Helping you change your beliefs about what’s possible for you

Hey, I’m Cassie


I blend belief change work with energy balancing practices to help you create results you’ve never created before and become an example of what’s possible.

Your dreamiest biz?

It’s in your reach… and reaching for you too.

I’m a business coach, kinesiologist, NLP practitioner, naturopath, author and speaker.

I work with coaches, healers, therapists and consultants who are looking to create more of what they really want in their business.

I work with energy, emotions and ease to help you show up with your full self, so you can guide your clients to their full selves too.

I don’t believe you have to be perfect to create a business you love; a business that has a deep impact and a big heart and a lovely, lush bank account.

I believe that the antidote to perfectionism is sufficiency.

Working with me will help you step into sufficiency (so that this is how you show up, serve and sell), and guide you to remember that you’re already enough, exactly as you are today. 

Would that feel like a miracle to you right now?

Apply now for the Aligned & Unstoppable Mastermind

How would it feel to sit down at your desk, and know that everything you’re doing is working? To have new clients show up in your biz without you working harder? To receive and create more income with spaciousness?  

Working with me in this mastermind will ensure that in six months’ time, your business looks nothing like it does today; infused with more you, more clients, more income, more impact, and more joy, you’ll be witnessing results you’ve never created before.

It’s not about doing more… it’s about who you’re being while you take action.

Let me tell you more…

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Everything I create and share with you is intended to help you remember your innate power, step confidently towards your dreams, and create more of what you really want.

Create the business you know you’re here to create, without the mind drama.

The magic happens when you believe in yourself, deeply and on purpose.

I’ve written three books to help you connect with yourself and anchor into your power.

Building Your Business Through Belief Workshop

This workshop will guide you out of mind drama, overwhelm, confusion and stagnation, and into a place where you feel clear about your next steps, confident that you’re capable of creating what you desire, and certain that what’s most important is not just ‘how’ you’ll do this (as in, the actions you’ll take), but who you need to be while taking action.

You can change the trajectory of your business, from this one hour of deep work. 

Let’s go.

Belief work makes the dream work 

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I write a lot. Mostly about all things energy alignment, connecting with yourself, creating an aligned business, honouring your creativity, and tuning into your unique voice. Here are some posts you might enjoy.

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