When I started my business back in 2011, I had an inkling that speaking up would play a part in it...

But I didn’t realise how big a part writing would play in how I show up; in speaking up about what I do; in building a beautiful, abundant business and life.

I knew that having confidence in myself and my work would play an important part… but I didn’t have the confidence to call myself a writer (or to even think of myself as a writer!).

In fact, even though I’d loved writing my whole life, I barely knew how to use my voice (or my writing) as a tool to build my business at all.

I didn’t know how to organise my thoughts, how to plan my content, how to get my work out there and how to back myself and what I’d created.

I didn’t know how to stand in my power with my work, my message, my vision… and confidently invite others to do the same.

I felt like if I backed myself completely, wouldn’t I leave some people behind?

Then I realised: if I didn’t back myself, I’d be leaving myself behind.

I didn’t realise at the time that the only reason I was worried about what people would think, was because I was worried about what I was thinking.

I did know, however, that I loved writing, and speaking up about my message, and of course I knew I wanted to build my business.

Could I see myself as a kinesiologist?


A naturopath?


 But a writer or creator…? No.

That felt too “big”, too “out there”, too (don’t laugh) “cool”.

I lacked the confidence to speak up about my work, and to use my words to build my business, because I didn’t know if my work was good enough, and I didn’t know how to create content that would resonate with the people I most wanted to serve.

One of my favourite things to do was wake up early when everyone else was still asleep, make tea, and write a newsletter, a blog post, or a new chapter for an ebook or ecourse. I loved creating!

But… I lacked the confidence to be visible with my work.

I often felt really overwhelmed at the start of a new project, and I didn’t know how to manage my energy; I would end up feeling drained and exhausted, my mind spinning because of all the ideas swirling through my head.

I didn’t trust myself enough to be seen doing the work I loved.

I didn’t trust my voice enough, yet deep down, I knew exactly what I wanted to say.

These days, things are very different.

If I had to nail down why, I’d say this: I’m incredibly confident about using my voice, about being visible with my work, and I love what I create. I’m confident in how I plan my day, my business and my projects, and in how I clear overwhelm so I can create with purpose.

I’m not saying that with arrogance or ego; I’m saying it because I’ve done the inner work—and the outer work—to let this be true for me.

I’m saying it because I allow in feminine flow, and I don’t force things in my business.

I’m saying it because I don’t let procrastination weigh me down, but I also don’t rush things (even though patience is definitely not my middle name), and I take daily action towards my business dreams and goals, and my life dreams and goals.

I’m saying it because I got tired of not calling myself a writer. I got tired of not thinking my work was good enough. And I got really tired of that whole perfectionism and procrastination thing. Jeez.

Join Love What You Create

AU$497 or 2 x AU$275

If you’re thinking about doing this workshop… DO IT!

Completing this workshop I feel so relieved, refreshed and ready to create!

Sincerely embrace the unknown and commit to yourself and your writing path. You will learn what your blocks are, and then discover new practices to clear them. The vibe of the workshop is feminine, loving and grounded. I loved it.– JAYMEE MCKENNAN, Life Coach

This workshop helps you move out of your head and into action.

I now understand that the overwhelm I felt at the thought of writing, is a fear of not being good enough, and after this workshop I feel so ready to take action! I feel so empowered and action-orientated, rather than in “analysis paralysis”.  I loved the whole workshop, and really recommend it.

Love What You Create will help you feel so empowered to start or continue writing and creating. The workshop is gentle, supportive, fun and inspiring. Thank you!

– LOUISE NEALON, PR Consultant

The best part of the workshop was… everything!

Before I did this workshop, I was feeling overwhelmed and unsure as to how I was going to share my story and feel okay with being seen.

It’s inspired me to start creating work I truly love! I feel more confident and motivated than I ever have. I’m so grateful I had the opportunity to attend.

– JADE YATES, Holistic Health Coach

Loving what you create is about creating a container to hold what you already have inside you; it’s about making something that feels beautiful to make, and that in turn, supports you and your readers, clients, customers, and audience. 

