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Is life feeling ‘too good’? Read this.

Ever get that feeling that life is ‘too good’?

You know, that feeling you get when you’re happy, when things feel like they’re flowing, when you have that skip in your step, that flush in your cheeks, that sparkle in your eyes?

When people say to you “You’re glowing!” or when someone asks how you are, and you reply with “SO so well!”.

When things are going right, and you’re not worrying like you used to.

When things feel aligned, and you’re not panicking like you used to.

When life feels balanced, and you’re just so happy about… everything.

When all of these things are true, do you ever think to yourself “… something bad must happen soon, right?”

When life is flowing and feeling really good, do you dramatise, catastrophise, and ultimately… not let yourself enjoy your success and happiness because you think it’ll be short-lived?

Do you anticipate the drop in the roller-coaster when you’re still riding the high?

Many of my clients feel this way after they’ve been working with me for a while and they feel like things are finally *clicking* into place.

They worry that their worries will come back.


How ironic.

They worry they’ll lose that great new job, or fall behind at college, or that their relationship will break-down.

They forget that they earned this…


Sometimes you struggle before you soar

You may have forgetten that a lot of your current success and happiness isn’t a mere fluke – you worked really hard for this.

You’ve been resilient, open to new ideas and concepts, super conscious, focused and driven… and all of this has resulted in exactly where you are right now.

Maybe you’ve even been doing some work with the Law of Attraction, and you’re working hard on manifesting your dreams, watching them come true right in front of your eyes.

Good things are happening to you… and it feels really nice…

When out of nowhere the thought hits you…


Can the Law of Attraction work in reverse…?

The Law of Attraction – the concept that we can manifest into our lives that which we truly desire and focus on – states that what we put out into the Universe is what we’ll get back, or in other terms, what we focus on will expand.

It’s really empowering, and this way of thinking has helped countless people around the world to create and manifest things they never thought possible.

But what about if you feel stuck in a negative cycle of thinking?

If there are certain things you want in life, and you work hard to get them… to manifest the good things, what happens if you also think about the bad things that could happen?

Will you attract negativity into your life?

I believe you manifest things into your life based on the vibrations you send out… but I don’t believe that just because you think something bad will happen, it will come true.

However… I also believe that if you constantly think negative thoughts, shroud yourself in a thick black veil of blah, and surround yourself with people who share your Debbie Downer ways, that you may potentially struggle to attract positivity into your life.

Does it now sound contradictory to say that the trip to Italy you’re manifesting will happen… simply because you’ve thought about it, while losing your job won’t happen, even though you’ve thought about that too?

I know…


The truth is though, you are most likely putting a lot more positive energy into manifesting and visualising and creating space for the dream of going to Italy to come true, than you are putting negative energy into losing your job.

(Unless you actually want to lose your job. So you can move to Italy.)


Does it help to be grateful for the good things in life?

Short answer:


Long answer:

It’s true that when we ask the Universe for support, we need to be specific. 

But we also need to be grateful for what we already have. The Universe may deliver more of what you already have, especially if your thoughts only circulate around what you don’t have, instead of what you do have.

Being ‘grateful’ can sound wishy-washy.

It did to me, until I started to become consciously aware of what I have, and really start to enjoy it. This took time, and it didn’t happen because I wrote in a gratitude journal everyday (because I didn’t).

I became more grateful by doing less and becoming un-busy

When I am doing less, I become more grateful for every second of happiness I enjoy, and even the moments of Not So Much happiness.

Similarly to the Law of Attraction, if you can increase your appreciation for what you have, you’ll vibe out more positive vibes, more love, more joy, more happiness… which takes us back to the Law of Attraction… you’ll get more of what you already have.

So being appreciative of your life now will help make your life even shinier later.

(And sometimes the word appreciation sounds more actionable than gratitude. Each to her own. Use what works for you.)


How can we feel safe and supported and trust in the space we’re in right now?

  • By appreciating your life… and what you love (or by being grateful…)
  • By knowing that you are enough, and that you are worthy of the love, success, happiness and abundance in your life.
  • By knowing that a change in direction can be a good thing.
  • By using kinesiology to understand your triggers, release fears, and help you take the next leap into up-levelling your life.
  • By trusting in the Universe, and in Divine Timing.
  • Be being patient… (even when you really don’t want to be).
  • By trusting your own inner wisdom which is whispering that things will be ok.
  • By accepting, on some level, that pain in our lives in inevitable, but knowing you’ll have the strength to get through anything (even if it feels like you’re crumbling).

(Also… Read The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks… a great book for anyone who feels they are sabotaging their own success or scared to take the big leap into greatness.)


Ultimately, you are stronger than you know.

You are safer than you realise.

You are worthy of success and happiness.

You are on the right path. Own it!

And you deserve to enjoy your success, your happiness, and all the balance, freedom and harmony that comes with it.


How can you settle into your happiness and success?

You have earned this, and… you deserve all the good things. 


Deep breath,


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