Ep 21. Free business coaching call replay

Join me for this business coaching call replay and trust that just by being in the room, you’ll get exactly what you came for


A few things that came up to be coached on were:

  • How to show up even if you’re feeling stuck in perfectionism and comparison
  • How to become more congruent with the beliefs you have about others, and see them as true for yourself as well
  • How to move through your perceptions of other people’s perceptions of you, especially when they feel so solid and true and are holding you back
  • How to move into a new period of expansion in your business
  • How to trust that the decisions you’re making in your business are the right ones for you (and that you’ll always make them work)
  • How to trust in the ‘space in between’ now, knowing that something new and expansive is flowing in… when the time is right
  • How to rest and trust ‘imperfectly’
  • And so much more…


If you love this coaching call and a peek into how I coach, you’ll love the Aligned & Unstoppable Mastermind.


Show Notes:


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