Find the next level, evolution, and iteration of your work, your gifts and your voice

While working from a healthier base, expanding your capacity, and stepping into the growth you’re ready for (even before you feel fully ready).

Expand your business, your perception of yourself in your biz, and your capacity for more, with belief work, energetic clearing, and business alignment coaching with me, a coach and healer of 13+ years.


✨ I believe you can change the trajectory of your business, with way less effort than you think. (It’s often the tiniest energetic shifts that re-route us towards our desires.)

✨ I believe you can let go of years of shame in business (all the coulda, woulda, shoulda thoughts), and all the low-belief baggage it makes you carry… in moments, with me. (I’ve witnessed this in my clients too many times to count.)

✨ I believe that a lot of what you’re already doing is already working, and I promise, when I show you what I mean, you’ll get it.


And then, it’ll activate you to keep going. (Which is how we create more of what we want.)

So… wanna do this with me? 🙌🏻

Your business, but better, calmer, and able to hold you more than before.

Through powerful coaching, a deep ability to see through the blocks that feel so hazy to you, and gentle energy balancing techniques, I’ll help you lovingly guide your thoughts, energy and actions towards creating the kind of success that you want.


Energy clearing and alignment coaching for biz growth, so you can expand your soul-powered biz, your way (because you’d rather take action than swirl in indecision).


Private, customised coaching and clearing to bring your next level into the here and now, so you can deepen your work, expand your impact, and grow your biz.


1:1 kinesiology sessions so you can breathe a little easier, believe a little more, and call in what you desire (even if you think you need to do more before it happens).

Building Your Business Through Belief Workshop

This workshop will guide you out of mind drama, overwhelm, confusion and stagnation, and into a place where you feel clear about your next steps, confident that you’re capable of creating what you desire, and certain that what’s most important is not just ‘how’ you’ll do this (as in, the actions you’ll take), but who you need to be while taking action.

You can change the trajectory of your business, from this one hour of deep work. 

Let’s go.

Belief work makes the dream work 

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