No, its not a fluke

My biz feels more spacious than ever before, because I am so consciously focusing on less.  

The idea of doing less used to kind of freak me out. I wondered and worried if I’d get bored, instead of seeing how I could deepen everything I was working on.  

Now, I have created more space to go deeper and I get to enjoy the space that’s created with less mind drama, because I’m not spinning my wheels trying to get a thousand things done.  

I’m not even thinking about what’s next, because I know and trust it’s a deepening of what is here right now. 

It’s taken time and belief to get here, and I say that because not all things take more time, sometimes we simply need more belief, and then things seem to magically fall into place. 

Like clients signing up to work with you ‘out of the blue’, money landing in your account ‘out of nowhere’ or someone you don’t know getting in touch with a huge opportunity.  

Side note: None of this is a fluke. Nothing is out of the blue. It’s all because of you. 

So, I have a to do list (like this morning, in real time as I write this: podcast episode writing, 1:1 client session, podcast recording, prepping and finalising for a new month in the mastermind), and I have a belief list too… 

  • I powerfully create results in my business, with intention, possibility and love 
  • All the time I have, is all the time I need to do the work I want to do 
  • My business loves me and is always working behind the scenes, so that when I slow down, everything is still happening for me 
  • My clients get exactly what they need from me, and however I show up is perfect, enough and whole as it is 

Changing my beliefs about myself has been my biggest work in my business. 

It always will be. I always want it to be. 

Taking action is lovely and necessary, of course, but what I’ve found is that the deeper my beliefs are, the less tasks I have to tick off.  

I do less, because I believe more.  

So more belief creates more time for me.  

Deeper beliefs = more time.  

Deeper beliefs = bigger results.  

Deeper beliefs = less mind drama = more time to focus on literally anything else.  

More belief is where we start, and it’s how we keep going. 

This is the work.  

And it’s the work I love to do.  

I’d love to help you feel like you’re exactly where you’re meant to be, while you do the most important job in your biz: believing in yourself more.  

Join me for my 1:1 coaching and let’s do this big belief work together.  

Learn more here and book a call with me. We start now. We flow for 6 months. We have fun! And you’ll process and heal, and results are created that you might never have thought possible, and I’m with you all the way. I’m here for it all. Let’s go.  




I’m Cassie Mendoza-Jones

My work is for you if you’re ready to change your beliefs about what’s possible for you.

It’s time to clear away your blocks, align your energy, and call your power back to you.

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