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One of my favourite lines from my new book, Aligned & Unstoppable is:

You can be in alignment when your life isn’t perfect. You know why? Because perfection isn’t possible anyway, no matter how aligned you are.

I love it because it’s such a clear reminder that you can actually start today.

You can write the email, the pitch, the proposal, the text that might change everything.

You can start the project your heart has been calling out for you to start… for months.

You can say no to that thing you really don’t want to be doing, without guilt, or the fear that you’ll further block yourself from receiving.

You can tick that thing off your list because you know you can take the action to bring it to life, today.

Let me say it again: You can be in alignment when your life isn’t perfect.

And again: You can be in alignment when your life isn’t perfect.

Here’s an excerpt from my new book (from Chapter 10, Perfection Is Not Our Aim) and an exercise you may like to do today:

Getting clear to feel clear

Write out a list of all the ways you think you need to be perfect in order to be aligned, take action and receive. Shedding light on this will make it blindingly obvious that it’s time to let that go, and move forwards. For instance:

  • I think that if I’m feeling worried about what my next step will be, I won’t ever know what to do.
  • I think that if my website isn’t perfect, no-one will want to work with me.
  • I think that if my Instagram feed isn’t perfectly curated, people will judge me.
  • I worry that if I don’t feel abundant, I’ll never make more money.
  • I’m worried that if I don’t feel skinny/tall/pretty/clear-skinned enough, people won’t want to hire me.
  • I’m worried that if I feel anxious or my mood is low, people won’t think I’m able to help them.
  • I’m worried that because I don’t always feel inspired, I won’t be able to make a living doing what I love.

Once you have written your list, run yourself through it again. Ask yourself if what you’ve written is really true, or whether they’re just fears you’re holding onto, or ways of tricking yourself into thinking you need to be perfect, before you can move ahead in your life and work.

By getting clear on these fears and worries, you can start to clear them away through awareness, with self-compassion and by taking action anyway.

Am I saying you need to purposefully drop the ball and just expect magical things to happen? Not at all. Doing the inner work to feel clear, calm and confident as you build your ideal life is beautiful, important and necessary. I’m simply inviting you to take the pressure of perfectionism off yourself as you do so.


You can be in alignment when your life isn’t perfect. You know why? Because perfection isn’t possible anyway, no matter how aligned you are.

I know I’ve said that a few times in this email, but that’s because we forget all too easily. We forget that things can’t be perfect anyway. We forget that we are capable, and brave, and worthy. We forget that we don’t have to force things, or make things happen all by ourselves, or stay feeling sad or stuck that someone else is doing what we wish we could do.

We forget that we are worthy of taking action, even if we feel imperfect. We forget that being imperfect is what makes us human, and that what makes us human is what allows us to connect with those we wish to serve the most.

We forget that we can be in alignment when our lives aren’t perfect, because (say it with me now)… perfection isn’t possible anyway, no matter how aligned you are.

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