Shifting low belief baggage

Low belief baggage is what…

  • Tells you there’s something inherently, innately wrong with you (not smart enough / magical enough / confident enough / magnetic enough / funny enough / open enough etc.) and that’s why you don’t have the biz you want but others do.  
  • Tricks you into thinking you have to work harder to get to where you want to be but then also confuses you because haven’t you worked so bloody hard already, and if so, why aren’t you where you want to be and how in the world are you supposed to work harder because you already feel rushed and like you don’t have enough to time to do everything you want to do (or think you should do!) so… wtf? 
  • Holds you hostage in the space between ‘perfection’ and ‘publish’ and keeps your best work away from the people who need it the most. (Your ‘best’ work being whatever is coming through you right… about… now…) 
  • Tells you that you’re the real imposter here!  
  • Puts other people on pedestals that are built from the bricks of your (usually very) draining and (sometimes very relentless) compare and despair.  
  • Warns you that when you do call in something magical it was a fluke, okay? And it won’t/can’t happen again or if it does… it won’t/can’t last, okay?  

Look, I could go on… but I’m actually starting to feel a bit heavy in my heart from writing this (because it can feel so overwhelming and heavy and I know because I’ve been there, a lot, in my biz…!), and while I don’t focus my marketing on ‘pushing pain points’ (gag) this is the reality of so many beautiful businesses that rely on sharing emotional, energetic and spiritual intelligence. 

And… this is why so many of my clients come to me.

This is a place in which I do really, really good work.

This is the basis of my mastermind.

Shifting low belief baggage so you can call in the growth you’re ready for.

Because there’s nothing wrong with you.

Because you’re not in your own way… you are the way.

Because you’re probably making a lot of things in your biz and biz history mean a lot of things about who you are and what you’re capable of… and  those stories you’re living out in your mind, are playing out in your biz… which proves yourself ‘right’, and starts the cycle all over again.

My work starts at the bottom of the low belief baggage and builds you back up.

It’ll change your biz.

Your beliefs.

Your mind.

Your energy.

Your results.

The quality and essence of your work.

And perhaps most importantly, it’ll change your concept of yourself, your biz, what you’re here to do, the impact you can make, the riches you can receive (on all levels and in every way), the way you step into that identity, and what you create and call in as a result of that.


Mastermind with me.




I’m Cassie Mendoza-Jones

My work is for you if you’re ready to change your beliefs about what’s possible for you.

It’s time to clear away your blocks, align your energy, and call your power back to you.

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