Making it harder for yourself

Every time you do 167 things in your business before/instead of working on yourself, you make things harder than they need to be.

There’s nothing wrong with hard work. We love hard work.

Working harder? Not so much.

When you focus on:

  • Your energy and intentions
  • Your inner compass, alchemy and alignment
  • Your beliefs and thoughts
  • Your congruence and confidence

… all of this seeps out and soaks the air, energy and frequency around you.

It changes what you call in because you’ve changed what you call out.

Essentially, your energy is what you’re putting down, and your energy is what your clients are picking up.

Your energy speaks through your actions.

Your (over)actions can stall energy flow.

So next time you get to work, begin from within.

It’ll make all the difference.

Ask me how I know. 




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