whatever you're feeling blocked by, stuck on, or overwhelmed by in your business.

Whatever feels like it's bottle-necking you, whatever is getting in the way, whatever you're wanting some coaching on and clearing around... bring it to a call or to our private Facebook group.
Nope, you pay month-by-month, and will have access to customer portal where you can cancel your subscription anytime.

The beauty of this container is that it's here for you to use to support your biz vision and growth, whatever that looks like to you.
No, once you cancel your subscription, you'll only retain access to the portal until the end of your payment cycle, and then it'll be lovingly closed off.

Think of Netflix: You cancel your subscription, and you can't watch Peaky Blinders anymore.
We meet on the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of every month, at 12pm Sydney time. (AEDT/AEST - please note there's a time change in Apr and Oct).
Yes, replays are made available within 1-2 days.
There are no set modules to go through, however there are a curated selection of supportive resources.
Sometimes we move through one of the signature clearing/alignment processes to begin a call, other times we align to the priority goals you most desire to work with and I use my Belief Balance cards to find blocks, and then sometimes it's pure business alignment coaching. No matter what we move through on a call, the focus is always on the areas where members need the most support and guidance.

This guarantees that you receive coaching and support tailored to your specific needs in tools, strategies, and clearing.
You'll be so supported in this container AND the support will not be based on how much 1:1 time you get.

This is a group coaching container, and it's important to view it as such before joining.

The purpose is not to get/expect 1:1 coaching for every person on every call, but rather, to know you absolutely will get 1:1 attention from me on calls and in our private Facebook group, to make the most out of your time in the container by asking for coaching between calls, and to be an active listener and participant in the group's energy.

On every call, look for how it's true that everyone's coaching is also yours. Set the intention to get what you came for, to solve a problem, get clarity, have an answer drop in, and it'll happen for/with/through you.

And of course, there'll be group clearing work too, which moves through us all.

If you'd like more 1:1 support, you can you can add on a monthly session to your membership or slide into my mastermind or my 1:1 coaching program.

I don't, so please feel into if joining is right for you. You can DM me on Insta or email me here, and we can have a chat to see if this is a great fit for you.
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You know what you want in your business.

You’ve already got the vision; the one that feels so big and beautiful; the one that keeps your heart open in the direction of its path; the one that keeps you doing the work you love to do.

You’re not afraid of doing the work–you just wish you knew exactly what to do next, to further your biz growth, deepen your work, and expand your business.

You can feel and sense the bigness of what’s here for you to claim, and what you’re moving into.

When you connect with that, clear blocks, and take the one next step with energetic accuracy, you’re led to the next step, and the next. The picture gets clearer and clearer, your vision, closer and closer.

You become the embodiment of what you’re working towards, and on.

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Ready, set, align. Repeat.
No minimum sign-up. Price rises on 4 July 2024.
The beauty of this coaching + clearing container is this:

You always have a starting point.

Often, when you come to get coached, you've already been swirling in thoughts, potential plans, and different options to choose.

You don't need to swirl anymore, when we work with your energy... because your energy guides the way, even if your mind is still moving at a million miles an hour (or has temporarily paused all activity because freeze state).

With this energetic shift, your mind slows down.

There's a new perspective now.

A new path.

New possibilities.

And with that, a deep exhale because the mind can now use this information and get to work (and our minds love getting to work).

That's the beauty of using the signature processes inside Coaching With Cass, to align with your business goals through your body's responses. 

It means that you're always moments away from another insight or piece of the puzzle, because you're guaranteed to be guided to the next step.

It doesn't mean you don't still have work to do...

... it means now you know what work you're doing.

  I believe you can change the trajectory of your business, with way less effort than you think. (It's often the tiniest energetic shifts that re-route us towards our desires.)

I believe you can let go of years of shame in business (all the coulda, woulda, shoulda thoughts), and all the low-belief baggage it makes you carry, in moments, which opens you into new levels of creating and receiving. (I've witnessed this in my clients too many times to count.)

I believe that a lot of what you're already doing is already working, and I promise, when I show you what I mean, you'll get it.

And then, you'll be activated to keep going, from a grounded base.

(Which is how we create more of what we want.)

No more swirling for hours on how to make the next move in your biz. 

Join me today because the biz activating processes inside will change things for you, before your tea has even cooled.

Cass is a business witch, addressing the relationship between myself and my biz at all levels—body, mind, soul.

She’s phenomenal at assisting with the ins and outs and strategies of my biz while simultaneously pinpointing and activating the necessary belief work, and meeting the energetic body in the equation too.

– GREER ROSE, Soul Healing Coach & Empowered Birth Doula

Hi! I'm Cass Mendoza-Jones

I’m a business coach, kinesiologist, NLP practitioner, naturopath, 3 x Hay House author, and speaker. Plus, I created and self-published a deck of energy balancing cards too.

I've worked with thousands of amazing women, all over the world, at all stages of biz growth, supporting them to grow and expand their business and body of work, with deeper belief, higher confidence, and a more rooted, sustainable version of success, to serve their current season of life.

I help you find all the places that are feeling stuck or heavy in your business (because of perfectionism, low-belief baggage, overthinking, or trying to find the ‘one right perfect’ decision to make) and help you make your business feel light, and bright, and easy on your system.

Which means… your business can grow in all the places where it felt stunted before, and do more with you, and for you… than ever before.

Let's do this (together).

Clear energy for bigger biz decisions
No minimum sign-up. Price rises on 4 July 2024.

Got a question about joining us?

Email me or send me a DM on Instagram.

Please purchase mindfully (and heartfully) as I don't offer refunds for change of mind. Nothing in this policy though, affects the rights you may have as a consumer under the Australian Consumer Law. For full sales terms and conditions, please click here.