Ep 48. Clearing energetic hiccups and knowing what you’re doing with Alana Tukuniu

Ooh I’m so excited to share this conversation I had with the amazing Alana Tukuniu.

Lana is the founder of Maulu Spa (find her here on Instagram) and does energy healing and massage, as well as fertility and postnatal support.

We chatted about:

  • Her experience in the mastermind and how she felt pulled in because of energy shifts she saw/felt in me
  • How the experience of being in the mastermind has been such an incredible mirror in terms of what she wants to offer her clients
  • Her take on energetic hiccups and how she used to run away from her work… and what she does now instead
  • How she’s moved from uncertainty and the thought that she didn’t know “how to do any of this” (her words) to “I know what I’m doing” (her words) to “this is brilliant!” (also her words!)
  • How little shifts towards deeper congruence have had such a massive impact on her biz and how these changes flow into her life too

I think you’ll love tuning into this episode!

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Show Notes:

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