Save some for yourself

When I started adding kinesiology into my business and client sessions back in 2013, I also started to do lots of kinesiology balances on myself

It was a lovely way for me to clear and balance my own energy, and it also helped me to cultivate confidence in how I ran client sessions, and create my own rhythm and process of working.

I remember sitting back in absolute awe when connections would be made through goals I’d set for myself, and what information came through my body in the session.

I’d feel so inspired and energised by this, that I simply had to share everything I was learning and experiencing, so I’d post about it in some way on social media, or in a newsletter and blog post.

At first, I really loved writing about these discoveries and connections I was making. I loved sharing what I was learning about myself and the energy work I was doing.

Until… I started to feel like I had to share everything that was coming up for me.

Of course, this was all coming from pressure I’d placed on myself. I’d found myself in the habit of doing a kinesiology balance on myself, followed by some kind of journaling or other inner work, realising something I thought would be helpful, and then feeling like I had to share this with my clients, to help them too.

I hadn’t mentioned this self-pressure to anyone, as I didn’t quite know how to put it into words yet.

During this time, I booked a distance reiki session with a wonderful friend of mine.

When I got the notes back and read over them, what had come through was that my friend and healer said it felt like I was continuously giving so much away, and that I didn’t have to share everything I learned. I could keep some for myself.

*Lightbulb moment*

I remember reading this and breathing out a sigh of relief.

I understood this as meaning I didn’t need to stop sharing what I was learning about myself, or using my guidance and intuition to create blog posts, articles, social media posts, courses and more, to support my clients.

It simply meant I didn’t need to feel pressured to do so, and knowing this gave me the gift of freedom and choice.

I could discover something about myself, and not try and relate it, in some way, to something that might help a client. I could—essentially—do the inner work for myself, and leave it at that. I could let myself absorb what I needed, and let go of the rest if I chose to.

I could bring up suppressed emotions and transmute them into something that would support my flow.

I could make discoveries and connections, receive guidance and support, and hold it within me, not feeling the need, or the pressure, to ‘do something’ with it.

In some way, you could see this is as doing the inner work, the self-care, the quiet work, making your art, connecting with yourself, and not feeling like you need to report back to someone.

You’ll be called to deal with and clear out your own stuff before you can hold space for others.

You’ll be called to recommit to what you’re committing to; to call it into question, to view it from every angle, to decide that this is truly the way forward for you.

And of course you can share what you learn, uncover and discover along the way, and often, that’s what feels right and true.

But sometimes, sometimes… you can keep it for yourself too.



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