Why I’m happy to lose followers

I have lost hundreds of ‘followers’ in the last few months.  

A couple hundred off my newsletter list.  

A couple hundred off my Instagram. 

No idea about Facebook… 

And yet I had my biggest ever sales month at the start of the year.  

And my business has never felt so healthy and happy and light on my system. 

And I have a waiting list for the next round of my mastermind.  

Because I trust and believe that the more space is made in my biz by people leaving who aren’t congruent with my message (no offence taken, love you bye!), the more the ‘room’ of my business fills with those who need to hear what I’m saying, want to buy what I’m offering, and adore being in the energy of my business. (Hiiii. 

I believe your next client is always in your orbit.  

So if you have 1 or 100 or 1,000 or 10,000… does it matter?  

Growth looks different… depending on where you look. 

If you believe that your next client is in your orbit and talking themselves into working with you, signing with you, buying from you… then the number of ‘followers’ (people! Clients!) doesn’t matter.   

Because there’s always someone about to say yes 



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