Ep 27. Honouring your soul’s purpose & signing clients out of the blue with Georgia Zentrich

Another podcast episode, and amazing interview with a friend and client, Georgia Zentrich.

On this call, we discuss:
  • How Georgia found me “out of the blue” and then later how she signed 10 clients in a day, “out of the blue”
  • How she’s honouring her own soul’s purpose and deepening her own work, while guiding her clients through their work
  • Her process of letting go of one element of her business so she had more space and energy to invest it where she really wanted to
  • The shifts that have helped her become so much more confident in herself, her passions and her gift
  • And so, so much more

Tune in and let us know what you think. You’ll find Georgia at @curiousmindswithgeorge and @djsinnerg on Instagram.

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Show Notes:

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