I don’t believe in business plans, in the traditional sense at least

(Business plan? More like… busyness plan...)

I think sometimes having a rigid business plan (or even stressing that you don't have a plan) keeps you too busy on the doing

These kinds of plans don’t focus on how you’re showing up or creating your own energetic waves to flow through the space around you. 

The traditional kind of business plans don't focus on cultivating a deep and loving relationship with your business to guide your next step (and the next, and the next).

And they don’t leave room for magic to flow in and through...

Instead, I believe in trusting the energy of your beautiful business and your own intuitive knowledge… and downloading your Divine Business Plan.

I believe in trusting the timing of what’s coming through you, and in going at your own pace.

Join me for a free workshop on how to download your own Divine Business Plan and see what gems your biz has in store for you. 💫

Word on the street is...
This workshop was a game changer for me.

My business spoke to me like a friend. It felt so encouraging to make plans and think of a new career direction in this way, knowing the business has my back. I can now see how my love of writing can compliment the new exciting goals. What a wonderful way to approach this next chapter. I am truly grateful for your heartfelt offering. You are fabulous Cassie. Thank you.


I absolutely loved this workshop and got so much clarity from it!

All the whispers my business has been wanting me to hear came through crystal clear.

It was so nice to pause and connect to my business in this way. Thank you for your incredible work. 


After this workshop, you'll feel so much more confident about how to communicate with your business and receive the guidance, insight and instructions on your next step, as well as how to navigate the space before the next next step too.
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P.P.S. After the workshop, I'll give you some more info about how we can work together more deeply if you're called to it.

Please know, this workshop is whole and complete; I won't be like 'Aha and now, for the rest... join me!' No. Nope. Gross. You'll get a full, whole, deep workshop... and if you want to go further, you'll feel a yes and we'll go from there. 

This is a 'working' workshop, so you'll be writing and channelling during the call.

(Yep, even if your brain just threw 'I don't know how to do that' at you.)

I can't wait to guide you through this work, and see what lands for you in your beautiful biz.