Are you waiting for clients?

If you find yourself impatiently waiting for clients or sales, ask yourself: 

  • Where are you not certain in yourself that these clients are already coming to you? 
  • Where do you need to sell yourself on your offer or yourself as a coach?  
  • If you weren’t ‘waiting’, what would you be doing?  

This is some of the belief work I do with my clients to help make selling and calling in new clients feel so easy for them in their business. 

Because when you’re certain in yourself—when your belief matches your desires—then you know your next client is always in your orbit.  

You know you’re always calling in more clients. 

You know the sale is inevitable.  

And you know that instead of waiting, you can do literally anything else.  

The energy of ‘waiting’ is draining. 

So when you aren’t waiting, you’re not draining yourself.  

You’re expanding your thoughts, energy and beliefs. You’re having fun in your business.  

You’re letting go of graspiness.  

And when you do all of this, inevitably, you become a magnet for your clients.  

No ‘waiting’ needed.  

And the caveat to all this is: sometimes you don’t sign more clients simply because you don’t want more (for whatever reason).  

And when this happens, can you allow yourself to be okay with being here right now?  

Can you trust that the number of clients you have right now is perfect, and that you created this number on purpose? (Which means you can call in more clients too, on purpose.) 

Let’s work together to help you become a magnet for your beautiful, best-fit clients. Learn more about my 1:1 coaching and book a call here. 




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