If my mastermind were a herbal tonic…

When I worked solely as a naturopath and herbalist, I always had a few favourite herbs that seemed to me, to be wonder herbs, and I’d prescribe them whenever it was applicable.

Two of those are Rhodiola and Withania (also known as Ashwaganda), plus a handful more. (I mean, I love all herbs. I just feel so drawn to some specific ones.)

I was about to make myself a herbal tonic at home with a few of my faves, and I thought This blend is basically what my mastermind is. 


Lemme explain.

🌿 Rhodiolais one of the best herbs to improve mental and physical performance, and reduce stress and fatigue. It’s one of the most best (okay that’s a typo but also, true – it’s the most best! – so I’m leaving it in) adaptogens out there, increasing your body’s ability to handle all kinds of stress… kinda like how my mastermind supports you to become the most resilient entrepreneur, who can grow an adaptable business that lasts.

🌿 Withaniais another adaptogen that supports your energy, mood, lowers anxiety, supports your immune system and can help bring you out of a sustained period of stress or illness. It works on a deep level, and in a gentle way; the same way my belief coaching supports you to change your self-concept, energy and therefore, your next steps and actions, on a deep, powerful level, and brings you out of a period of not creating the results you want (and/or helping you stabilise once you have).

🌿Passionflower supports your nervous system and has a remarkable ability to cool and calm any anxiety. It’s also full of antioxidants, and promotes restful sleep. The same way my mastermind soothes your nervous system when you’re in big periods of expansion, growth and stretching your capacity (to be seen, to serve, to sell, to show up and to share), and supports you to be able to take time away from your biz (to rest, be with your family, and take time off) without stressing you out.

🌿 Siberian Ginsengis another adaptogen that increases energy, mental and physical performance, vitality and immunity, the same way my mastermind helps you take powerful next steps from a grounded, energised and activated base, without overloading or overstimulating you.

🌿 Chamomile supports the gut and brain (by reducing inflammation and calming the nervous system), the same way my mastermind finds all the parts of your biz that feel over-heated, overworked or ‘crampy’ (think: feeling stuck, blocked, or rigid), and untangles blocks to bring a calm, creative and clear energyto both your inner work and outer actions, which supports healthy momentum.

🌿 And I’ve run out of Ginger,but let’s pretend I’ve added a splash (just 5-10ml) to bethe fire-starter that moves the energyof the blend through your body (and the coaching and energy work through your biz).

These herbs, just like my mastermind work on inner healing before anything else.


My mastermind doesn’t throw more at you, and add to your load.

🙋🏻‍♀️ First, I’ll help you reduce what feels heavy (on your mind, body, biz, to do list, schedule, goals, and more).

🙋🏻‍♀️ Then, I’ll help you move through deep healing belief work that clears the decks and sets the stage (can I blend those analogies? 😉 for greater and more grounded growth, that also allows you to stabilise what you’ve built.

🙋🏻‍♀️ Then I’ll take you through concise core concepts that work on the energetic and strategic level, to set your beliefs + biz up for a powerful 6 months together, to grow a business that adapts to your own energy, body and vision.

🙋🏻‍♀️ And then I’ll meet you for weekly for coaching, healing and expander sessions (plus a monthly co-working session to move projects forward) to support you every step of the way.

This work creates significant change without adding pressure to your process; change in in how you show up, what you believe about yourself and your biz (and all included elements), and how you create the results you’re craving.

I think the reason I’ve always loved adaptogenic herbs is that I trust them to know what to do.

I trust their inherent, innate and intuitive wisdom.

I know they’ll create more heat and energy when needed, and cool excess heat and energy when required.

I trust them to do what’s right by me.

And they’ve never let me down.

There’s just goodness on the inside.

As my client Aimee Slavkovksi said on our podcast interview about her time in the mastermind:

“Just know that there’s nothing but goodness on the other side. Join us because it will be one of the best decisions you can make. And for me, absolutely, that’s what it was.”

If you’re ready for goodness, and for an adaptable business held in an adaptable coaching and energy aligning container…join me in the mastermind.



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