When you need to get something done

I’ve set a 10 minute timer to write this to you.

Not because I don’t want to spend longing writing to you (I love writing to you!), but because sometimes, the best way to do the thing, is to set a timer and just do it.

Without second guessing yourself.

Or perfecting it.

Or going over and reviewing it.

Or swirling in the (in)decision of the what, when, how etc.

Sometimes, creating a boundary around the task and trusting yourself to complete it to the best(ish) of your ability within the timeframe you’ve set, and trusting that’s enough, is all you need to do, to do the thing.

I’ve been having so many conversations with my clients this week about their projects, structures, schedules, processes and timeframes.

I loveeeee this kind of energetic and practical re-organising.

I love setting spacious timeframes in which to complete work, with room for depth, and flexibility for moving parts, while also containing the energy of the project so it doesn’t feel like it’s dragging on because of perfectionism, or the meaning you sometimes place on procrastination which makes you think you’re doing something wrong, if you’re not doing it by other people’s standards. (When often, although not always, procrastination holds wisdom that is truly helpful. Another post on this, coming soon.)

So I set this timer (I’m at 3:48 seconds to go) to remind my mind that I can do this even if I think I’m running out of time before my last client of the day, and then school pick-up, and even if I had no idea what I was going to say before sitting down to write it.

Parkinson’s Law is the concept that the work expands to fill the time given to complete it.

Now, I don’t think this is always true either, but sometimes it is.

Sometimes we simply need to create a container to do the thing we want to do (eek, my alarm just went off, I’m going to extend it hehe) and then do the thing we want to do (with flexibility, like… extending my timer! 😉

💫That might be giving yourself a spacious timeframe to create a new program, instead of either not really knowing when you want to create it, or wanting to do it all in a week or two, as I mapped out with a client yesterday. (And if you get it done in a week or two, YAY! And if it takes three months, ALSO YAY!)

💫It might be sitting down every week to complete the process of creating a new resource for your clients, the day before you want to send it out to them, which is in perfect timing, as I reminded a client in the mastermind just this week.

💫It might be sitting down to map out how you’ll refine a specific offer, just in time for a call with a potential client, so you know exactly what you’re offering, and you feel aligned and amazing about it.

And yes sometimes it means setting a timer to write an email, as a little energetic experiment that seems to work really, really well.

This is your reminder, prompt, and invitation to go and do something you’ve been wanting to do, within a clear, spacious container, and room for flexibility.

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