It serves and supports you and others. 

It’s creating something that you need to create, for the love of it, because you’re drawn to it and because you need to express yourself. 

You don’t have to write ‘perfectly” to write beautifully.

You don’t have to write for 8 hours a day, or never leave your desk, or suffer and struggle through the creative process.


Join me for this workshop and give yourself a chance to see what you create.

In Love What You Create, you will:

Use your voice, and your writing, as a tool in your business.

Tune into your creativity and honour your muse.

Stand in your power with your work, your message, your vision… and confidently invite others to do the same.

Become a prolific writer and creator, without burning out in the process.

Mix business with writing, creativity and spirituality to create your best, most aligned and abundant business and life.

Build your business with ease and flow, intuition and feminine energy.

Release creative fears, procrastination, comparison and perfectionism.

If you’re thinking of doing this workshop, I’d say “DO IT!” It’s worth every cent.

I was inspired to do this workshop because I need to constantly create content for my website, but I sometimes find it difficult. I’m so glad I booked in! I loved all of the “doing” throughout the workshop; I got more planning and writing done during this workshop than I have in the last three months. I started the workshop confused about how to go about my ideas, lacking in confidence and feeling overwhelmed. I used to go back and forth between all my ideas in my head, whilst not really getting anything done.

Now I feel inspired, confident, capable and organised. I have solid ideas, an amazing action-plan, and I know exactly where to start.

– MELISSA CRANE, Teacher & Director of Inspire Happy Humans

This workshop is so valuable.

I did this workshop because while I love to write, I often get in my own way by pouring so much energy into my pre-planning and preparations, that I don’t actually create. Since doing this workshop I have so much more confidence in simplifying and clarifying my vision and goals. I feel like I can now leave some “white space” and do less, and that this will help me move my projects forwards. I’ve already experienced new, unexpected ideas bubbling up because of this.

You’ll clear your blocks and fears around your creativity and writing process. Come with a seed of an idea, and get the guidance you need to move your project forwards.

– SAMANTHA FAKE, Business Consultant

Everything about this workshop is beautiful; I’m so happy I did it.

If you’ve ever thought you can’t be a writer, you must do this workshop. You’ll feel completely different and so empowered by the end.

I now feel so motivated and excited to get writing.


Join Love What You Create

AU$497 OR 2 X AU$275

A look inside the workshop:


Tuning Into Your Creativity

  • A mini-module to get your creative juices flowing and tune into your creativity, before we dive fully into the Love What You Create process


What Are You Creating?

  • Goal-setting, planning and getting clear on your creative dreams and visions
  • Brainstorming your projects in a way that adds clarity and value, not stress and overwhelm
  • Planning your creations so that you know exactly what to start on first to actually move your projects forwards
  • Scheduling and making space to create, as well as mapping out when you’ll plan, create, write and launch your projects


Creating Content You Love

  • The energy behind what you create
  • Getting clear on how you want to share your work and structure your creations, adding layers to deepen your work
  • How to invest in your projects in a way that feels good to you, and also supports your project
  • Testing the market so that both you and your clients/customers love what you create
  • Managing self-doubt and criticism (you know, so you actually love what you create!)
  • How to market your creations in a way that feels beautiful to you
  • Healthy launch tips (so you don’t want to shrivel and hide from the stress of ‘launch anxiety’ – it’s a thing)
  • Tools for more ease and productivity (my favourite kind of tools)


Mastering Doing The Work

  • Clearing creative stress, perfectionism and procrastination
  • All the healthy writing habits
  • How to write in a beautiful (and healthy) way
  • How to find your voice and use it
  • How to stop procrastinating (yep, again, so you can actually sit down and do the work)
  • Healthy creativity and how to honour your muse (I’ll show you that she’s not that elusive)
  • Your ultimate creative day


How to Write a book (or Two)

