How to be patient when you don’t want to be patient

Patience isn’t really my thing

You know how some people just aren’t morning people? And how others just never close their locker doors after they leave the yoga studio? (Pet peeve!)

Some people are good at being patient. But for me, this is a skill I must learn. And relearn. And relearn.

And I relearnt it very recently.

I just spent the weekend at the Hay House Writer’s Workshop, where I (along with about 500 others) got to learn from some of the best in the publishing biz about the importance of sitting down to write daily, how to create our own writing process (and by process, I mean just write), how to listen to our muse when she comes, insider knowledge into the publishing process, and of course, how to write a book proposal. In a few months, one (or possibly two) of the participants at this workshop will win an international publishing deal with Hay House. Cue: shallow breaths, and learning how to be patient, again.

At the end of the workshop, while walking back to my car, part me instinctively felt this intense pull, drive, urge… to very super-fragilistic-expialidociously run home very very very fast and quickly quickly quickly write my book proposal because we only have about 3 months to do it and OMG what if I can’t get it done quick enough and somewhere out there in the world is a book deal with MY name on it (and I know it’s a long name and all, but it’s totally out there) and what if I miss it and maybe this is it. MAYBE THIS IS IT!

And then I felt exhausted.

And I wasn’t even out of the building yet.

I got home, and pulled a guidance card. Guess what I pulled? ‘Patience’. Surprise surprise.

So I gently, and kindly (but firmly!) reminded myself to slow down. To be the bigger person (out of Calm Cassie and Rushed Cassie) and to take it all in my stride… and be… oh wow, can I say it? Be patient…

(As I write this, hubby walks into the study, sees the topic of this blog post, laughs out loud and says ‘This is a very good post for you to write.’ Ha ha.)

I have to remind myself to be patient enough to…

Write from my heart first.

Let my muse come.

Write anyway, whether my muse has come or not.

Write some more.

Rewrite. Restructure. Refine.


And let this happen when it’s meant to happen; you know, that whole ‘trust in divine timing’ thing that I actually truly believe in.


What does it mean to trust in divine timing?

It simply means to trust that you’re in the right place, doing the right thing, at the right time.

It simply means to trust that what you need in the world for you to thrive, is already here, at your fingertips

It simply means to trust your inner guide, your highest self, the higher wise part of you, the part of you that knows you’re doing everything possible to get to where you need/want/crave/desire to be, but only when the timing is truly right.

It simply means to create your Big Plan, but be open to it being restructured.

(And knowing that sometimes trusting in diving timing means letting go of your Big Plan because something bigger and better is on its way to you.)


Becoming more patient is a conscious choice

It’s not always easy, but lets think of the other options… So you want something really badly, and you don’t have it yet?

You can either be patient, trust in divine timing, and continue to work your cute little butt off (while still looking after yourself.)

OR… you can stress, panic, writhe, cry, feel overwhelmed, get resentful, compare yourself to others, feel unworthy and less than.

Hmm… I think I know what I’d prefer.

I know what I want my life to look like while I work, plan, create and also… wait… for my Big Plan to unfurl in exactly the way the it needs to.

I want to feel focused, abundant, aligned, balanced, open and expansive. And ease. I want ease. And joy. I want joy.

What do you want to feel while you ‘wait’?


How can you start to be more patient today?

  • Trust that your prayers have been answered, and are being answered. Just maybe not on your time.
  • Trust in divine timing. Just trust.
  • Start taking centred and calm action. What can you do today that will take you one step closer to where you want to be?
  • Ask for help where and when you need it.
  • Ask yourself what you need right now to settle the impatience. Yoga? A big hearty journal sesh? A kinesiology session?
  • Let go a little, and I say that with love! You can’t plan and create something big and beautiful with a tight chest, a tight heart and a too-tight grip on everything.
  • Visualise yourself already there. Can’t visualise? Write it out. What does your life look like, now that you have this shiny thing you so deeply want?
  • Vision board it. Get off your computer (unless your vision board is actually on Pinterest) and spend a few hours with paper, scissors and glue. Cut, stick, arrange, highlight, colour in. Get your ideas and wants off your chest and out into the real world. Tell someone you love what you want in your future.

A few prompts for you:

  • Where do you need to invite some patience into your life? 
  • What would your life feel like if you could be more patient?
  • How can you be patient, starting yesterday? (Jokes, just start today. Today is a good place to start.)T
  • Tell me what your biggest dream is, and tell me why you’re okay for this to happen when it happens. I’ll go first:


Dear Universe, I’m ready for that book deal whenever you are. Yep, I’m totally down to do this on your time because I trust you, and I trust that this will happen when it’s meant to be happen, at the best possible time.


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To your patience, self-care and trust in divine timing….



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