You’re good enough for what you want

Sometimes we wonder if we are enough for the things we want 

We wonder if we will do it ‘right’ or make it worth it.  

We wonder if we’re good enough to ask for the help we want.  

We wonder if we’ll make good on the support we ask for, if we’ll do it ‘right’. If we  will make it worth it.  

We can think ‘Maybe this won’t work for me. Maybe I need to improve myself first, before I ask for help.’ 

It’s like years ago when I used to feel so stressed by my weight, I used to want to lose weight before I went to a Pilates class or the gym. I wanted to become more flexible before I went to yoga. Stronger before I could build my strength. 

I wanted to be ‘better’ before I allowed myself to receive the support that would’ve made me feel so much better within myself. 

I think coaching can be like this too.  

We can think we need to improve some aspect of ourselves or our businesses before we seek the coaching, advice and support that we truly want; the support that’ll make all the difference; the support that’ll bridge the gap from where we are, to where we see ourselves being.  

Dreams, planted into reality.  

Our brains come up with a thousand reasons why we shouldn’t, and these usually all boil down to some version of your unconscious mind wanting you to stay ‘safe’ exactly where you are. 

So, here’s a reminder, if you need it:   

  • You’re good enough for coaching.  
  • You’re good enough to ask for help.  
  • You’re good enough to receive help.  
  • You’re good enough to be in the room.  
  • You’re more than enough.  
  • You are enough.  
  • And there’s no way you could do this wrong.

Would you like to do this work together?

You’ll magnetise clients, money and opportunities towards you, from your natural state.  

You’ll do all of this, having first changed your thoughts about yourself and your beautiful biz.  

Because you probably don’t need more strategy. 

But… what about more belief?  

Let’s work together 1:1 for deep belief change work, healing work and energy balancing, to help you sign more clients, make more money and create a business that feels like safety and expansion and home (for you and your clients).  




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It’s time to clear away your blocks, align your energy, and call your power back to you.

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