Before your next evolution

With my clients this week, there’s been lots of talk about ‘spaces in between’.

A space in between where you are, and where you want to be. 

A space in between the intention you’ve named and claimed, and the result being made manifest (or something better). 

A space in between the clients you want to call in, and their names filling up your calendar. 

A space between the clarity you are craving, and the next project coming through you. 

A space in between the discomfort you’re processing at sitting where you are, and the joy you know will rush in once you’ve stopped fighting or resisting what needs to move through you. 

There is always a space before your next evolution. 

Resisting this space looks like trying to force a process with your mind, rather than letting your body guide you.

Resisting this moment where your next level feels suspended in time, resisting this breath, this uncertainty, looks like trying to rush into the unknown because rushing feels safer than presence, patience and pausing. 

Filling the gap with more ‘doing’, so that you can never tell yourself you’re leaving yourself behind.

But what if not resisting the rest, is how this story (or this iteration of your growth) ends?

What if letting yourself be rocked and swayed by uncertainty is what guides you back to possibility?

I always say ‘You’ve done this before, so you can do this again’. You’ve sat with uncertainty before.  

So you can do it again now. You’ve sat with discomfort before.  

So you can do it again now. 

You’ve sat with fear, doubt and confusion before. So you can do it again now.

Your next level isn’t waiting for you to become a better version of yourself before it reveals itself to you. You’re not being punished, and this doesn’t uniquely happen to you. It is you. Your next level becomes you when you stop fighting and forcing the next breath. 

You can restart now without ‘losing your place’ on this level. You can restart and refresh and re-commit to this pause. Because you have no idea how long it’ll last. 

And a moment before you realise you’re ready, something new is going to be served up.

And you’ll be ready because you didn’t make this pause, this space, mean you’re not worthy.

The Aligned & Unstoppable Mastermind is where we do this kind of work; the work that helps you move through judgment to find joy on the other side of your work, your expression, your gifts, and the tangible results you create in your biz. We don’t simply work on your business… we work on you; how you show up, what you believe about yourself, and how you extend and expand your abilities and capacity (to be seen, to show up, to create, to serve, to receive and more).

It’s healing. It’s expansive. It’s ready for you.

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