This deserves your attention

I was working on the mastermind portal last week…  

When I got a flash of inspiration to record a welcome video that my clients would watch when they land on the welcome page.

I started fussing around with the lighting and background, turning the fan off, closing the window to reduce noise, and thinking about what I’d say.

Then I stopped, because I had only 15mins left until I had to pick up my baby boy, and I realised that creating a 2min welcome video was not going to change anyone’s results…

What was?

Sitting down and continuing my work on the Belief Plan (100 beliefs for you to tap into, step into, and embody for greater expansion, growth and change).

Not creating a welcome video. (As much as I love recording videos!)

A welcome video is lovely and I very well may still record one 😉 but is it going to deeply and radically change anyone’s experience of the mastermind?

Probably not…!

What will support my clients’ growth and transformation?

The deeper work I’m doing to prepare the energy, space, content and resources for them.

The deeper work I’m doing on myself, to prepare for my clients.

The welcome video would have been fun to record, but it also could have distracted me but from what is most important. It’s the busy work that fills the time, but it’s not the important work that changes the results.

So next time you think about how you can help your clients, don’t even worry about going ‘big’ or doing the shiny things (at least at first).

Think about what’s going to really change your clients’ results.

Think about how you can help your clients get 5% closer to what they want.

Stay on the path of helping them move toward their transformation; because that’s what deserves your highest intention, attention, and love.



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