Healing to release self-judgement

Ever find yourself swirling through too much self-doubt?

If you’re someone who tends to judge yourself harshly, here are 5 affirmations and accompanying journalling prompts to help you reframe and release.

Read through the affirmations, use the prompts to go deeper, and pop a couple of your reflections (or the affirmations) into your phone calendar as gentle, anchoring reminders throughout the day.


When you think you haven’t done enough:

Affirmation: I believe what I’m working towards is possible for me, knowing I can release control and allow myself to magnetise what I desire towards me.

Journalling prompts: Why do you think you need to work harder in order to move upwards? How can you start to do less? 


When you’re ruminating about other choices you didn’t make:

Affirmation: I trust myself and my decisions, knowing there are multiple ‘next best steps’ for me to take, knowing I always make decisions that I feel aligned with.

Journalling prompt: What proof do you have that taking another path would have led you somewhere ‘better’ (hint: this is almost impossible to prove!), and what are the benefits or golden nuggets you can see on your current path? What is the one next best step you can take, trusting it’ll guide you to the next best step, and the next, and so on?


When you’re disappointed about your progress/timeline:

Affirmation: I trust my path and the timing of my life, even if I can’t see the outcome I’m hoping for (yet). I stay open to Divine possibilities flowing through me, guiding me forwards.

Journalling prompts: Instead of feeling like you’re ‘waiting’ for things to fall into place, how can you enjoy this present moment? What can you do to bring more lightness, joy and ease into today?


When you’re feeling ‘less than’:

Affirmation: I am enough, and I expand my identity and energy to trust in my wholeness and enoughness, exactly as I am.

Journalling prompt: What stories about yourself are you playing into right now? Find proof they don’t exist or of their opposite (there will be proof), and free-write about what comes through for you.


When you’re stuck in lack:

Affirmation: I allow myself to receive, knowing there’s enough for me, and more where that came from.

Journalling prompts: If you trusted that you can expand your ability receive, what would feel/be different in your life, and what would you do next?


I hope you find these helpful.

And I hope you know how powerful you really are.




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