Levelling up

Want to level up in up in your biz? 

It will be uncomfortable. 

And every time you think you’ve done it before, you’ll be invited to do it again.  

It doesn’t mean you’re doing it wrong… 

… it means this is working.  

You’re doing it right.  

When there’s doubt, that’s because you’re being called into more certainty.  

When there’s confusion, you’re being called into more clarity.  

And when there’s fear, you’re being called into congruence.  

(Notice how I don’t say ‘fearlessness’? Because fearlessness doesn’t exist unless you’re a psychopath. In place of fearlessness, can you honour your fear? Love your nervous system even more? Process and move through it? It’s not here to be crushed. It’s here to be seen, loved and processed.) 

And on the other side, there’s more space. More freedom. A deeper breath. A clearer vision.  

And then you’ll be invited to do it all over again. 

And you wouldn’t have it any other way. 




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