Ep 26. Simplifying, not burning out & finding the fun in biz with Erin Laishley

This podcast episode is with my second podcast guest, my client and friend, the amazing Erin Laishley.

On this call, we discuss:

  • Her (emotional) process of deciding to join the Aligned & Unstoppable Mastermind, and how we both felt into her joining for weeks before she did
  • How and why she simplified her business model and the flow-on effect this has had
  • How she’s following the values and energy of flexibility and fluidity in her business
  • The shifts that have stopped her spinning in her biz and helped her have so much more fun in how she works and shows up
  • The way her belief work has anchored her more deeply in her most powerful work, and how this is showing up in her tapping circles and client sessions
  • Her perspective on how she sees and works with limiting beliefs so they don’t hold as much power
  • And so, so much more
Tune in and let us know what you think. You’ll find Erin at @erinlaishley on Instagram, and here’s her website.
And if you’d love to mastermind with me (and Erin!), you can learn more and apply here. Applications close 30 Aug and we begin 1 Sept.


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