Why not?

I did it

I edited my new book, Aligned & Unstoppable, with my baby on my hip, and I’ve sent it in to my publisher.

As you’ll discover if you read it, this book called to me, pulled at me, tugged at me… even when I tried to ignore it, or push it away because of a fear of ‘who am I to write this book?’ ⠀

Until I realised this truth; I couldn’t *not* write this book.

And so here’s a little excerpt, to help you if you’re feeling called to do something that feels b i g… something that you know you need to do:⠀

When we’re working towards something (whether it’s in our life, biz, career, or dreams we don’t even fully understand yet), it’s good to know our ‘why’.⠀

Our ‘why’ makes up part of our greater purpose, the reason we’re feeling called to do what we do. Our ‘why’ might be related to something we’ve experienced and want to help others navigate, a deeper reason that drives a passion, a calling, or something that whispers to us and won’t let us forget it. It’s important to have an inkling—or a deep knowing—of what this is.⠀

It’s also important to think of your ‘why not’. Your ‘why not’ is the part of you that can’t not create, that can’t not do this work, that can’t not work towards what you’re creating. Put more simply, it’s the part of you that has to; the part that can’t put that new spark of an idea to rest until you’ve lit the match and started to bring it into form.⠀

Your ‘why’ isn’t always the first reason for creating something in your life and business. You create it because you have to, because it calls for you and tugs at you, drawing you closer.⠀

Your ‘why not’ might shift and change, but at its core it remains the same. The answer to your ‘why not’ is often as simple as: ‘Because I have to … because I can’t not.’⠀

Even if you don’t know the outcome; even if you don’t know all the details (yet); even if you can’t see the bigger picture (yet); even if the resistance feels like it’s creating mountains out of molehills, and you feel far away from your dreams; even if creating it calls for you to change your mind, to stand up for something you believe in (that no-one else can see), to course-correct, and to back yourself.

Learn more about my new book, Aligned & Unstoppable, here.








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