Let the work become the work

I have a theory when it comes to writing

Especially in relation to doing the inner (healing) work that lights you up, in order to light the way for others. My theory:

The work is the work.

What do I mean by that?

I mean if you’re feeling resistance… that’s what you write about.

Like what I wrote in Aligned & Unstoppable: At a soul level, I already knew I had to write this book; but at a mental level, I was resisting. I made up excuses, I bargained with myself, I told myself it didn’t matter that much, I told myself not everything I start has to be completed. Nevertheless, the book persisted. And then I remembered something I teach my students at my writing and creativity workshops: ‘You might not be the only person to write about your topic of choice, but no-one will ever sound like you, when you let yourself use your voice and love what you create.’ I remembered how much I actually thrive when I move through my own resistance. I reconnected with the part of myself that doesn’t make excuses about fear, procrastination, resistance, overwhelm or creative insecurities. And so I took my own advice, sat down, and kept writing.

If you’re feeling uncertain about how to say something, that’s how you show others that you’re moving through this too.

Like what I wrote in It’s All Good: So while this whole book is essentially about trust, I’ve come to understand that I can’t make you understand trust the way I feel and understand it. I really believe we all have our own version of it. So this is what I feel it is, and I invite you to stay open to crafting your own version.

If you’re deepening your sense of personal power as you create what calls to you the most… that’s what you write about.

Like what I wrote in You Are Enough: I had been going through a stage in my business where I felt like everything I did was being watched by my friends and peers, and I felt so judged. The truth, however, was that this judgement wasn’t actually coming from anyone else——it was coming from me. Mostly, it was because I was comparing myself to everyone around me (something we’ll dive into really soon). This constant comparison and criticism caused me to push myself so much harder. Yet this contracted energy was also pulling me in the direction of not accepting myself and not doing anything new or unique, because I felt that it had all been done before. I was exhausting myself.

I let my (inner healing) work become my (outer expression) work because it feels really good to create from a space of knowing, and from a space of empathy. It’s more than just writing from a space of ‘been there, done that’ and more about ‘been there, done that, still doing that, let’s do it together.’ I do the work that’s needed in order to create something that I would’ve loved on my own path. None of my work is perfect. None of my books are perfect. But I showed up (and continue to show up) anyway.

I show up when I feel fear… and I write through it to clear it away. I show up when I feel uncertain, and I write through it to understand it. I show up when I feel resistance, and I write through it to move through it. I show up when I feel imperfect, and I write through it to claim my inner power.

I’m not saying you always need to share what you’re moving through, growing through, going through, or sometimes, flailing through.

I’m simply saying that you don’t need to hide because of it. You don’t need to be perfect to be seen, to show up, or to do your best work.

You don’t need to be perfect to create what calls to you the most.

You don’t need to be perfect in anything, ever, and especially not in your art, your creativity, your words, or your work.

You don’t need to be perfect in anything, ever, because perfection doesn’t exist… no matter how aligned you are; no matter how much you strive for it; no matter how much you sacrifice for it.

You are enough today. Your work is enough today. Your words are enough today.

When you let the work become the work, you let yourself be guided by what you’re deepening within yourself. You let yourself share what you’re moving through, or what you’ve already moved within yourself. You show others that it’s possible to create more space and depth within. You show others that it’s possible, period. But only if you’ll give yourself permission to let your work, become your work.

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