Ep 44. Disengaging vs. Overengaging in your business

Ever felt too graspy in your biz? *Raises hand*

And on the flip side, ever felt like you just wanted to run away from it all, quit and open a plant shop + cafe + bookshop (is that just me?) or spent too long resisting being in all the places you need to be in, in order to process where you are, in order to find the flow and create the momentum you desire? AKA ever sat on the couch watching Netflix for too long, instead of being IN your biz?

When we really want what we want… we can end up over-engaged or dis-engaged (and hence, disempowered) in the process of creating it.

Join me and the birds for this podcast episode (I recorded it outside, at a beautiful park, while my son napped in the pram next to me) where I unpack this further and take you through some thought work plus an embodiment practice to help you clear and process this energy.

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Show Notes:

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