  • How to write a book (or two!), from the very first stages, to the very last (beautifully polished) draft
  • I’ll take you behind-the-scenes into my own publishing journey, having written three books in four years, all published by Hay House: You Are EnoughIt’s All Good and Aligned and Unstoppable
  • We’ll cover the outline and proposal stages, the first draft, second draft and editing stages, and more
  • If you have an idea of what you want to write, if you’ve always dreamed of being an author, or if you’ve already started your book, you’ll love this module


Plus you’ll receive:

  • The Love Your Money worksheet plus accompanying audio (to help you clear blocks to receiving money, as well as support you in investing wisely in your business)
  • Master Classes on topics such as how to love what you share on social media; how to back yourself, your message and your work; how to manage your time with big creative projects; and more!
  • An audio on how to have the most productive day ever (to help you feel clear and organised, and to make space for your muse to arrive)
  • An audio on clearing obstacles in the book-writing process (to inspire you to simply make space, sit down and write even more)
  • My Spotify writing playlist (that I always write to, and always add songs to – you’ll love it!)
  • And so many more beautiful bonuses (I don’t want to spoil all the surprises!)

In essence, this workshop will help you begin to truly love what you create in your business

AU$497 or 2 X AU$275

The knowledge she shared was beyond what I expected.

This is not your average workshop. It’s a must, and I loved every bit of it. Cassie created such a safe and nurturing space.

To be honest, I was quite nervous and excited, as I never thought I’d sign up to a writer’s workshop, but Cassie’s energy is so calming and beautiful, and after the workshop I now feel so much more at ease and confident in myself, and in the creative process. Thanks so much, Cass.

– SAMMY PEARSON, Reiki Practitioner, Writer & Coach

If you want a little push in focusing more on your business then for sure, 100%, book in to this workshop.

I feel so empowered and inspired to write after this workshop. I realise now that it’s not as hard as I thought it was!

Do this workshop! It’s amazing and inspiring.


This workshop is a must!

Finishing this workshop I feel AH-MAZING! Ready to go, and so much clearer on not just what I will write, but how I will write it. If you have a niggling feeling that you have something to create or share, you must do this workshop.

You learn tools and information packaged in the most joyful way. The workshop and content is perfect, inspiring and clear. I loved it.

– ZARA HENDERSON, Reiki & Kinesiology Student

This workshop is for you if:

You have an idea of what you want to write and create in your business, and want to invest your time and energy into these new projects.

You’re wanting to expand your offerings into online courses, meditations, books and more but you have no idea how.

You really want to step into your role and purpose as a writer, creative and business owner; someone who uses words and creativity to build their business.

You often feel overwhelmed because you have a million ideas you want to work on all at once (or you jump around from project to project) and you know it’s time to get some clarity on what to work on first.

You know you’re ready for the next step in your business, and you really want to clear blocks so you can grow, expand and become more visible.

Finishing this workshop I feel so confident in what I’m creating…

…and the reasons behind why I’m doing it, as well as making sure to continue creating in a sustainable way. We can get so worked up and over-analyse what we’re meant to be doing. Sometimes all it takes is simple method or new idea to get the work flowing, and this workshop is guaranteed to do that

JO KLIMA, Designer, Artist & Founder of The Darling Tree

The best part about this workshop was… absolutely everything!

Cassie shared so much, and I loved it. I’m so happy that I can finally give myself permission to write. I highly recommend this workshop, do it! Just do it. Cassie is so generous with her knowledge, the content is excellent and the vibe of the workshop is upbeat, kind, empowering and fun.

– AMANDA HENDERSON, Creative Director & Founder of Gloss Creative

If there’s a part of you that’s wanting to dive into your writing, I say “Do this workshop!”

I decided to do this workshop because I’ve wanted to develop my writing for years. My favourite part of Love What You Create was clearing all my blocks, fears and resistance to being seen, and to being creative. Now, I’m feeling so confident with using my voice, and so connected to my creativity, ready to share my message and be visible.

Cassie will help you remove the blocks, and unleash your creativity.

