What if you slowed down?

Ever stressed out about not having enough time?

(Um yah Cass, who hasn’t?)

The irony of stressing about not having enough time is that thinking you don’t have enough time only creates a stronger sense/belief you don’t have enough… which you’re thinking during the time you could be focusing on other things… proving your fears true. 

Instead of spending the time you have worrying that you don’t have enough of it, or trying to complete tasks and projects in the energy of ‘not enough’, what about if you sat with yourself for a moment; trusted that all the time you have is all the time you need; and asked your body/guidance/intuition what the one next step is? 

What if you slowed down, and realised you didn’t need to keep spinning? 

And the irony of that is that by going slower, at a pace that suits your tender heart, you create more space. 

And in that space you can breathe. 

And with that breath you remember that all is well. 

And with remembering all is well, you step into flow.

And in flow is timelessness…

… which has no care for the clock, the race, the rush. 

Only the space that is created when you step out of speeding and scarcity, and back into sufficiency. 

Enough time.

Enough presence.

Enough possibility.

Enough sufficiency.

Enough money, clients and flow.

Enough of everything you need and desire.

In trusting your enoughness, you step into the energy of sufficiency, and in the energy of sufficiency, your body exhales, because you know there is enough for you.

Ready to tap into the enoughness that’s already within and surrounding you and your dreams? Let’s work together.




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