Stretching your capacity

I recently received an influx of new and renewing clients into my biz.

Over the weekend something was niggling at my unconscious thoughts… something I knew I wanted to sit in and shift but I could also tell it wasn’t clear yet. I noticed I’d stopped inviting clients into my mastermind, so that was a clue.

Then this morning the thoughts bubbled to the surface and I noticed them fully…

… and in a nutshell, my brain and nervous system was saying “This is great! This is enough! This is my limit!” 

Okay, okay. I hear you.

Basically, I reached a level of capacity that one part of me was happy to sit in…

… while another part of me wants to lovingly expand.

Even if it’s stretchy.

We are always either choosing to lovingly expand our capacity or sit in what we’ve created. Except for the times we close off after massive growth.

This can be an integration and rest period.

This doesn’t mean anything is wrong.

This is where I was this weekend.

It’s a place to celebrate. It’s a great thing.

It’s when resistance is proof of growth.

We do this consciously and unconsciously.

Sometimes choosing to sit in what you’ve called in is exactly what you need in the moment, in the season.

And in most cases, sitting there is how you build your capacity for enough.

And then sometimes it’s about consciously expanding.

Choosing to grow.

Choosing to feel the discomfort.

Choosing to say “I am safe here and I’ll be safe in my next level too.”

Your next level is ready for you.

And so is the growth you’re ready for.

Here’s an invitation to do this work, together.  

Mastermind with me and prove this to yourself, over and over and over again. 




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