When you're building your biz, I'd say 90% of the time you don't need more strategy... you need more belief
Belief work is the work that changes everything.

It's the work that bridges the gap between where you are, and where you see yourself being in your business.

Join me for the Building Your Business Through Belief Workshop, and let's do this beautiful work together.

This workshop will unlock answers you didn't even know you needed, by showing you where your gaps in belief are... and then giving you tools and awareness to help you bridge those gaps, with love and curiosity.

This is what makes your business feel like home.

This is what calls in more clients.

This is what fills up your bank accounts.

This is what expands what you're available to create and receive.

Belief change work connects the dots you're drawing in your business dreams, and pulls them into the picture you're envisioning
Belief change work—and the way I blend it with elements of energy balancing, from my work as a kinesiologistguides you to a place of sufficiency, where you no longer have to prove yourself, heal a wound by showing up in your business, or constantly wonder 'Is this working?'

This workshop will guide you out of mind drama, overwhelm, confusion and stagnation, and into a place where you feel clear about your next steps, confident that you're capable of creating what you desire, and certain that what's most important is not just 'how' you'll do this (as in, the actions you'll take), but who you need to be while taking action. 

The work we do together will lighten your mental load, your to do list, and the heavy weight of pressure, expectations and perfectionism.

You'll feel different in your mind and body when you finish this workshop, compared to when you first hit play on the video.

You'll heal the past version of yourself who still wonders why things haven't gone to your plan.

You'll honour yourself for everything you've created (which helps you create more!), and show up in your business with more awareness of how it's true that you're so completely capable of creating the business you dream about, without having to do more.

You will do this, and so much more, in just over an hour together.
Join me for this workshop to learn how you can build your beautiful business with more belief... no business plan needed
My mind is opening up to the possibilities of what I can bring to light, and I feel excited about the future of my biz.
This workshop was such an accessible and practical approach to acknowledging my business blocks, and appreciating their value in keeping me safe.

I don’t feel shame around my lack of belief, as it was met with empathy. Cassie directed us through an intentional, tangible workbook that gave us permission to see things within ourselves that were already there.

It was empowering to realise that I harbour the knowledge, education, and drive to bring things to light in my business - without doing anything ‘extra’.

After the workshop, I feel more capable, yet nothing significant has changed in my overall life circumstances. My mind is opening up to the possibilities of what I can bring to light, and I feel excited about the future of my biz.

Thank you beautiful Cassie! You continue to make such a positive impact on my life. I am forever grateful for your ability to hold space, and encourage us to feel empowered within.
- LAUREN GIANCRISTOFARO, Heart Centred + Trauma-Informed Yoga, Meditation + Breathwork Teacher + Founder of The Supported Village
It's ready for you

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When you finish this workshop, your business will look and feel different, and you will have more skills and awareness to help you build a bigger, more sustainable, more supportive business that feels like safety and home, to you and your clients.


Because you showed up, because you did the work, and because you're here for the joy and the discomfort.

This is the work that changes everything for me and my clients. And now? For you too.

You can change the trajectory of your business, from this one hour of deep work. 

Let's go.

P.S. After this workshop, you'll receive an invitation to work with me in a longer container if it calls to you. Whether you say yes or not, this workshop is its own standalone piece of deep work that'll help you change your beliefs and your biz. Inside, I'll teach you concepts that can shift big stuff for you, whether we work together at a later date or not.