10 facts about my new book

My new book Aligned & Unstoppable is officially out in the world!

To celebrate this momentous step of the journey, I thought I’d give you an inside peek into 10 facts that you (probably) don’t know:

Fact #1

The idea for this book came through to me before It’s All Good had even launched! I laughed at myself as, the week before I was heading off on my book tour, I emailed my publisher with the idea for this latest book. Way to think ahead, Cass!

Fact #2

I initially thought the book would be solely based on my Love What You Create Workshop, but the more I jotted down ideas, made space for more ideas to come to me, and started writing down a list of themes I knew I had to cover, I realised it was different. Yes, it could hold that information in a different way, but it also needed to be about aligning to your most creative, thriving, purposeful and soul-based path, and how to align to your dreams, clear away your fears, and call in what’s next (in life and biz).

Fact #3

This book took the longest to write, of all my books. There are several reasons for this, including the fact that first I was launching my second book, then I was pregnant, then healing from a miscarriage, and then pregnant again (so a lot of my creative energy was going to my beautiful Asher). My deadline to finish the book was Asher’s birth, which is a great deadline because you never know when your baby will be born! Ha. I ended up finishing it about 2 weeks before she was born.

Fact #4

I edited the book while she napped on me in the carrier, at a mini office I’ve set up at the breakfast bar in our kitchen. Before Asher was born (in fact, before I was even pregnant), I was so terribly worried about not having my office (as it became her room… even though hilariously, she barely uses her room except to play, because she sleeps in our bed!). To be honest, not having a dedicated office just isn’t a big deal when I have my beautiful baby with me. I want to take my younger self by the hand, and lovingly let her know that she has absolutely nothing to worry about. I was also so worried because I had no idea how I’d edit a book with a baby. But I did it!

I would gently sway and sing her to sleep on me, so I could be sure she’d sleep well, and for a good amount of time. Then I’d make a tea, put on some white noise, as well as relaxing writing music, and stand at my kitchen counter, editing, swaying, kissing her sweet head and drinking my tea (far away from her head, don’t worry!). Those days of editing with my baby sleeping on my chest, knowing she was feeling my movements and listening to my heartbeat, knowing she was safe, comfy and content, are memories I hold dear, and will cherish forever.

Fact #5

While writing it, I jumped around from chapter to chapter. I had a really clear idea of the main themes I wanted to convey in the book… but I didn’t really have a clear chapter plan/structure. Sometimes this felt a little hard as I’d sit down and feel the expanse of all I could write, instead of the focused direction of what I needed to write.

However, I also trusted my own creative process, as well as this book… and that it would show me what it needed to look like, and feel like. So if in doubt, I would take a step back (sometimes that was for mere moments, and sometimes it was for months!), take some time away from it, and let the structure show itself to me via intuitive hits, when the timing was right.

Fact #6

This is a book I have truly always wanted to write. Part of me still can’t believe it is out, and that I can share it with you now.

Fact #7

At times, I wondered if I’d be able to finish it (again for various reasons). The biggest reason though, was that while I felt a deep connection to this book, and knew it was the next step in my creative journey and that it simply had to be written by me, I also felt a huge resistance to writing it at times, and at other times, a huge fear. But as you’ll learn when you read it, the resistance and fear we feel towards a project, is often showing us that that is exactly what we need to be doing for the evolution of our soul.

So, I kept showing up. I kept writing. I kept clearing away my own fears and doubts, so I can help you do the same. I am proud myself for doing that. I could have given up. But I didn’t. I could have turned the first few chapters into a bonus module in an ecourse. I didn’t. I kept doing the work so that you can hold this book in your hands and (re)discover your own innate power, creativity and potential. I kept doing the work so that I could hold the book in my own hands, and be reminded of my power, creativity and potential too. That is the work.

Fact #8

This book includes new work and ideas, but also ‘old’ work and ideas; posts I’d written but never published; ideas I’ve always wanted to explore more; and concepts, insights and information you may have needed to (re)learn in a new way, in a new light, with a new spin.

Fact #9

Throughout the book, I include stories, emails, coaching insights and kinesiology goals from sessions with my lovely clients. Too often to count, I’d be working on a chapter and then run a client session, where that exact theme came up! I’d then ask my client if I could share a part of their beautiful business story.

I believe this truly deepens the messages contained within the book, and shows us that we’re not alone in what we’re feeling (or fearing) on our creative paths. Time and time again, this book will show you that you’re held, supported and carried on your path, and reading about my clients’ stories will show you that you’re not feeling what you’re feeling in isolation. If you’ve felt it, I’ve felt it, so let’s do this together!

Fact #10

I stressed and stressed and stressed about the cover for months before I started working with Edie Swan on the design. I knew I’d be on maternity leave while organising the cover and I was so worried that #mumbrain would take over and I wouldn’t be able to focus on the cover, or on how I wanted it to feel. But… my ‘future tripping’ was all for nought (as it so often is!), and I absolutely love the cover we co-created.

To sum it all up, I loved writing this book for you, and I hope you love reading it.

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