There’s no perfect way

I recently ran a private book-writing workshop

It was with one of my lovely clients who I’ve been working with for years, and the one thing that jumped out at me during our workshop was this guidance:

There’s no perfect way to write your book; there’s only the way you’ll write it, and that is perfect.

It jumped out at me because so often when we begin something new, we think that there must be a ‘right’ way to do it.

We think if people have done it before us, it must be because they know something we don’t, or they have some kind of inner strength that guides them more easily, or they have more willpower, or intuition, or support.

We think that there must be a perfect way to do something, and that if we don’t know how to do it perfectly, we shouldn’t do it at all.

But that is such a trap. It’s a trap of our mind and our ego, and it keeps our potent, powerful potential at bay.

It keeps us stuck because there’s no such thing as ‘perfect action’ but there is such a thing as taking no action at all.

If we apply this notion to the book-writing process, it’s simple: start writing.

During the private workshop, we worked on my client trusting that the process isn’t linear, and that she can start wherever she wants, wherever she is.

It feels like freedom to lean into that, right?

Start wherever you want, wherever you are.

And on that note…

It’s nearly time for my next book-writing workshop, where I guide you through how to craft and construct your beautiful book (even if you think you need a better idea of your book to do so).

During the workshop, I’ll help you connect with the energy of your book to bring it into form. (I’ll explain more about what this means, and how it’ll guide and support your writing process, during the workshop.)

I’ll help you clear away the mental hurdles that feel humungous, and that are potentially stopping you from writing the book that you truly know you want to write.

And of course, I’ll also guide you through how to craft your beautiful book outline.

Yep, a full, proper, complete outline, that you’ll take away and be able to start working on immediately. (After you’ve had a rest and some tea, of course.)

This is your invitation to join me.

You can learn more and reserve your spot here.

Here’s what the lovely Jessica Miller, Business Strategist (@theinspiredmark) said about my last book-writing workshop:

‘I joined this workshop with nothing more than a niggling feeling that there was a book simmering within.

After only a few short hours of being guided and held in Cass’ energy, I have a fully fleshed out book outline that feels so inspired and alive, as well as the practical next-steps to bring it to life.

The best part about the workshop was that it was tangible and actionable; we got to get in and do the work rather than talking about it. I now feel energised and connected to the essence of my book (which I had no idea about beforehand).

My advice: don’t wait until you have an articulated idea or well-thought out concept; if you’ve got even a slight feeling that there’s a book on your heart then this is a safe place to start.’

– Jessica Miller, Business Strategist, The Inspired Mark

You’re ready now

Don’t wait for perfection.

Don’t wait for permission.

Don’t wait until you think you’re ready.

You are 100% able to write your beautiful book, now.

And me? I can help.

Learn more about my book-writing workshop and reserve your spot here.

I’m so excited to help you write your best book.





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