Why I deleted my old biz

I’ve been getting email reminders that the URL of my old business name (Elevate Vitality, remember those days?) is about to be renewed.

And emails about my old Gmail accounts (cassie@elevatevitality, hello@elevatevitality etc.) and their pricing.

And I kept ignoring them.

Over the weekend, my old hosting company emailed me like 4 times.

And it’s been niggling at me, and niggling and niggling… until I realised why.

It’s time to let it go.

I changed my biz name from Elevate Vitality (or, EV for short) to my own name years ago (I want to say, maybe 2016/2017) and I’ve kept the URL redirecting to my current website, and the old emails too, for this long.

I always say you should do this when changing biz names, because of old links, contacts, clients etc. but there’s a time when you don’t have to do this anymore.

A time when it’s time to let go.

And letting go (even to something as seemingly simple as a URL, an email address) can be so hard.

It’s because it’s not really about the old links or contacts, or the old accounts or passwords linked to those email addresses; it felt like I was letting go of the energy that started my whole entire business.

But it’s not.

Because I bring so much of that energy, and after 13 years, I’m still here.

So many things are being let go of in my world at the moment. And for me, upgrades often start with tech snafus. My phone camera stopped working (then miraculously fixed itself an hour before my Genius bar appointment). Our internet died last week. Our kettle this week (the day after I’d thought to myself, randomly, that it’s lasted so long – since 2016, my hubby reminded me). Our power cut out this morning.

And just now, I (quite emotionally) deleted my old biz name from my current energetic reality.

It took way too long because a) I find Google Console so confusing (anyone else?!), and then b) I felt so emotional, as I hovered over the ‘Delete Your Account’ button. (Sob, but also, Space.)

I paused. I breathed. I had to place both hands on my heart to steady myself. I sent my old biz and biz name so much love and gratitude. It did so much for me. It brought me so much, and so far.

I so deeply believe that our businesses have their own unique energy, and I felt the energy around my business shift, right after I clicked the confirmation.

I had to sit for a few moments. I journaled to my old biz and name. I thanked it. I let some tears fall.

I am still feeling this difference, this change, and I’m ready to integrate the shift and what’s next.

I’ve even received some lovely messages from you on Instagram (thank you), saying it must be the eclipse energy saying it’s time to let go, and saying you can also feel the spaciousness I’m feeling now too.

As I said last week, I love this kind of energetic and practical re-organising.

Although, this was less practical really, as I don’t even use the old accounts.

They were a safety net.

And I don’t need that net anymore. 

As I journaled, I started to ask my old biz if it would still support me and send me some magic, and before I could even finish my thought, I got my response. I didn’t need the help; I have my ‘new’ business energy now, the one that came after EV.

Okay, I hear that. Thank you. I love you.

So, if you’re reading this and you can feel that you too are not fully/quite/100% ready to let something go, take a deep breath, and do it anyway, and trust you’ll be held beautifully on the other side of bye.✌🏻

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