Powerful, not permanent

A few weeks before giving birth…

I was reading an article on the BellyBelly website (which I highly recommend!), and while I can’t remember the exact article I was reading, it spoke of ways to help manage the intensity of labour.⠀

One sentence stuck with me (and I’m paraphrasing here); it said to think of it as powerful but not permanent.⠀

Those words landed in my mind and body, and I used them as a mantra in the lead up to my baby’s birth.⠀

Powerful, not permanent.⠀

I said them to myself when I worried about how I’d manage the sensations, feelings and intensity. ⠀

Powerful, not permanent.⠀

I used them when I wondered what it would feel like, and how I would cope.⠀

Powerful, not permanent.⠀

And while I used those words in the context of labour and birth (which went so beautifully… I might write that story another time), you can apply them to any situation where you want to feel a little more held, a little more certain, and a little more courageous.⠀

The feelings of nervousness and anticipation about an upcoming job interview? ⠀

Powerful, not permanent.⠀

The intensity of emotion you feel after a break-up? ⠀

Powerful, not permanent.⠀

The fear of putting yourself out there in a way you haven’t before? ⠀

Powerful, not permanent.⠀

The anxiety of feeling unsure, stuck or at a crossroads? ⠀

Powerful, not permanent.⠀

It can be applied to almost any situation where you find yourself feeling unsure, or worried, or zooming into the future.⠀

It can be applied in almost any situation where you feel stretched or constricted, vulnerable or fearful.⠀

It can be applied in almost any situation you need it, because when you tell yourself your feelings/emotions/situations/sensations are powerful, not permanent, what you’re really saying to yourself is: I’m surrendering to exactly where I am, and I have faith and trust in myself, and in something greater, that everything will be okay.⠀

Powerful, not permanent.⠀

How can you use that phrase today?




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