Much coaching, many options.

Self-Paced Coaching

Coach with me in replay. (Truth: there’s magic in replay and real-time.)

Building Your Business Through Belief Workshop

When you’re building your biz, I’d say 90% of the time you don’t need more strategy… you need more belief.

Belief work is the work that changes everything.

It’s the work that bridges the gap between where you are, and where you see yourself being in your business.

Join me for this workshop (the replay is available for you right now) and let’s do this beautiful work together.

Hello Book, It’s Me

A book-writing workshop to help you get your best book out of you, into the hearts and minds of those who need it most.

Join me for this book-writing workshop and let’s write your book, together.

Anchor into Your Power

A course to help you start changing your beliefs about what’s possible for you, and support you in mind, body and spirit along the way.

This course will support you to release your old ideas about yourself, reconnect with your innate power, expand your beliefs about what’s possible for yourself, and call in what’s next, without having to actually work harder.

Dive in now, and flow at your own pace.

Live Coaching

Coach with me in real-time. (Truth: there’s magic in replay and real-time.)

Aligned & Unstoppable Mastermind

Coaching, clearing, and community to grow your biz and create next-level success, from your natural state.

This mastermind will support you in claiming and owning your gifts, your highest vision, and your deepest growth, all while reminding you that you don’t need to be perfect to be aligned and unstoppable.

Join me for a March 2024 start.

1:1 Coaching Program

Business and belief change coaching to make your biz feel easier to grow, with more clients, creativity, income and impact as a result.

This deep-dive coaching program will help you create more of what you really want in your business.

You won’t need to hustle, create a business plan, or stress about doing things ‘differently’. All you need is your full self… which is already (and always) available to you.

1:1 Half-Day Expander

In 3hrs together, we will change the trajectory of your business.

We’ll blend deep belief work with clear, creative and congruent body-based strategy, always working with and for your energy, and never against it. We’ll connect with your business and download your next steps, no 5 year business plan needed (ugh).

We’ll clear blocks, clarify and distil your offers, anchor into your pricing, and connect with your best-fit client’s energy… culminating in the most beautiful, aligned, levelled-up right-for-right-now business that now has room, space, depth and roots to  e x p a n d  from here. 

AU$1,111 for 3hrs. 

Add on AU$444 for 7 days of WhatsApp support.

1:1 Session

Got 60mins? Good, let’s go.

Depending on what’s happening for you, and what is taking priority, we’ll flow wherever you need to go.

You may also put this session towards a longer program if you wish, within 7 days after the session.

Cass is a business witch, addressing the relationship between myself and my biz at all levels—body, mind, soul.

She’s phenomenal at assisting with the ins and outs and strategies of my biz while simultaneously pinpointing and activating the necessary belief work, and meeting the energetic body in the equation too.

She’s not of this world; she has one footed planted in this world and one somewhere else, on a different level.

It’s so hard to express in words what I feel like she does. She meets you and your biz at so many different levels and that all happens in one session. She has an ability to pinpoint exactly what it is you need for your business and mindset growth.

Sessions with Cass leave me with grounded clarity, a fire in my belly and a remembrance of who I truly am and the beauty of my unique offerings in the world. Cass is so skilled—I am beyond grateful to have you as a cheerleader to walk this path with me.

– GREER ROSE, Soul Healing Coach & Empowered Birth Doula

Want to chat with me before making a choice? Get in touch,  I’m right here.

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