Ep 13. Feeling like you belong in your biz

How does the sense of ‘belonging’ fit with business coaching?

Because coaching is all about connection, and we can only connect when we know we belong.
To me, belonging is about knowing:
• You’re worthy of being here
• You’re worthy of being seen and heard
• You’re worthy of taking up space
• You’re loved and valued for who you are… because you love and value yourself for who you are
Belonging is an inside job first.
For me, it’s a feeling of knowing I belong ‘in this room’ — and ‘this room’ is whatever effing room you want it to be.
You belong in this room.
I use this phrase often and I love it because it to me, it both represents and creates a sense of safety, community, connection, warmth and love.
What does it mean to belong in this room?
‘Belonging in this room’ is how you feel when you walk into a room full of people who love you, people you love, people you feel safe with.
You walk in with confidence because you know there is space for you, because you know the people inside can’t wait for you to arrive.
Walking into a room with confidence makes you feel like you’re at home with yourself; not even because of who is in the room, but because before you even got to the door, you know you are ‘enough’ to enter it, with your full self seen in your full light.
Imagine walking into the room of your business feeling that way? Knowing your clients love you, feel safe with you, and can’t to hear from you.
Imagine feeling at home within yourself and your business…
How would you feel?
How would you show up?
Tune into this episode and find out.


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