Busy-ness doesn’t build a business

When you’re building and growing your biz, it can feel easy to stay busy 

It can feel easy to keep thinking this is what’s needed for your next level. 

We speed up because slowing down doesn’t feel safe. 


Our minds race to ‘catch up’. 

Our nervous systems stay on hyper-alert.  

So we stay stuck in action, which spins our wheels faster and faster, and ironically this speed doesn’t move us closer to what we want to create. 


We have to slow down to let what we’re calling in find us; to rest after we’ve done some hard work (and there’s a difference between ‘hard work’ and ‘working harder’); after we’ve done some big levelling up, processing or healing; or simply just  because of life, and its current season. 


We were discussing this in the mastermind just last week; how action keeps us stuck in the busy work, and how the busy work feels safe.  

Instead of feeling the discomfort that comes up when you want to grow, you think (consciously or not) that you can action it away by ticking off list items, organising your planner and schedule, and staying busy in the doing.


Don’t get me wrong, ticking and planning and scheduling is fun. (I love me a good ticked off checkbox.) 


What cultivates more joy though, are the results (and relief) you create when you allow yourself to move through the discomfort that is hiding underneath the action. 

Until we feel safe enough to move through discomfort, we continue to think that ’easy’ is keeping us ‘safe’, when actually what would call in more ease is the energy/thought/alignment work that allows us to process and move through discomfort… which is infinitely easier when we have already created safety within ourselves. (Read that again slowly!)


So how do you do this?  

  • You create safety within yourself, and you soothe your nervous system. 
  • You understand how your thoughts and beliefs impact what you’re feeling and embodying, and how this is radiated out to your actions and results.
  • You do the work to come to a place where it feels safe to choose different thoughts about yourself. Different thoughts = deeper belief = more aligned (and less volume of) action = a stronger, more solid, more congruent business that creates incredible results.
  • You trust that you’re on your way to what you’re calling in (or something better) and that slowing down is a part of receiving this (and more).
  • You celebrate what you’ve already received. This sends signals of safety and sufficiency to what you’re calling in. This creates proof that you’re a safe place to land, a safe person to be around, and a safe business to commune with.
  • You recalibrate through rest. Your new level calls for a replenished you. Gift this to yourself
  • You allow yourself to enjoy this process by letting go of the busy-ness even if (and especially when) that feels uncomfortable
  • You learn how to become better and better at processing the discomfort that arises when you both slow down and grow, knowing the pace of your growth has no external timeline to follow. It’s nudged and directed forwards by your beliefs, not simply your actions
  • You remember there’s nothing to catch up to, because you’re not behind
  • You understand that you’re still taking action when you slow down. (The act of slowing down, by its very nature, is an action.) 

When you drop the busy, you’re actioning your belief in yourself and your business. 

Because busy-ness doesn’t build a business.


Belief does.


On business, belief and blending the two: let’s work together in my 1:1 coaching program to help you step into deeper belief, sign more best-fit clients, make more consistent money from your gifts, trust in your value, fall in love with what you’re offering, and create a business that feels like safety, expansion and home (for you and your clients), no busy-ness or business plan needed. 

You belong in this room. 

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