– TANYA DOHERTY, Personal Trainer

Join Love What You Create

AU$497 or 2 x AU$275

During this workshop, you will:

  • Map out the most important projects you’ve been called to create in a way that actually serves and supports your creativity and your business, and helps you create momentum and flow in the most impactful way.
  • Sit down and actually… write. You’ll finish the workshop having started (or continued to work on) your next thing: a book? eBook? eCourse? Meditation album? A collection of new blog posts? What do you create? Let’s get started on it during this workshop
  • Clear away comparison, perfectionism and procrastination and start doing the work you know you’re meant to do
  • Learn how to set your business goals and plan out your projects in a way that clears overwhelm (without bringing more of it in!), and then get started on making them a reality
  • Discover how to not only market your work with ease and flow, but also manage any self-doubt, criticism or fears of being visible so that you can get your work out there and feel good doing it
  • Energetically clear creative stresses and blocks that may be holding you back from feeling really confident about your creativity and building your business
  • Learn how to test the market before you launch your products, and discover my healthy launch tips (after running my own online biz since 2011, I know a thing or two about launching your work!)
  • Then, you’ll start mastering doing the work; you’ll learn about healthy writing habits, how to find your voice and really start using it, how to stop procrastinating and do your work, and how to continue to tune into your creativity in a healthy way (without burning out)
  • You’ll also get my behind-the-scenes insights into how I wrote two books in under two years, from the proposal phase, to the outline, to sitting down and writing and editing them
  • And… you’ll be able to give yourself permission to call yourself a writer (among your other skills!), if you want… (ah, finally!)

After this workshop, you will:

  • Have started (or continued to work on) your next writing or creative project, after having brainstormed it at the workshop and received personalised feedback and advice from me too
  • Have set your writing, creative and business goals for the next few months, gotten clear on why you feel drawn to these goals, and cleared any stress or blocks around them
  • Have a really clear idea of what you’ll be creating over the next year (without being rigid in your expectations or goals)
  • Have a much deeper understanding of how to write and create your next thing (book, ebook, ecourse, project etc.) with creative clarity, freedom and joy, instead of always feeling overwhelmed, under-prepared or not good enough
  • Have connected with a bunch of other wonderful creatives who will cheer you on and support you in your writing, creative and business endeavours
  • Know that your work is good enough and feel so much more confident about releasing it into the world
  • Feel really clear on how to build your business with more flow, and less force
  • Feel so much more confident in how to fully and truly express yourself using your own voice
  • Allow yourself to stand in your power, back yourself, and do the work that really, truly, lights you up
  • Know that you can open up to finding your own inspiration and step fully onto your own writing, creative and business journey (comparisonitis, be gone!)
  • Feel safe, grounded and confident in how to build your business with words and heart, ease-filled-diligence and devotion, and a lot of flow
  • And holy moly, so much more

Start loving what you create

AU$497 or 2 x AU$275


What happens when I reserve my seat?

When you sign up, you’ll receive your login details instantly, and be directed to a beautiful membership portal where you’ll have full and exclusive access to the course content.

Taught through videos, audios and PDFs, with some gorgeous and content-rich bonuses, plus access to a private Facebook group full of other Creators, you’ll be able to go through the content at your own pace. I’ll guide you through the content too; you’ll receive a weekly email for 4 weeks.

You’ll also have lifetime access for the duration of the workshop’s lifetime (and it’s my intention to keep this workshop going for a long time to come).


What if I'm busy and can't finish it quickly?

You don’t need to have finished the course by a specific date, and all the content is available as soon as you’ve purchased, so don’t worry about deadlines and busy-ness.

You might go through the workshop in one day, one week or one month. It’s your business, your writing, and your schedule, and so the pace at which you start or go through the content is totally up to you.

Do I need to own my own business to do the workshop?

Not at all. Although most people who do this workshop do run their own businesses, it’s not a requirement.

The most important thing is that you feel driven and devoted to honouring your dreams, that you have a keen interest in building your body of work through writing and creativity, and that you have a deep inner commitment to honour yourself, your creativity and your gifts… and to then share them with the world!


