I help coaches and healers reach the business growth they’re ready for, without grasping.

Look, I don’t mean to brag (actually, I do because claiming your gifts is very cool and what I help my clients with…) but I’m very good at helping my clients find all places where their biz isn’t feeling good or creating what they want, and filling those gaps with more belief… 


… which (like a little bit of magic) creates more of what they want (or something better) without any ‘ah this was a fluke!’ energy, and much more ‘ooh, it’s me, I did this’.

Your biz… infused with more you, more clients, more income, more impact, and more joy. You’ll be showing up knowing this is working (which let’s be honest… takes a whole lot of mind drama out of the picture).

And when your biz feels like a good place to be in – a safe, calm space that does what it says its going to do – your clients will think so too.

There are a few ways we can work together, and the best bit is: all of them lead you into the growth you’re ready for. (And no, you don’t need to be more prepared.) 


Everything I create and share with you is intended to help you remember your innate power, step confidently towards your dreams, and create more of what you really want.

Create the business you know you’re here to create, without the mind drama.

Map out your path to scale your biz by incorporating group coaching into your work.

I’ve written three books to help you connect with yourself and anchor into your power.

Building Your Business Through Belief Workshop

This workshop will guide you out of mind drama, overwhelm, confusion and stagnation, and into a place where you feel clear about your next steps, confident that you’re capable of creating what you desire, and certain that what’s most important is not just ‘how’ you’ll do this (as in, the actions you’ll take), but who you need to be while taking action.

You can change the trajectory of your business, from this one hour of deep work. 

Let’s go.

Belief work makes the dream work 

Change your beliefs... change your businessGET MY $10 BELIEF WORKSHOP