Beliefs for business and motherhood

I recently ran a Business Before Babies bonus call in the mastermind 

There were lots of healing tears.  

There was loving space opened for whatever needed to come through, to come through and be seen. 

There was permission, granted; new beliefs, planted.  

Beliefs like:  

  • Right now my baby needs me, and my business doesn’t.  
  • I am exactly the mum my little person needs me to be. 
  • I have so much time; there is no rush, and this isn’t a race.  
  • All the time I have is all the time I need to [insert action/task/goal] here. 
  • It’s safe for me to honour the dance between my capacity and my desire. 
  • My business is solid, so I can be present, right here and right now. 
  • This is just the beginning; there’s so much more to come, so I honour this perfect season of my life, as it is.  
  • And perhaps the most important one: There is no limit to the amount of cheese toasties I can eat. (Hello morning sickness.)  

But really truly: your baby is coming (or has arrived) to make your life and your business better.  

I believe it, with my whole heart.  



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