Your fear and expansion want the same thing

Something I learnt in my neuro-linguistic programming training that I’d never consciously thought of (I mean, duh, like NLP is about working with the unconscious mind) is this:

Your fear and your expansion want the same energy of the result you’re desiring.

What the what???

Think of it like this:

You want to expand your biz to create more, let’s say, safety.

Maybe we go a bit deeper there. How do you feel when you feel safe? Could we say, loved?

Okay, loved.

Then think about what your fear is saying in relation to expanding your biz.


When fear comes up, it wants to keep you… safe, right?

And if safety = love…

… then your expansion wants love, and your contraction wants love too.

Both parts of you desire LOVE.

One part wants it through EXPANSION.

The other part, through CONTRACTION.

They want to feel the same way.

They just want to go about it differently. 😂

One part wants to be out there doing the work that means the most to her; being seen, heard and hired, even if there’s also the discomfort of new beginnings, growth, and change present.

The other wants to be nowhere near any discomfort because ughhhh why, and definitely absolutely 100% nowhere near the moving through of barriers, blocks or self-imposed boundaries because again, whyyyy?

The way I work, works with moving you from a contracted to an expanded state, without bypassing what your contraction is trying to communicate to you.

The work brings you back into wholeness, so all parts of you can move in the direction of your desire.

Safety. Love. Joy. Expansion. Freedom. Abundance.

You name it, it’s your desire.

When we listen to the part of you who’s scared, without shaming her, we can untangle and untie knots that you didn’t even know were holding you to a past version of yourself that you’re ready to release.

Then you move forward.

All of you, moves forward.

This work changes how you work.

And that changes everything.

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So much love,


I’m Cassie Mendoza-Jones

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