Do I need to have a really well-established business, with lots of clients?

Not at all. This workshop will be incredibly supportive in helping you build up your business by tuning into yourself and your gifts, your writing, your creativity and the energy of your business.

Do I need to already be making money in my business to sign up?

Nope. The work you do during this workshop will help you work out how you can make money from your writing and through your creativity, and will equip you with the tools, resources and insights to do so.

You’ll also have taken those first few steps towards creating what it is you want to be sharing with the world, through your business.

Do I need to be a very good writer to come?

Our inner perfectionist is always the first and last to critique our own work. This workshop is about dimming his/her voice so you can own your gifts and share them with the world.

A natural by-product of writing, writing more, and then writing some more is that you’ll not only hone your voice, but your writing skills too. (But to answer your question, no, you don’t have to class yourself as a “very good writer” to do this workshop.)

Who else has done this workshop before?

So far we’ve had naturopaths, nutritionists, psychologists, kinesiologists, copywriters, graphic designers, reiki and crystal healers, crystal store owners, bloggers, yoga teachers, massage therapists, makeup artists, personal trainers, life coaches, health coaches, wedding stylists and PR consultants do this workshop… to name a few! What an incredible, creative crew we are.


Do you offer refunds?

Due to the nature of this offering, I don’t provide refunds for change of mind. (Nothing in this policy though, affects the rights you may have as a consumer under the Australian Consumer Law.) For full sales terms and conditions, please click here.

If you’d like to ask me a question before you purchase, please get in touch.

It’s a beautiful workshop; inspiring and motivating.

This workshop helped me really figure out which direction I’m heading in, and inspired me to have more focus and drive to keep writing.

I highly recommend this workshop. It will leave you passionate about getting your creative project started!

– SHERRIE WILLIAMSON, Personal Trainer

I can’t recommend this workshop enough.

I knew I wanted to book into this workshop because I want to focus more on “doing” and developing content, rather than stressing over perfecting things and not getting anything done. Listening to Cassie’s stories, lessons learned and her tips and advice on writing, being productive and honouring your muse was amazing.

I now feel so confident about my way forward, learning to love my work, writing authentically and being true to myself.

– KARESSA CULLEN, Aspiring Health Blogger

This workshop inspired me so much.

I loved everything about it; the content, the questions asked, and the way Cassie presents it all. Her knowledge is so deep and valuable, and completing this workshop, I feel so inspired, confident and ready to start creating!

If you want some more direction with your writing, and to lay down foundations to create work you really love, this workshop is for you.

DESI KALYPSO, Life & Mindset Coach

Cultivate your confidence to create

AU$497 or 2 x AU$275

This workshop was just what I needed; I now feel inspired, full of ideas and a new, refreshed energy to get my next writing projects underway.

The best part about this workshop is… everything! If you’re interested in writing a book, starting a blog or writing-based business, do this workshop. Especially if you have no idea where to start with any of this, you’ll learn how to get things moving.

Even if you’ve already got a blog or are an established writer, you’ll gain so much knowledge to help your business grow. There’s such a beautiful balance between listening/learning and doing/writing. KATHRYN GREGORY, Yoga Teacher & Reiki Master

The best part about the workshop was exploring the energy behind what I create, and getting a sense of why I want to write and share my work.

This workshop is an amazing experience, and helps you understand why you actually love what you create. It also gives you an understanding of all the things you’re letting get in the way of truly pursuing doing what you love. After this workshop, I feel so inspired to get to work.

– ADAM CHILCOTT, Owner of Raw Beauty Blends

Loving what you create is possible for you, too.

I am the first one to put my hand up and say I’m a perfectionist, but I don’t let that stop me from doing the work and putting it out there.

I know how to honour my muse, and be a prolific writer, without burning myself out in the process.

Most importantly though, I absolutely love my business, and I love sitting down to create and expand my body of work. 

And now, I want to show you how you can create a business and body of work that makes you happy, too.

Let me help you Love What You Create.

Join Love What You Create

AU$497 or 2 x AU$275

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