This transcends sales strategies

I wrote a book about enoughness because I don’t always feel like I’m enough.

I wrote a book about trust and surrender that is really a book about self forgiveness and releasing shame, because I experienced what felt like a catastrophic-level failure in my biz and I needed high doses of trust, surrender, forgiveness and to release shame. And like most humans, often still do!

I wrote a book about business and creativity and belief because I needed to deepen my relationship with creativity and my belief in myself to be able to sit and play in the business I wanted (and still want) to be in.

Our work is always our work.

Maybe not every day, or every week.

But in general… yeah. Always.

It has taken time, patience, courage and the honing of my inner truth-telling skills, but I’ve become really good at finding what my inner work is, and letting this form my outer expression.

I don’t believe we are always our own client in this way, but I do believe we’re always called to become more deeply congruent with our work before (and oftentimes, during) the times we hold, share and embrace space with others.

It’s more than simply empathy (although that can move inner mountains).

It’s more than simply ‘been there, done that’.

It’s a knowing that your clients feel—it’s a ‘been there, done that, still kinda there in lots of ways, always moving into a new level of myself, let’s walk this way together’. It’s the knowing your clients feel that you’ve traversed this landscape of the Going Deeper land and you are a living embodiment of your work, your message, your wisdom.  

This transcends sales strategies, launch funnels and lead magnets.

This is an energy, an alchemy, a magic that must weave itself through you; one you’ll become more deeply and highly skilled at recognising and allowing, and of not making its presence mean anything about you or your business, your presence, your path.

Your work is your work—it’s the work that’s needed in order to create something that you would’ve loved on your own path, the work that’s needed to light the way for others, and the work that’s needed to be in deep integrity in your role as one who shows others what’s possible. 

You can sense when mentors and teachers have gone through their own work before (or are indeed going through it again now, and aren’t we kind of always going through ‘something’ as a human?!). A trueness shimmers off them. It’s integrity and vulnerability and ownership.

It’s not perfection and glitter and saccharin-sweet social media posts.

It’s a showing up for the inevitable discomfort and the joy that inevitably follows.

It’s a byproduct of showing up through fear and showing up in spite of overwhelm.

It’s a byproduct of aiming for ‘enough’ instead of ‘best’, and of claiming the gold that creates.

It’s a moving through of what feels icky, stuck and sticky and finding a depth of your inner power on the other side; the other side that’ll become your ‘new’ side… until your next level beckons and you move to the other side, again.

I’m not saying you always need to share what you’re moving through, growing through, going through, or sometimes, flailing through. I’m not saying you’re always a version of your best-fit client.

I’m simply saying that you don’t need to hide because of it.

You don’t need to be perfect to be seen, to show up, or to do your best work.

You don’t need to be perfect to create what calls to you the most.

You don’t need to be perfect in anything, ever, and especially not in your art, your creativity, your words, or your work.

When you let the work become the work, you let yourself be guided by what you’re deepening within yourself.

You let yourself share what you’re moving through, or what you’ve already moved within yourself.

You show others that it’s possible to create more space and depth within. You show others that it’s possible, period.

But only if you’ll give yourself permission to let your work, become your work. 




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