This is what joy is…

Joy is (99% of the time) not working on my days with my kiddies…

… because I know my biz can wait, and to borrow a phrase from A Course In Miracles, it can wait without anxiety.

Joy is working when I have chunks or pockets of time because I know I don’t have to be working 24/7 to create amazing results in my business.

Joy is resting and knowing my beautiful business is still reaching all the people who need its energy, because I don’t need to hold my business up with my efforts.

Joy is knowing that sometimes I choose to work at 8pm for an hour or so, when the little ones are sleeping, and not judging myself for it, because it’s my choice and I’m honouring this season of my life.

Joy is knowing my next client is always there, talking themselves into working with me.

Joy is knowing I never have to be graspy in how I show up in my business, because I don’t need anything from my clients. (Clients signing up to work with me doesn’t make me more worthy, more loved, or more valuable. I am already all of those things, whether I make a sale or not.)

Joy is knowing I don’t have to rush my projects, plans or purpose, because rushing doesn’t serve my clients… or my projects, plans and purpose. Rushing serves my mind… but also creates a ton of mind drama and both stems from and exacerbates scarcity energy. Which ironically, I don’t have time for.

Joy is knowing that this is what success feels like, and not searching for it tomorrow, or waiting for it until next month, next year or the next ticked off goal.

Joy is working with my beautiful clients to create their own version of joy, because theirs might look nothing like mine.

Joy is knowing I don’t need to search for joy or create someone else’s version of it. I can create it today, and it can suit the shape of my life, my desires.

Joy is knowing my past self is in awe, and my future self is smiling knowingly, lovingly guiding me towards what’s to come.

What does your version of joy look like? Are you chasing it… or can you sit in it right now?

And if not, look at the beliefs you have around why this feels true for now.

That’s where your work (and medicine and magic) is.

Let’s work together to bring all the joy to what you’re creating. Learn more about my coaching and mastermind here.




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