I’ve been bored talking about business

Lately I’ve felt bored talking about ‘business.’

For a little while, I sat in some self-shame around that.

Like, Umm hello, you’re a BUSINESS coach. How can you be bored talking about business?

And then I allowed that part of me to speak and really be heard, and I realised that… it’s just true.

When I shame it, I suppress it, and when I suppress it, it gets bigger and ends up demanding even more attention; attention which is asking me to take ownership of it, find the deeper meaning and truth, and look at it, with love.

Which meant realising that while I talk about business, I also barely talk about ‘business.’

I mean I do.

And also, I don’t.

(Stay with me here.)

🙌🏻 I talk about connecting with yourself and the creative, magical force that wants to come through you.

🙌🏻 I talk about calling your power back to you when it’s been lost or diluted by comparison, uncertainty and doubt, and bring its potency back up to full.

🙌🏻 I talk about finding and creating certainty and congruency within yourself first, so you love what you create and don’t have to convince those around you to do so too—they do, because you do.

🙌🏻 I talk about using your voice to build your body of work in a way that no one else can, even on the days you doubt yourself.

🙌🏻 I talk about creating stability in your business so you can enjoy this stability in your home life: whether that looks like knowing there’ll be money every month for all the (regular and fancy) groceries you want, childcare fees, your rent/mortgage, your gym/pilates/yoga class, that amazing mascara you love, growing family wealth or saving for a trip away.

I’m a business coach but we also don’t always—or only—look at your business.

 We look at your (perception of your) worth, value and confidence, and at how to amp it all up. (And at how to trust your value, and your worth, even on a bad day.)

 We look at the space you’re taking up, and at how to expand this even more.

 We look at why you’re not doing that thing you want to do, and why you are doing that other thing that you think is so easy when actually, you’ve forgotten how you had to expand your self-identity to do it in the first place, and then you bridge the (new) gap, because if you’ve done it before, you can do it again (even if it’s newer, bigger, and stretchier).

 We look at where you’re stretching yourself too thin and why it’s okay (and a version of self-care), to pull the edges back in toward yourself for more safety and joy in the present.

 Speaking of edges: we look at where your next edge is, and how you’ll get there, in a simple, joyful and sustainable way.

 We look at you and your business, but never just your business.

(Your beautiful biz who has a heart and soul and magic and beat of its own.)

So yep, maybe that’s why I thought I was bored of speaking about business.

Because I don’t want to talk about ‘business as usual.’ And I don’t have to.

(Unless one day I want to, and then I can.)

And that’s exactly how I like love it.

If you’re desiring to grow and stabilise your self-identity, your capacity, and your biz without thinking about ‘business as usual’ or feeling like you have to hold everything up yourself, I’m here to help. 🫶🏻

Get in touch and let’s chat about the possibilities of working together. 👯‍♀️✨🙌🏻 


So much love,


I’m Cassie Mendoza-Jones

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