Stop moving the goalposts

I used to be a goal-post mover

I used to set a task for myself, and as soon as I’d complete it I’d look to the next.

Goal post: moved.

I would tick one thing off my list and write 10 more.

Goal post: moved.

I would wait expectantly, and then set more expectations.

Goal post: moved.

The relentless search for the perfect pleasure of reaching our goalposts can be… relentless.


There’s a new way to do this.

There’s a new way to be proud of yourself, to know you’ve done your very best, and to know you’re in the right place… right now.

There’s a new way to be happy with what you’re doing instead of constantly searching, instead of always making your mission impossible.

But first, ask yourself this: Why won’t you let yourself make things easier by keeping your goal posts where you put them in the first place?

If you were training a puppy, and she sat for you, time and time again, would you stop holding the treat out for her? Or would you feed it her, knowing she’d lap it up for you, and sit even faster the next time?

You’re allowed to celebrate every win, honour every success, and acknowledge every accomplishment – no matter the size or perceived worth of the goal.

The best way to start doing this?

Stop moving the goalposts

Stop telling yourself you haven’t done enough when you did your best.

Start being proud of every achievement, whether it’s a huge leap or a small step, a gold medal or pressing send on the email, getting out of bed earlier or hitting publish on that blog post.

Be someone who’s proud of all you do.

Stop having such high expectations of yourself.

Start giving yourself the space to be exactly who you want to be… without the forcing, the pushing, the inner critic.

Stop trying to control outcomes.

Start going with the flow; that’s where the magic is.

Stop telling yourself you’ll only be worthy when you’ve ticked more off your list, because you’re already worthy.

Start letting yourself do less, and see if that helps you feel more connected, more grounded, more expansive, more… you.

Stop pushing your goals back or editing them when you reach them.

Start trusting that you did more than enough; you did your best, and that is the best anyone can do.

Stop moving the goalposts because how will you ever reach your goals if they’re always… out of reach?

Start creating space to let yourself feel the way you want to feel.





Stop moving the goalposts.

Don’t you think you put them in the right place before you started the game?

I think you did.




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