Control vs. Power

I’ve been thinking about the difference between control and power:

Control says: I want things to turn out exactly like this… I’ll decide how things should go.

Power says: I’ll show up as best I can. Whatever happens, I have the power to be okay, from within.

When we’re in a state of wanting to control things (or people, or situations), we lose our power.

We put our power in the external world, and we lose the ability to make conscious choices because we’re so focused on controlling an outcome that so often, we can’t control at all.


When we remember that we always have the power to choose how we act (and not react) in a situation, we call our power back.

When we realise we have the power to uplift our thoughts, to not buy into our inner critic’s chatter, to align our energy, and to stay directed towards our bigger picture, we give power to our most powerful self.

When we stay in our power, we can make the changes (and say the words, and do the things), that’ll make all the differences.


When we shift out of our power and go back to trying to control, we often feel further away from what we’re trying to create, or receive.

So next time, or rather, every time, come back to being in your power, versus being in control.

Work (and be, and play) within your power.

Control is an illusion; your power is what matters.




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