Why your clients don’t need you to be perfect

Worrying about your work being perfect is not actually about serving your clients

It changes the essence of your work from something that you are creating for your clients, to create something that serves you (and feeds your brain’s perceived need to find safety and love in perfectionism).

It’s self-serving, not client-serving. (Gasp!)

That’s because—quite simply—your clients don’t need perfect.

They don’t even know what your version of perfect is!

They just want your help. Your brain. Your support.

When you put perfectionism at the fore of your business, your values shift, and everything you do is done with the intention of protecting perfectionism… instead of showing up with your unique blend of generosity, love, and genius.

That’s what your clients need.

Perfection doesn’t exist for your clients.

It’s the last thing they’re thinking about when they come to you.

Perfection doesn’t help your clients.

It doesn’t help you.

Don’t let the false notion that perfect work exists stop you from actually helping the people who need it most.

Instead, ask yourself ‘If my work wasn’t perfect, what would it look like? And what if I knew that was not only enough, but exactly what my clients need?’

And then?

Create and show up from that energy.

You and your clients will be so grateful you did.


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