Your business is enough

There’s a saying… a rising tide lifts all the boats

And this couldn’t be truer than in the online world.

I launched my business as a nutritionist and naturopath in 2011, however it was only when I started blogging in early 2012 that I realised there was a whole online world… and I began to feel like a very small fish in a very large pond.

I went through a stage where I compared myself to every single blogger, health coach and naturopath out there.

It was painful—my inner critic was raging at me, telling me I wasn’t good enough, that I’d never have what someone else had, that all the good ideas were taken, and that there definitely wasn’t enough space/money/clients/abundance for me.

I remember how I felt when I would land on someone’s website, with all these negative thoughts swirling through my mind.

I remember how small I would feel when someone shared their success online, and I felt like there wasn’t any space for me to be successful too.

Sometimes, the guilt I felt for feeling envious made me feel even more envious! I’d think to myself ‘They’re probably never jealous or comparing themselves to others, I’m crazy!’

However, you’ll hear it over and over again; everyone who works in the online world has compared themselves to someone else at one stage or another.

(Also: everyone in life has probably compared themselves to someone else at some stage!)

It was very painful, and it didn’t go away until I heeded the lesson in it: What I see in you, I see in me too.

When I would see someone’s shiny new website or offering and feel a twinge of envy, it was only because I knew deep down that I wanted to create something that beautiful too.

This realisation hit me after months of continuous comparisonitis.

And I finally decided to rise.

I decided I was tired of my inner critic pushing and pulling me down.

I realised that my envy or jealousy was just a beacon, guiding me in the right direction.


As I say in my book, You Are Enough, your comparison is showing up for a reason; it’s calling to you… so listen to it

It’s saying:

Step up, and shine your light.

Get clear on what you really want.

Take ownership, and call your power back to you.

Let all of this fuel you to take action in your own life and biz.

In real time as I write this, I am reminded of something my yoga teacher said recently.

She was explaining to us how she used to be guided by Ganesh, the Hindi elephant god of wisdom and learning, and how she used to think Ganesh would help her remove obstacles in her life… until she just kept getting road-blocked by them.

Then she realised she was just being shown the obstacles, but she had to remove them herself.

Your envy, jealousy, sense of lack or ‘competition’ is an obstacle, something that’s keeping you stuck.

While it may be helpful in that it’s showing you what’s possible for you, it’s also keeping you stuck exactly where you are if you do nothing about it.

You need to do something about it.

You need to trust your enoughness.

You need to back yourself.

You need to take one step in front of the other, and take action.

There’s a part of you who deeply knows you are worthy of success; there’s a part that wants to move forwards and take action.

So… listen to that part of yourself, and take action.

Move forwards, toward what you know you are worthy of creating; toward what you know you are able to create, in your business and life.

Envy vibrates at a low vibration… until you rise above it. Then it becomes fuel for your fire, so you can light up your own path.

How can you release comparison and move forward?

You realise (and remember) you are enough!

And when you know you are enough, it doesn’t matter what anyone else is doing in their business or life; because what you’re doing is enough, for you.


When I think back to the months after I started to release the negative, limiting beliefs, and started to consciously up-level my thoughts and believe I was worthy, this is what happened:

  • I started to feel really excited by the prospect of growing my business and stepping up.
  • I no longer felt stressed or anxious when I landed on someone’s beautiful website or saw a peer launching a new online program or eBook.
  • I felt myself softening and allowing myself to become more patient; no longer did I feel the pressures of time, or that I couldn’t create something new because someone I knew had already created something like it. I knew that whatever I felt called to create, would be unique to me.
  • I started to feel more supported in the work I did, and in how I created it.
  • I stopped feeling so overwhelmed, and could focus on what actions felt right for me.
  • I felt more energised by my work and purpose, and more powerful because of it.


Another part of making friends with envy and jealousy is embodying an abundant mindset, and knowing there’s enough for you

Abundance is a mindset, and therefore a tool, you can use to align to having more freedom and ease in your life.

A little while ago, not long after I’d decided to rise above the relentless chit chat of my envious inner critic, I received an email announcing a biz friend’s launch.

For one second, I felt triggered again…

Oh no! I thought. Not again! I want what she has.

Then I realised what this trigger was reminding me to do; step up, decide to rise, align to what I want, take action, and know there’s enough space for me.


Before I did any of that though, I emailed her:


I love what you’re doing. It looks gorgeous! I hope the launch goes so well; I know it’s going to help so many women!

Sending you so much love!

Love, Cass x


I instantly felt lighter, happier, and more open to taking the right action… for me.

Try it, the next time you feel trapped by comparison. Extend some love to the apple of your (comparison) eye, and to yourself… then take action to draw what you desire (or something better) toward you.

If you’d love to start trusting yourself in your business more, download my free Releasing Comparison Worksheet, because… your business is enough.

You might also love my book, You Are Enough.




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